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Ernesto Marcel

Titles: WBA featherweight champion 1972-1974

Record: 41-4-2

Born: May 23, 1948 in Colon, Panama 

Years active: 1966-1974

Nickname:  Nato 

Marcel was a two fisted puncher who could either wear down a strong opponent with
precise blows or overpower weaker foes within 3 rounds. On defense Marcel was above 
average and way above average for a latin fighter of the time. Marcel with a strong 
upper body blocked many punches with his arms rather than slipping punches. Ernesto 
Marcel was also one of the very few boxers who had the courage to retire while 
still world champion, never trying to make a futile comeback. After all what better 
way to retire than by defeating Alexis Arguello in your last title defense! Marcel 
was the most overlooked of boxers produced by the golden age of Panamanian boxing
that included Roberto Duran, Alfonso Frazer, Enrique Pintor, Jorge Lujan and 
Eusebio Pedroza. All 1970's world champions! Of Marcel's 4 losses two came within 
the first 3 years of his career while still learning his craft, both were also 
avenged via knockout. The one person he did not defeat in a rematch (maybe because
it was never offered) was to the only man who was able to knock Marcel out, the 
legendary Roberto Duran. Early on in the career of Marcel he would fight in his 
home town of Colon building up a loyal following although he would never fight 
for a national title. In 1969 Marcel would first gain national and international 
acclaim by twice defeating veteran Eugenio Hurtado, once in Colon and once on 
neutral ground in Panama City. The wins landed Marcel two pay days in Mexico. They 
came against world rated Aurelio Muniz whom Marcel defeated over 10 tough rounds 
and journeyman Chano Herrera in Acapulco via a second round knockout. Those fights 
set Marcel up for a national showdown with the Panamanian prodigy known as Roberto 
Duran. It was a match of the two best fighters in the land. Duran while not yet 
a champion and still growing into a lightweight would take the fight to Marcel and 
pressure him. Marcel was not able to establish any rhythm against a buzz saw of a 
fighter, slowly Duran was doing what Marcel had so often done to his foes. Duran 
was wearing Marcel down and ultimately Marcel fell in the 10th round unable to 
stagger back to his feat. Seven wins over the next year and a half over good 
opposition would set Ernesto back up as a legitimate world title challenger. The 
first title challenge for Marcel ended in a 15 round draw with Kuniaki Shibata in 
the champions home town. Ten months later Marcel would finally win his world title 
when he once again had to travel to his opponents home town. This time however he 
clearly outpointed Antonio Gomez over 15 one sided rounds. Marcel would make 4 
successful title defenses, all against very good opponents. After his title win 
Marcel scored a knockout over Enrique Garcia in a easy defense. Marcel also had 
good instincts and when he was offered big money to fight Leonel Hernandez in his 
hometown he accepted the offer but did not put his title on the line. It proved
to be a wise act, Hernandez was awarded a controversial decision win. Marcel came 
back home with his title but his ego bruised. Ernesto retained his title over 
Antonio Gomez via 12th round TKO in the rematch of their first title encounter. In 
his next title defense Marcel knocked out number 1 rated Shigemitzu Nemoto. In what 
was perhaps his best win as champ Marcel dominated future champ Samuel Serrano in 
a 10 round non title contest. Marcel proved too savvy for the younger, faster and 
stronger foe. It was a masterful display of experience over youth. Marcel's fourth 
and last defense came when he defeated Alexis Arguello. The fight with Arguello 
was a grueling, close contest that made up the mind of Marcel that even in beating 
the best available contender he would not want to carry on. The fight opened slowly 
with both men feeling each other out for weaknesses, Arguello while advancing and
forcing the action was not scoring with any regularity. As the bout wore on Marcel
began to time and foresee the younger mans punches. The middle rounds were hard to
score, but the last 4 rounds were clearly in favor of the champion. The scores 
were close but unanimously in favor of Marcel. Four months after the bout Marcel
made his surprising retirement announcement, never making a comeback. I have not
been able to find out what has happened with Marcel since his retirement?

Ernesto Marcel

Career Record: 42 W, 4 L, 2 D (24 K.O's)

                            - 1966 -

Apr-12-1966, Panama City,      Valentin Worrell            KO1
May-22-1966, Panama City,      Guillermo Porter            W 4 
Jul-14-1966,   Colon,          Carlos Harris               D 4 
Aug-28-1966, Colon,            Leroy Cargill               W 4 
Sep-25-1966, Colon,            Luis Rodriguez              W 4 
Dec-4-1966, Panama City,       Herbert Luck                KO 5 

                            - 1967 -

Feb-26-1967, Panama City,      Lazaro Fruto                 KO 2 
Apr-1-1967,   Panama City,     Santos Pena                  KO 3 
May-20-1967, Colon,            Agustin Cedeno               W 8 
Jul-2-1967, Colon,             Miguel Riasco                L 8 
Sep-13-1967, Colon,            Mario Molo                   W 6 

                            - 1968 -

Mar-17-1968, Colon,            Encarnacion Guerrero         W 6 
Apr-22-1968, Panama City,      Agustin Cedeno               L 8 
Oct-17-1968, Caracas,          Frank Leroy                  W 8 
Nov-16-1968, Colon,            Zenen Rios                   KO 9 
Dec-21-1968, Colon,            Agustin Cedeno               KO 9 

                            - 1969 -

Jan-19-1969, Colon,            Camy Beto                    W 10 
Feb-13-1969, Colon,            Juvencio Guerrero            KO 5 
Mar-22-1969, Colon,            Eliodoro Pitalua             KO 6 
Apr-26-1969, Colon,            Eugenio Hurtado              KO 6 
May-11-1969, Panama City,      Eugenio Hurtado              W 10 
Jun-17-1969, Colon,            Jose Gonzalez                KO 7 
Jul-19-1969, Colon,            Julio Davis                  KO 3 
Aug-17-1969, Colon,            Bernardo Caraballo           KO 2 
Oct-4-1969, Colon,             Freddie Rengifo              KO 2 
Dec-13-1969, Colon,            Miguel Riasco                KO 8 

                           - 1970 -

Mar-7-1970, Monterrey,         Aurelio Muniz                 W 10 
Mar-20-1970, Acapulco,         Chano Herrera                 KO 2 
Jun-16-1970, Panama City,      Roberto Duran                 KO by 10 
Aug-1-1970, Panama City,       Miguel Riasco                 W 12 
Oct-31-1970, Panama City,      Alfredo Marcano               W 10 
Nov-21-1970, Panama City,      Wilson Yambo                  KO 3 

                           - 1971 -

Jan-23-1971, Panama City,      Angel Macias                  KO 6 
May-4-1971, Caracas,           Alfredo Marcano               W 10 
Sep-12-1971, Panama City,      Jose Arranz                   KO 5 
Oct-2-1971, Colon,             Mani Roque                    KO 3 
Nov-1-1971, Matsuyama,         Kuniaki Shibata               D 15 
                     (For the W.B.C., Featherweight title) 

                           - 1972 -

Feb-5-1972, Panama City,        Jose Smecca                   KO 1 
Jun-10-1972, Panama City,       Jose Luis Lopez               KO 2 
Aug-19-1972, Maracay,           Antonio Gomez                 W 15 
                     (Wins W.B.A., Featherweight title) 
Dec-2-1972, Panama City,        Enrique Garcia                KO 6 
                     (Retains W.B.A., Featherweight title) 

                            - 1973 -

Mar-17-1973, Maracay,           Leonel Hernandez              L 10 
May-19-1973, Panama City,       Ramiro Bolanos                W 10 
Jul-14-1973, Panama City,       Antonio Gomez                 TKO 12 
                     (Retains W.B.A., Featherweight title) 
Sep-8-1973, Panama City,        Shigemitzu Nemoto             KO 9 
                     (Retains W.B.A., Featherweight title) 
Dec-5-1973, Panama City,        Samuel Serrano                W 10 

                            - 1974 -

Feb-16-1974, Panama City,       Alexis Arguello               W 15 
                      (Retains W.B.A., Featherweight title)