Khaosai Galaxy

Titles: WBA jr. bantamweight champion 1984-1991

Record: 49-1

Born: May 15, 1959 in Petchaboon, Thailand

Years active: 1980-1992

Nickname: The Thai Tyson

Galaxy was born May 15,1959 as Khaosai Wangchompu in the Petchaboon province 
of Thailand. Like many Thai fighters he started his career as a kickboxer 
but switched to regular boxing at the age of 21. His style in the ring was 
not fluid or particularly beautiful, he was a relentless slugger who never 
gave his opponents a chance to rest. Determination, strength, and solid 
boxing skills were his allies and made him the greatest Jr. bantamweight of 
all time. His left hook to the head or body was the finishing to blow to 
most challengers and earned him a 86% KO rate. Galaxy's lone loss came in 
his sixth fight when he was outpointed by Sakda Saksuree as he challenged 
for the Thai bantamweight title. This defeat was later avenged by knockout 
and Galaxy made steady improvements  and gained in reputation as he moved 
towards a title shot with 19 straight wins. Jiro Watanabe who many think 
of as the second best jr. bantamweight ever would give up his title instead 
of fighting Galaxy, leaving Galaxy to defeat Dominican Eusebio Espinal via 
6th round knockout. His 7 year reign as champion had now begun. A quick 
review of Galaxy's career shows a record of 49-1 (the loss came early in 
his career and was later avenged), 19 successful title defenses over 7
years (both records which still stand) before retiring as the junior 
bantamweight champion. This is where Galaxy also set himself apart form 
other boxers because he knew when to step out of the ring and never tried 
to recapture faded glory by returning to the ring. In his world title
fights Galaxy knocked out 17 of his 20 opponents and should be recognized 
as one of the most powerful punchers to ever step between the ropes. Some 
might ask, who did he beat? I think most boxing fans would agree that the 
smaller weight fighters are much better than the fighters who apply their
trade at or above the light heavyweight class. But just to make my case 
that he should have been inducted earlier a bit more convincing look at 
these fighters that he beat, Israel Contreras, David Grimman, Elly Pical, 
Yong Hang Kim, and Rafael Orono all of whom were or became champions in 
their own right. He also defeated a very good Armando Castro for his last 
win before retiring. Galaxy also enjoyed something at his weight which no 
one else could claim, a aura of invincibility. 19 challengers were 
dispensed of in impressive fashion and Galaxy was becoming a national hero 
as he defended his title abroad and at home. Top rate fighters like David 
Grimman (future WBA Flyweight Champion), Elly Pical (3  time IBF Jr. 
bantamweight Champion), Rafael Orono (2 time  WBC Bantamweight champion),  
and Yong Kan Kim (WBC and WBA flyweight champion) were all beaten in very
convincing fashion as Galaxy established his reputation that would leave
the other champions avoiding his challenges. He faced and defeated seven 
former and future world champions. During Galaxy's reign as WBA champion 
the IBF and WBC had their jr. bantamweight title change hands 15 times. 
In Galaxy's last fight he received a tremendous send off from his fans 
and boxing as 11,000 Thais packed the Thepsapin Stadium and millions of
viewer thruout the Orient tuned in to see Galaxy's last fight. Galaxy 
spent thirty five minutes accepting gifts and accolades before the fight 
even began. A quick first round knockdown of Galaxy almost spoiled his 
send off, but as usual Khaosai dipped into his reserve of energy and
overcame his shaky start to defeat the pesky Castro. When all-time lists 
of great fighters are made Galaxy's name should not be left out.

Khaosai Galaxy

Career record: 49 W, 1 L (43 K.O's)


17 Dec   Pukk Sithrum                   Thailand            KO 5
31 Dec   Sangsung Sithkempet            Thailand            KO 2


26 Jan   Praesong Sithkampet            Thailand            KO 1
13 May   Terdsakdi Pornthavee           Thailand            KO 1
10 Jun   Thanee Singchaowa              Thailand            KO 1
24 Jun   Phichitsuk Korusayarm          Thailand            W 6
29 Jul   Sakda Saksuree                 Thailand            L 10
20 Aug   Mornsadki Muangsurin           Thailand            KO 3
10 Sep   Sakda Saksuree                 Thailand            KO 6
14 Oct   Tsuguyuki Toma                 Thailand            KO 4


25 Jan   Sakdisamai Chorsirira          Thailand            KO 7
10 Mar   Katsuyuki Ohashi               Thailand            KO 3
14 Apr   Yuk Ok Joo                     Thailand            KO 4
24 May   Ali Formentera                 Thailand            KO 5
14 Jul   Agus Suyanto                   Thailand            KO 4
26 Aug   Adan Uribe                     Thailand            KO 4
13 Oct   Willie Jensen                  Thailand            KO 2
27 Nov   Mun Kyun Joo                   South Korea         KO 4


23 Feb   Jose Soto                      Thailand            KO 2
10 May   Luis Ibanez                    Thailand            KO 3
 3 Aug   Chan Yong Park                 Thailand            W 10
12 Oct   Gil Ragas                      Thailand            KO 7
14 Dec   Noritetsu Kato                 Thailand            KO 5


14 Mar   Song Uhm Jae                   Thailand            W 10
11 Jul   Val de Vera                    Thailand            KO 7
 2 Sep   Yun Lee Moon                   Thailand            KO 2
21 Nov   Eusebio Espinal                Thailand            KO 5
         (Won WBA Jr. Bantamweight Title)


 6 Mar   Don Chon Lee                   Thailand            KO 7
         (Retained WBA Jr. Bantamweight Title)
21 Jul   Rafael Orono                   Thailand            KO 5
         (Retained WBA Jr. Bantamweight Title)
23 Dec   Edgar Monserrat                Thailand            KO 2
         (Retained WBA Jr. Bantamweight Title)


 1 Nov  Israel Contreras                Curacao             KO 5
         (Retained WBA Jr. Bantamweight Title)


28 Feb   Ellyas Pical                   Indonesia           KO 14
          (Retained WBA Jr. Bantamweight Title)
26 Jun   Jung Sap Chun                  Thailand            KO 3
12 Oct   Byung Kwan Chung               Thailand            KO 3
          (Retained WBA Jr. Bantamweight Title)


26 Jan   Kongthoran Payakarun           Thailand            W 12
          (Retained WBA Jr. Bantamweight Title)
 9 May   Kap Sup Son                    Thailand            KO 7
12 Sep   Jun Llano                      Thailand            KO 3
 9 Oct   Chang Ho Choi                  South Korea         KO 8
          (Retained WBA Jr. Bantamweight Title)


15 Jan   Tae Il Chung                   Thailand            KO 2
         (Retained WBA Jr. Bantamweight Title)
 8 Apr   Kenji Matsumura                Japan               W 12
         (Retained WBA Jr. Bantamweight Title)
29 Jun   Alberto Castro                 Thailand            KO 10
         (Retained WBA Jr. Bantamweight Title)
31 Oct   Kenji Matsumura                Thailand            KO 12
         (Retained WBA Jr. Bantamweight Title)


29 Mar   Ari Blanca                     Thailand            KO 5
         (Retained WBA Jr. Bantamweight Title) 
30 Jun   Shunichi Nakajima              Thailand            KO 8
         (Retained WBA Jr. Bantamweight Title)
29 Sep   Yong Kang Kim                  Thailand            KO 6
         (Retained WBA Jr. Bantamweight Title)
 9 Dec   Ernesto Ford                   Thailand            KO 6
         (Retained WBA Jr. Bantamweight Title)


 6 Apr   Jae Sok Park                   Thailand            KO 5
         (Retained WBA Jr. Bantamweight Title)
20 Jul   David Griman                   Thailand            KO 5
         (Retained WBA Jr. Bantamweight Title)
21 Dec   Armando Castro                 Thailand            W 12
         (Retained WBA Jr. Bantamweight Title)