Max Baer

Titles: Heavyweight champion 1934-1935

Record: 70-13

Born: February 11, 1909 in Omaha, Nebraska (USA)

Years active: 1929-1941

Nickname: The Livermore Larruper

Max Baer is the Hector Camacho of the 1930's, he had all the talent in
the world and squandered it away. Perhaps he was just to niece and good
humored of a man to fight? While he lay dying in a Hollywood hotel room
the hotel operator asked him if he needed the "house doctor", his reply
was "No - I need a people doctor!". This characterized his clowning life
style both inside and outside of the ring. As a boxer he had one of the
hardest of any heavyweight ever, with his right hand being particularly
heavy. He also had quality wins over Max Schmeling, Primo Carnera, King
Levingsky and Tom Heeny. The victory over Schmeling earned him a title
shot against Carnera which he won easily by flooring the Carnera 11 times
who outweighed him by 50 pounds. He lost the title in the biggest upset
prior to the Douglas vs. Tyson bout to James Braddock. Baer clowned and
grinned while Braddock was building up points. Baer believed he could knock
out Braddock whenever he wanted but was proven wrong. His good humor never
left him as he went on to loose to Joe Louis, Tommy Farr and Lou Nova.
This a case of a potential great who was defeated by his own good nature.

Max Baer

Career Record: 72 W, 11 L (52 K.O's)


May 16 Chief Caribou               Stockton, Ca               KO  2
Jun  6 Sailor Leeds                Stockton, Ca               KO  1
Jul  4 Tillie Taverna              Stockton, Ca               KO  1
Jul 18 Al Ledford                  Stockton, Ca               KO  1
Jul 24 Benny Hill                  Oakland, Ca                W   4
Jul 31 Benny Hill                  Oakland, Ca                W   4
Aug 28 Al Ledford                  Oakland, Ca                KO  2
Sep  4 Jack McCarthy               Oakland, Ca                LF  3
Sep 25 Frank Rujenski              Oakland, Ca                KO  3
Oct  2 George Carroll              Oakland, Ca                KO  1
Oct 16 Chief Caribou               Oakland, Ca                KO  1
Oct 30 Alex Rowe                   Oakland, Ca                KO  1
Nov  6 Natie Brown                 Oakland, Ca                W   6
Nov 20 Tillie Taverna              Oakland, Ca                KO  2
Dec  4 Chet Shandel                Oakland, Ca                KO  2
Dec 30 Tony Fuente                 Oakland, Ca                KO  1


Jan 15 Tiny Abbott                 Oakland, Ca                LF  3
Jan 29 Tiny Abbott                 Oakland, Ca                KO  6
Apr  9 Jack Stewart                Oakland, Ca                KO  2
Apr 22 Ernie Owens                 Los Angeles, Ca            W  10
May  7 Tom Toner                   Oakland, Ca                KO  6
May 28 Jack Linkhorn               Oakland, Ca                KO  1
Jun 11 Ora "Buck" Weaver           Oakland, Ca                KO  1
Jun 25 Ernie Owens                 Oakland, Ca                TKO 5
Jul 15 Les Kennedy                 Los Angeles, Ca            L  10
Aug 11 Meyer "K.O." Christner      Oakland, Ca                KO  2
Aug 25 Frankie Campbell            San Francisco, Ca          KO  5
Dec 19 Ernie Schaaf                New York, NY               L  10

Jan 16 Tom Heeney                  New York, NY               KO  3
Feb  6 Tommy Loughran              New York, NY               L  10
Apr  7 Ernie Owens                 Portland, Or               KO  2
May  5 Johnny Risko                Cleveland, Oh              L  10
Jul  4 Paolino Uzcudun             Reno, Nv                   L  20
Sep 23 Jack van Noy                Oakland, Ca                TKO 8
Oct 21 Jose Santa                  Oakland, Ca                KO 10
Nov  9 Johnny Risko                San Francisco, Ca          W  10
Nov 23 Les Kennedy                 Oakland, Ca                KO  3
Dec 30 Arthur DeKuh                Oakland, Ca                W  10


Jan 29 King Levinsky               New York, NY               W  10
Feb 22 Tom Heeney                  San Francisco, Ca          W  10
Apr 26 Paul Swiderski              Los Angeles, Ca            KO  7
May 11 Walter Cobb                 Oakland, Ca                TKO 4
Jul  4 King Levinsky               Reno, Nv                   W  20
Aug 31 Ernie Schaaf                Chicago, Il                W  10
Sep 26 Gerald "Tuffy" Griffith     Chicago, Il                TKO 7


Jun  8 Max Schmeling               New York, NY               TKO 10


Jun 14 Primo Carnera               Long Island City, NY       TKO 11


Jun 13 Jim Braddock                Long Island City, NY         L 15
Sep 24 Joe Louis                   New York, NY               KOby 4

Jun 15 Tony Souza                  Salt Lake City, Ut           W   6
Jun 17 Bob Frazier                 Boise, Id                    TKO 2
Jun 19 Harold "Millionaire" Murphy Pocatello, Id                W   6
Jun 23 George Brown                Tyler, Tx                    KO  3
Jun 24 Wilson Dunn                 San Antonio, Tx              KO  3
Jul  2 Alfred "Butch" Rogers       Dallas, Tx                   KO  3
Jul 13 Jim Merriott                Oklahoma City, Ok            KO  2
Jul 16 Junior Munsell              Tulsa, Ok                    KO  5
Jul 18 Cecil Smith                 Ada, Ok                      W   4
Jul 24 Bob Williams                Ogden, Ut                    KO  1
Aug 19 James J. Walsh              Vancouver, BC, Can           KO  1
Aug 20 Nails Gorman                Marshfield, Or               TKO 2
Aug 25 Cecil Myart                 Portland, Or                 W  6
Aug 29 Al Frankco                  Lewiston, Id                 KO  2
Aug 31 Don Baxter                  Coeur d'Alene, Id            KO  1
Sep  2 Al Gaynor                   Twin Falls, Id               KO  1
Sep  3 Eddie Franks                Provo, Ut                    KO  3
Sep  8 Sammy Evans                 Casper, Wy                   KO  4
Sep 14 Ed "Bearcat" Wright         Des Moines, Ia               W   6
Sep 21 Andy "Kid" Miller           Sheldon, Ia                  W   6
Sep ?? Cyclone Bench               Rock Springs, Wy             KO  ?
Sep 30 Babe Davis                  Keokuk, Ia                   W   6
Oct  6 Tim Charles                 Evansville, Il               KO  4
Oct  8 Willie Davies                Platteville, Wi             W   6
Oct 19 Dutch Weimer                Toronto, Ont, Can            KO  2


Apr 15 Tommy Farr                  London, Eng                   L 12
May 27 Ben Foord                   London, Eng                  TKO 9


Mar 11 Tommy Farr                  New York, NY                  W 15
Oct 27 Ellsworth "Hank" Hankinson  Honolulu, Hi                 KO  1


Jun  1 Lou Nova                    New York City, NY          TKOby 11
Sep  4 Ed Murphy                   Silver Peak, Nv               KO  1
Sep 18 Babe Ritchie                Lubbock, Tx                   KO  2


Jul  2 Tony Galento                Jersey City, NJ              TKO  8
Sep 26 Pat Comiskey                Jersey City, NJ              TKO  1


Apr  4 Lou Nova                    New York, NY                TKOby 8