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Freddie Miller

Titles: World featherweight champion 1933-1936

Record: 212-28-7 and 1 N.C 

Born: April 3 1911, in Cincinati, Ohio (USA)

Years active: 1927-1940

Nickname:  None 

Miller was the prototypical depression era fighter who fought 19 times a year 
on the average, for tiny purses against tough opposition. Still the 5 foot 5 
inch Miller stood out even among his peers of the time as the most active 
champion of his day. Boxing would take Freddie from fighting exclusively in 
front of his hometown fans of Cincinnati early in his career to world title 
bouts around the world in his heyday. His remarkable boxing abilities were made 
even more imposing coming from his southpaw style that only added to the 
frustration of his many opponents. Even if you did manage to catch the fleet 
footed Miller and hit him clean he would just shrug it off as was shown by the 
fact that he was only stopped once in his long career, and it came in his last 
fight. Miller started his career at the age of 16 scoring a 6th round knockout, 
it was a bit of a fluke since Miller would only score a knockout in about 20 
percent of his bouts. It would take Miller 6 years of fighting before being 
allowed to fight for the title against his stablemate Bat Battalino. But it 
took Miller 75 fights (of which he won 71) to get ranked as a contender by most 
of the popular press. When Miller did get to fight for the title he was still 
only 18 years of age and it showed. On that night his foe Bat Battalino moved 
well in the ring and won a close but deserved victory. The fight was close 
enough and more importantly good enough to warrant a rematch. Yet when the 
rematch was made it was not really a title match! The champ Battalino came in 
three pounds overweight and after Miller beat him via a "suspicious" looking 
third round knock out the fight was declared a no contest and the title was 
declared vacant by the NBA governing body. It was a surprise to many when 
Miller was announced to fight for the vacant title after the murky 
circumstances surrounding the Battalino fight. But Miller made the best of his 
chance and easily outpointed Tommy Paul for the title. It was their fourth 
meeting in three years with Miller winning all the bouts. Now was the time for 
Miller to finally make his money. Having won the title it was no time for 
Miller to take it easy, instead he fought 18 more times in that year making the 
most of his new found recognition, and paydays that come along with the 
recognition. To show how hard of a worker Miller was he took 24 fights the year 
after he won the title and 35 more the following year. In all Miller would 
fight 90 times during his 4 year reign as featherweight champion. In those 90 
fights he put his title on the line 11 times including overseas trips to 
England, Spain, Cuba, France and Belgium. On his European trip Miller only lost 
twice on 30 occasions, which is quite a feat when you consider he was fighting 
good men in their hometowns. If there were any doubts to the claims of Miller 
to the crown it was laid to rest when Miller defeated England's Nel Tarleton in 
Liverpool, England. Tarleton was Europe's best and did press Miller in the 
fight, splitting his lip and closing his left eye. But Miller put Tarleton down 
in the sixth and boxed well over the last few rounds to win a clear decision. 
1934 was the best year of Miller's caree, he not only defeated Tarleton but 
also Hall of Fame boxers Chalky Wright and Panama Al Brown. So it came as a 
upset when Miller lost his title to the veteran Petey Sarron whom Miller had 
already beaten 3 times previously. A immediate rematch ended with Miller 
winning but the title was not on the line. Finally in South Africa Miller and 
Sarron fought for the title again but this time Sarron just seemed to have aged 
better than Miller and retained a hand speed advantage. The verdict came in for 
Sarron again when the title was on the line. Three more years of fighting 
against up and coming young boxers and local fights did little to enhance 
Millers legacy or record. In 1940 at the age of 29 Miller retired from the ring 
for good. In boxing history Miller is a bit neglected, but his slippery 
southpaw style would surely have given him a good chance to win against any 
featherweight in history. Miller died in his hometown of Cincinnati in 1962.


Freddie Miller

Career Record: 208 W, 28 L, 7 D, 1 NC (42 K.O's)

                                           - 1927 -

W (Apr-1-1927) Bill Barnes ko 3 
D (Apr-14-1927) Kid Hickman 4 
W (Apr-30-1927) Chester Drown 4 
L (May-19-1927) Kid Mexe 4 
W (May-26-1927) Chester Drown ko 4 
W (Jun-4-1927) Chester Drown ko 1 
W (Jun-16-1927) Mike Prunty ko 3 
W (Jun-30-1927) King Cole ko 3 
W (Jul-7-1927) Kid Ritchie 6 
W (Jul-14-1927) Kid Casey ko 1 
D (Jul-28-1927) Fred Schroeder 6 
W (Aug-11-1927) Kid Oder 6 
W (Aug-17-1927) Al Proctor 4 
W (Sep-2-1927) Bulldog Fisher ko 1 
W (Sep-5-1927) Boston Ponzi 4 
W (Sep-14-1927) Kid Ritchie 4 
W (Sep-22-1927) Charley Court 8 
W (Oct-6-1927) Al Proctor 6 
W (Oct-12-1927) Johnny Sauter ko 3 
W (Oct-20-1927) Jimmy Brown 8 
W (Oct-22-1927) Howard Jones 6 
W (Oct-26-1927) Red Wise 6 
W (Nov-5-1927) Buddy Bezenah 6 
W (Dec-1-1927, Cincinnati) Jimmy Harris 10 
L (Dec-22-1927, Cincinnati) Jimmy Harris 10 

                                           - 1928 -

W (Jan-1-1928) Lightning Wells ko 2 
W (Jan-26-1928, Cincinnati) Kid Ritchie 6 
W (Feb-2-1928, Washington Court House) Red Wise 8 
W (Feb-11-1928, Cincinnati) Buddy Bezenah 6 
W (Feb-25-1928, Cincinnati) Ray Van Hook 6 
W (Mar-3-1928) Eddie Jackson ko 5 
W (Mar-10-1928, Cincinnati) Lon Lovelace 6 
W (Mar-22-1928, Fort Thomas) Jimmy Sanzone 10 
W (Mar-31-1928, Cincinnati) Chet Smallwood 6 
W (Apr-5-1928, Cincinnati) Red Wise 6 
W (Apr-15-1928) Young Fisher ko 2 
W (Apr-26-1928, Fort Thomas) Howard Jones 6 
W (May-5-1928, Cincinnati) Louis D'Arco 6 
W (May-10-1928, Washington Court House) King Cole 8 
W (May-20-1928, Washington Court House) Kid Hickman ko 3 
W (Jun-6-1928) Eddie Klusman 6 
W (Jun-14-1928, Cincinnati) Jimmy Harris 10 
W (Jun-27-1928, Cincinnati) Buddy Bezenah 6 
W (Jul-7-1928, Cincinnati) Jimmy Harris 8 
W (Jul-23-1928, Cincinnati) Windy Meyers 6 
W (Aug-8-1928) Eddie Klusman 10 
W (Aug-20-1928, Cincinnati) Jimmy Harris 6 
W (Sep-9-1928) Al Dundee 10 
W (Sep-17-1928, Cincinnati) Jimmy Harris 10 
W (Oct-2-1928, Fort Thomas) Phil O'Dowd 10 
W (Oct-9-1928, Cincinnati) Roy Kirkpatrick ko 5 
W (Oct-16-1928, Cincinnati) Andy Strahura 10 
W (Oct-22-1928, Cincinnati) Eddie Morgan 8 
W (Nov-11-1928) King Cole ko 4 
W (Nov-20-1928) Babe Pellico 10 
W (Dec-1-1928, Cincinnati) Cecil Payne 6 
W (Dec-10-1928, Marietta) Jess Mc Murty ko 2 
W (Dec-22-1928, Cincinnati) Stanley Williams 6 

                                           - 1929 -

W (Jan-1-1929, Cincinnati) Cecil Payne 10 
W (Jan-23-1929, Cincinnati) Johnny Brown 10 
W (Feb-6-1929, Cincinnati) Joe Paglina 8 
W (Mar-7-1929, Cincinnati) Harry Mc Carthy ko 7 
W (Mar-28-1929, Cincinnati) Johnny Brown 10 
W (Apr-17-1929, Cincinnati) Babe Ruth 10 
W (May-6-1929, Cincinnati) Babe Keller 10 
W (Jun-11-1929, Cincinnati) Eddie O'Dowd 10 
W (Jul-2-1929, Cincinnati) Babe Keller 10 
W (Aug-6-1929, Cincinnati) Harry Forbes 10 
W (Aug-27-1929, Cincinnati) Midget Mike O'Dowd 10 
W (Sep-9-1929, Cincinnati) Midget Mike O'Dowd 10 
W (Oct-9-1929, Cincinnati) Al Crisp 10 
W (Nov-6-1929, Cincinnati) Steve Smith 10 
W (Dec-11-1929, Cincinnati) Steve Smith 10 

                                           - 1930 -

W (Jan-1-1930, Cincinnati) Willie Michel ko 4 
D (Jan-29-1930, Cincinnati) Bushy Graham 10 
W (Jul-31-1930, Cincinnati) Henry Falegano 10 
W (Aug-21-1930, Cincinnati) Joe Marciente 10 
W (Sep-4-1930, Columbus) Babe Ruth 10 
W (Sep-16-1930, Cincinnati) Cecil Payne 10 
W (Oct-2-1930, Cincinnati) Johnny Farr 10 
W (Oct-27-1930, Wheeling) Babe Ruth 10 
L (Nov-13-1930, Cincinnati) Johnny Farr 10 
W (Dec-8-1930, Louisville) Babe Ruth ko 2 

                                           - 1931 -

W (Jan-1-1931, Cincinnati) Roger Bernard 10 
W (Jan-26-1931, Wheeling) Phil Zwick ko 3 
W (Mar-5-1931, Cincinnati) Tommy Paul 10 
W (Mar-23-1931, Cincinnati) Johnny Farr 10 
W (Mar-30-1931, Dayton) Manuel Castro 10 
W (Apr-13-1931, Cincinnati) Tommy Paul 10 
W (Jun-1-1931, Portsmouth) Billy Shaw 10 
W (Jun-11-1931, Cincinnati) Eddie Shea 10 
L (Jul-23-1931, Cincinnati) Battling Battalino 10 
              (World, Featherweight) 
W (Aug-24-1931, Cincinnati) Emil Paluso 10 
L (Aug-31-1931, Buffalo) Tommy Paul 10 
W (Nov-30-1931, Sidney) Billy Shaw 10 
W (Dec-11-1931, New York) Lew Feldman 10 
W (Dec-21-1931, New York) Ray Meyers 10 
                                           - 1932 -

W (Jan-13-1932, Cincinnati) Johnny Datto 10 
N.C. (Jan-27-1932, Cincinnati) Battling Battalino 3  
                     (World, Featherweight) 
W (Feb-9-1932, Saint-Louis) Joe Ghnouly 10 
W (Feb-19-1932, Detroit) Miki Gelb 10 
W (Feb-24-1932, Saint-Louis) Johnny Datto 10 
W (Mar-22-1932, Saint-Louis) Johnny Kaiser 10 
L (Apr-8-1932, Detroit) Frankie Wallace 10 
W (May-2-1932, New York) Ray Meyers 10 
W (May-13-1932, Detroit) Johnny Dunn 8 
W (Jun-22-1932, Cincinnati) Frankie Wallace 10 
W (Jun-29-1932, Coney Island) Nat Suess ko 1 
W (Aug-4-1932, Chicago) Hymie Wiseman 8 
D (Aug-31-1932, Cincinnati) Frankie Wallace 10 
W (Dec-29-1932, Chicago) Jackie Sharkey 8 

                                           - 1933 -

W (Jan-13-1933, Chicago) Tommy Paul 10 
           (N.B.A., Featherweight) 
W (Feb-3-1933) Leo Ranerie kot 4 
W (Feb-24-1933, Los Angeles) Baby Arizmendi 10  
           (N.B.A., Featherweight) 
W (Mar-9-1933, Sacramento) Little Dempsey 10 
W (Mar-21-1933, Los Angeles) Speedy Dado 10 
           (N.B.A., Featherweight) 
W (Apr-4-1933, Los Angeles) Cecil Payne 10 
W (Apr-11-1933) Andy Bundy 10 
W (Apr-11-1933, Seattle) Abie Israel 6 
W (Apr-26-1933, Wilmington) Johnny Gonzalez ko 4 
W (May-9-1933) Little Dempsey 10 
W (May-12-1933, Hollywood) Eddie Trujillo 10 
W (May-24-1933, Los Angeles) Joe Guerrero 6 
L (Jun-12-1933, San Francisco) Baby Arizmendi 10 
W (Jul-11-1933, Seattle) Abie Israel ko 4 
W (Sep-1-1933, Cincinnati) Lew Feldman 10 
L (Sep-26-1933, Cleveland) Frankie Wallace 10 
W (Oct-23-1933, Milwaukee) Jackie Sharkey 10 
W (Nov-1-1933, Alexandria) Petey Sarron 10 
W (Nov-14-1933, Brooklyn) Lew Feldman 10 
W (Dec-6-1933, Chicago) Paul Dazzo 10 
W (Dec-20-1933, Chicago) Sammy Levine 10 

                                           - 1934 -

W (Jan-1-1934, Cincinnati) Jackie Sharkey 10 
            (World, Featherweight) 
W (Jan-15-1934, Flint) Roger Bernard 10 
W (Jan-31-1934, New York) Frankie Covelli 10 
W (Feb-7-1934, Cincinnati) Petey Sarron 10 
W (Mar-19-1934, Pittsburgh) Mose Butch 10 
W (Apr-3-1934, Vincennes) Moon Mullins 10 
W (Apr-13-1934, Minneapolis) Jackie Sharkey 10 
W (May-4-1934, Louisville) Paul Dazzo ko 6 
W (May-29-1934, Los Angeles) Baby Casanova 10 
W (Jun-8-1934, El Centro) Chalky Wright 10 
L (Jun-19-1934, Los Angeles) Tommy Paul disq.2 
W (Jun-29-1934, Los Angeles) Georgie Hansford 10 
W (Jul-13-1934, Watsonville) Gene Espinosa ko 8 
W (Jul-20-1934, Pismo Beach) Clever Sison 10 
W (Aug-3-1934, Hollywood) Tommy Paul 10 
W (Aug-10-1934, Salinas) Little Dempsey 10 
W (Sep-21-1934, Liverpool) Nel Tarleton 15 
             (World, Featherweight) 
W (Sep-24-1934, Manchester) Billy Hazelgrove ko 5 
W (Oct-1-1934, London) Dave Crowley 10 
W (Oct-8-1934, Newcastle) Benny Sharkey ko 2 
L (Oct-15-1934, Manchester) Billy Gannon disq.6 
W (Oct-18-1934, Liverpool) Jimmy Walsh 12 
W (Oct-25-1934, Glasgow) Gilbert Johnston disq.10 
W (Nov-22-1934, Liverpool) Johnny Cuthbert ko 2 
W (Dec-1-1934, Barcelone) Jose Girones disq.5 
W (Dec-6-1934, Liverpool) Cuthbert Taylor 12 
W (Dec-24-1934, Paris) Al Brown 10 

                                           - 1935 -

W (Jan-4-1935, Paris) Francis Augier ko 7 
W (Jan-6-1935, London) Joe Connolly 10 
W (Jan-14-1935, Birmingham) Tommy Rogers 12 
D (Jan-20-1935, London) Benny Caplan 10 
W (Jan-26-1935, Bruxelles) Franz Machtens 10 
L (Feb-11-1935, Paris) Maurice Holtzer 10 
W (Feb-17-1935, Barcelone) Jose Girones ko 1 
              (World, Featherweight) 
W (Feb-24-1935, London) Benny Caplan 10 
W (Feb-26-1935, Belfast) Douglas Kestrell 8 
W (Feb-28-1935, Liverpool) Johnny Peters ko 4 
W (Mar-4-1935, London) Stanley Jehu 10 
W (Mar-11-1935, Paris) Johnny Edwards 10 
W (Mar-14-1935, Barcelone) Xavier Torres ko 6 
W (Mar-23-1935, London) Harry Brooks ko 7 
W (Mar-27-1935, Barcelone) Luigi Quadrini 10 
W (Apr-3-1935, Madrid) Jose Mico ko 3 
W (Apr-11-1935, Liverpool) Jimmy Stewart 10 
W (Apr-21-1935, Palma de Majorque) Johnny Cruz ko 7 
W (May-22-1935, Liverpool) Jimmy Walsh 10 
W (Jun-12-1935, London) Nel Tarleton 15  
             (World, Featherweight) 
W (Jun-27-1935, Liverpool) Seaman Tommy Watson 10 
W (Jul-12-1935, Dublin) Stanley Jehu ko 2 
W (Jul-25-1935, Liverpool) Seaman Tommy Watson ko 2 
W (Aug-21-1935, Cincinnati) Roger Bernard 10 
W (Aug-28-1935, Cincinnati) Al Hamilton 10 
W (Sep-9-1935, Pittsburgh) Eddie Zivic 10 
W (Sep-16-1935, Louisville) Cecil Payne 10 
W (Sep-20-1935, Dayton) Willie Davies 10 
W (Oct-11-1935, Indianapolis) Paul Lee 10 
W (Oct-22-1935, Boston) Vernon Cormier 15 
            (World, Featherweight) 
W (Nov-6-1935, Cincinnati) Claude Varner 10 
W (Nov-13-1935, Toronto) Roger Bernard 10 
L (Nov-18-1935, Pittsburgh) Norment Quarles 10 
W (Nov-29-1935, Chicago) Jimmy Christy 10 
W (Dec-11-1935, Cincinnati) Claude Varner 10 

                                           - 1936 -

L (Jan-1-1936, Mexico City) Baby Casanova 10 
L (Jan-15-1936, Oakland) Johnny Pena 10 
W (Jan-28-1936, Seattle) Cecil Payne 10 
W (Feb-11-1936, San Jose) Bobby Gray ko 1 
W (Feb-18-1936, Seattle) Johnny Pena 12 
           (World, Featherweight) 
W (Mar-2-1936, Coral Gables) Petey Sarron 15 
           (World, Featherweight) 
W (Mar-14-1936, La Havane) Filio Echeverria 10 
W (Mar-20-1936, Birmingham) Andy Martin 10 
L (May-11-1936, Washington) Petey Sarron 15 
           (World, Featherweight) 
L (May-27-1936, Cincinnati) Jimmy Vaughn 10 
W (Jun-24-1936, Kansas City) Everett Rightmire 10 
W (Jul-13-1936, Louisville) Jimmy Buckler 10 
W (Oct-10-1936, Johanesburg) Willie Smith ko 6 
W (Oct-24-1936, Johanesburg) Maurice Holtzer 10 
W (Nov-21-1936, Durban) Willie Smith ko 6 
W (Nov-28-1936, Johanesburg) Phil Zwick ko 4 

                                           - 1937 -

W (Jan-6-1937, Cincinnati) Frankie Covelli 10 
W (Jan-11-1937, Louisville) Jimmy Vaughn 10 
W (Jan-18-1937, Louisville) Dave Finn ko 5 
W (Feb-1-1937, Washington) Joey Teems 10 
L (Feb-9-1937, Pittsburgh) Jackie Wilson 10 
L (Mar-22-1937, Cincinnati) Norment Quarles 10 
D (Apr-6-1937, New York) Lew Feldman 8 
W (Apr-12-1937, Louisville) Dominic Mancini 10 
L (Apr-26-1937, Cincinnati) Jackie Wilson 10 
W (May-17-1937, Woodhaven) Maxie Fisher 8 
W (Jun-7-1937, Woodhaven) Freddie Cochrane 8 
W (Jul-31-1937, Johanesburg) Petey Sarron 10 
L (Sep-4-1937, Johanesburg) Petey Sarron 12 
               (World, Featherweight) 
W (Oct-16-1937, Johanesburg) Len Tiger Smith 10 
W (Nov-16-1937, Johanesburg) Aldo Spoldi 12 

                                           - 1938 -

W (Jan-27-1938, Liverpool) Billy Charlton 12 
W (Feb-21-1938, Leicester) Len Wickwar 12 
W (Mar-10-1938, Liverpool) Billy Charlton 12 
D (Mar-17-1938, Paris) Paul Dogniaux 10 
W (Mar-28-1938, Bristol) Tommy Hyams ko 9 
W (Apr-28-1938, Liverpool) Johnny Cusick ko 7 
W (May-12-1938, Swansea) Len Beynon 12 
W (May-26-1938, Edimbourg) Frank Mc Cudden 12 
W (Jun-13-1938, Newcastle) Billy Charlton 12 
W (Jun-27-1938, Swansea) Ronnie James disq.8 
W (Jul-21-1938, Liverpool) Jack Carrick 10 
W (Sep-1-1938, Liverpool) Johnny King 10 
L (Oct-24-1938, Washington) Leo Rodak 15 
L (Dec-5-1938, Louisville) Sammy Angott 10 

                                           - 1939 -

L (Jan-3-1939, Rochester) Jackie Callura 10 
L (Jan-23-1939) Emil Joseph 10 
W (Feb-6-1939, Louisville) Wishy Jones 10 
L (Apr-9-1939, Caracas) Simon Chavez 10 
W (Apr-23-1939, Caracas) Enrique Chafferdet 10 
W (May-7-1939, Caracas) Orestes Burgos ko 2 
L (Sep-21-1939, Caracas) Simon Chavez 10 
L (Dec-1-1939, Hollywood) Georgie Hansford 10 

                                           - 1940 -

L (Apr-1-1940, Cincinnati) Herschel Joiner kot 8