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Duilio Loi

Titles: Jr. Welterweight Champion 1960-1962 

Record: 115-3-8 

Born: April 19, 1929 in Trieste, Italy

Years active: 1949-1962

Nickname:  None  

Here is another case of a truly great fighter who is overlooked by many fans simply 
because he fought almost exclusively in Europe. Everyone talks of Marciano, Galaxy 
and Monzon because they retired while on top and still champions of the world but 
few know that Loi did the same! it probably did not help Loi much that he was also 
not a knockout puncher as only 25 of his 126 fights ended with a knockout, but 
then again Loi was never knocked out in a 13 year pro career either. Loi was a 
short but well built all around boxer, who was not afraid to brawl when it was 
needed but certainly his defense was above average. His southpaw stance was some-
what negated by his infighting style at times. He was a shorter much more skilled 
version of Marciano, always bobbing and weaving his way inside. But of course he 
lacked Rocky's knock out power. All of Loi's losses were avenged, another tough 
feat along with the fact that Loi lost only once in his first 110 fights! Looking 
at Loi's ring record shows he beat very good fighters like Wallace "Bud" Smith, 
Orlando Zuleta, Conny Rudhoff, Eddie Perkins, Carlos Ortiz and Jorgen Johansen. 
In his third year as a pro Loi won the Italian lightweight title by outpointing 
Gianni Uboldi and for the rest of his career would be either a Italian, European 
or World champion. After many defenses of his Italian title Loi often avoided by 
champions was finally given the chance to fight for the European lightweight crown 
and won it easily by Jorgen Johansen on points. In doing so he reversed a earlier 
loss to Johansen in his hometown of Copenhagen. That earlier loss to Johansen was 
hotly disputed and Loi felt especially proud and vindicated by this win. In a 
strange move which no one has ever been able to explain to me Loi decided to travel 
to Australia to fight for his next 3 fights when he could have made more money 
defending the title at home. The next win came over world rated Glen Flanagan in 
Miami Florida. Moving back to Europe over the next 5 years Loi defended the title 
8 times without a setback or real challenge to his skills other than a hard fought 
draws with Jose Hernandez and Manfred Neuke. Like other boxers Loi moved up in 
weight as he aged and found the going at welterweight to be a bit stiffer but then 
he was also fighting better opponents. When the jr. welterweight title was brought 
back it suited Loi perfectly as he did not have good height for a welterweight. 
He won his first title at jr. welterweight by defeating Emelio Marcini in 1959 and 
would never loose this title in the ring. A world title shot finally came to Loi 
in the form of the great Puerto Rican Carlos Ortiz, fighting for only the second  
only time in America Loi lost a 15 round split decision. The fight was very close 
by all accounts but the champion had retained his title fairly. Because the fight 
was close it created interest in a rematch and Ortiz looking to make extra money 
fought Loi in Italy, while it was a good financial move it proved to be too much 
for Ortiz to beat Loi on his own turf. Ortiz won the early rounds, the middle rounds 
were close but Loi cleary won the championship rounds. Loi had now won the title 
on points as was his fashion and even knocked a prime Ortiz (who later won more 
titles) down in front of 65,000 fans. Loi at the age of 31 and after 102 fights 
was finally a world champion. Both the title win and rematch in Italy were by close 
and properly scored margins. Eddie Perkins a tall skilled boxer that provided the 
next stiff challenge for Loi. In their first bout Loi came away with a boring draw 
which no one deserve t win, still some felt Perkins deserved the nod in a close 
fight. At one point of the fight the referee stopped the bout and urged the fighter 
to "fight" as the crowd booed all involved. The rematch was different as Perkins 
behind a stiff jab went on the attack early wearing Loi down for a unanimous points 
win. Only three months later a extremely fit and determined Loi was able to reverse 
the loss and gain his world title back from Perkins. A month later without taking 
any more fight Loi decided it was time to retire as the champion feeling his skills 
were diminishing. When rating the best Italian fighters of all time I think Loi 
is a close second place to Nino Benvenuti, only because Nino fought a bit better 
class of opposition. 


Duilio Loi

Career Record: 115 W, 3 L, 8 D (25 K.O's)


      Nov 1  Nino Frangioni          Genoa, Italy            W 6
      Feb 12 Georgescu               Genoa, Italy            W 6
      Apr 12 Ruggero Grilli          Milan, Italy            W 6
      Apr 24 Giulio DiRocco          Genoa, Italy            W 6
      Oct 5  Bruno Bisterzo          Milan, Italy            W 8
      Nov 23 Jean Berthelier         Milan, Italy            W 6
      Nov 30 Oreste Baiocco          Cagliari, Italy         KO 8
      Dec 16 Young Robert            La-Chaux-de-Fonds, FR   W 10

      Jan 31 Vittorio Costa          Cagliari, Italy         W 8
      Mar 4  Vittorio Costa          Bologna, Italy          W 8
      Mar 15 Pedro Martinez          Milan, Italy            KO 2
      Mar 22 Nicola Funari           Milan, Italy            W 8
      Apr 15 Jan Nicolaas            Milan, Italy            W 8
      May 8  Djillali Bouaziz        Gallarte, Italy         W 8
      May 17 Giuseppe DeJoanni       Milan, Italy            W 8
      Sep 13 Allan Tanner            Bologne, Italy          D 10
      Nov 8  Luigi Male              Milan, Italy            D 12
      Dec 14 Frank Hermal            Milan, Italy            W 10

      Feb 21 Karl Machart            Milan, Italy            W 10
      Mar 6  Juan Castellanos        Monza, Italy            W 10
      Mar 14 Raoul Guillaume         Milan, Italy            KO 5
      Mar 31 Roland Guibert          Modene, Italy           W 8
      Apr 14 Leon Bourlet            Milan, Italy            W 8
      Jun 9  Morley Kamara           Cagliari, Italy         W 10
      Jul 6  Ray Lewis               Genoa, Italy            W 10
      Jul 18 Gianni Uboldi           Milan, Italy            W 12
      Sep 1  Leyton Lewis            Varese, Italy           KO 2
      Oct 9  Ray Lewis               Cagliari, Italy         KO 2
      Oct 26 Svend Wad               Geneva, Switzerland     W 10
      Dec 12 Tommy Barnham           London                  W 10
      Dec 26 Emile Orozco            Milan, Italy            KO 6

      Jan 14 Karl Pinsdorf           Genoa, Italy            W 10
      Apr 2  Emilio Marconi          Cagliari, Italy         W 12
      Apr 12 Charles Colpin          Genoa, Italy            KO 6
      Jun 4  Agustin Argote          Milan, Italy            W 10
      Aug 18 Jorgen Johansen         Copenhagen              L 15
      Nov 12 Alois Brandt            Cagliari, Italy         W 10
      Nov 26 Serge Ceustermans       Milan, Italy            W 10
      Dec 17 Francis Bonnardel       Milan, Italy            W 10

      Jan 28 Ernesto Formenti        Milan, Italy            KO 9
      Feb 20 Giuseppe De Joanni      Genoa, Italy            W 10
      Apr 2  Allan Tanner            Milan, Italy            W 10
      May 8  Jean Labalette          Geneva, Switzerland     W 10
      Jun 20 Ernesto Formenti        Milan, Italy            KO 10
      Jun 27 Franco Antonini         Foligno, Italy          D 10
      Jul 11 Mario Rossellini        La Spezia, Italy        KO 2
      Sep 13 Emilio Marconi          Grosseto, Italy         D 12
      Oct 21 Valde Fusaro            Milan, Italy            W 10
      Nov 4  Sandy Manuel            Milan, Italy            W 10
      Nov 15 Joseph Janssens         Milan, Italy            W 10

      Feb 6  Jorgen Johansen         Milan, Italy            W 15
      Mar 3  Franco Antonini         Genoa, Italy            W 10
      Mar 18 Giuseppe De Joanni      Rome                    W 10
      May 13 Bruno Visintin          Milan, Italy            W 15
      Jun 23 Mario Ciccarelli        Milan, Italy            W 10
      Jul 16 Jacques Herbillon       Milan, Italy            W 15
      Sep 10 Ivor Germain            Melbourne               KO 9
      Oct 1  Mario Trigo             Melbourne               W 12
      Nov 8  Agustin Argote          Sydney                  W 12

      Jan 14 Glen Flanagan           Miami                   W 10
      Feb 19 Ray Famechon            Milan, Italy            W 10
      Mar 30 Guy Gracia              Milan, Italy            W 10
      Apr 30 Alby Tissong            Trieste, Italy          W 10
      May 22 Louis Carrara           Milan, Italy            W 10
      Jun 8  Morley Kamara           Florence, Italy         W 10
      Jul 2  Giancarlo Garbelli      Milan, Italy            W 15
      Jul 30 Frank Hermanl           St. Vincent, Italy      KO 3
      Sep 13 Boswell St. Louis       Milan, Italy            KO 5
      Oct 15 Joe Lucy                Milan, Italy            W 10
      Oct 29 Werner Handtke          Milan, Italy            W 10
      Nov 26 Seraphin Ferrer         Milan, Italy            W 15
      Dec 26 Gordon Goodman          Milan, Italy            KO 6

      Jan 21 Orlando Zulueta         Milan, Italy            W 10
      Apr 7  Manolo Garcia           Milan, Italy            W 10
      Apr 21 Ben Buker               Tunis, Tunisia          W 10
      May 21 Jose Hernandez          Milan, Italy            D 15
      Jun 23 Fred Galiana            Milan, Italy            KO 6
      Jul 11 Piet Van Klaveren       Milan, Italy            KO 6
      Jul 21 Karl-Heinz Friedrich    Bologne, Italy          W 10
      Sep 15 Fernand Nollet          Milan, Italy            W 10
      Sep 23 Albert Mueller          Forli, Italy            KO 3
      Oct 13 Maurice Auzel           Milan, Italy            W 10
      Nov 10 Sauveur Chiocca         Milan, Italy            W 10
      Dec 3  Felix Chiocca           Paris                   W 10
      Dec 26 Jose Hernandez          Milan, Italy            W 15

      Feb 2  Bobby Ros               Milan, Italy            WDQ 5
      Apr 3  Karl-Heinz Bick         Milan, Italy            KO 10
      Apr 27 Houacine Khalfi         Milan, Italy            W 10
      May 29 Rudi Langer             Milan, Italy            W 10
      Jun 2  Chico Santos            Lecce, Italy            KO 6
      Jun 9  Ahcene Attar            Cagliari, Italy         W 10
      Jun 26 Piet Van Klaveren       Milan, Italy            W 10
      Jul 12 Ernst Zetzmann          Milan, Italy            W 10
      Jul 27 Jack Subero             Genoa, Italy            W 10
      Sep 7  Stefano Bellotti        Rome                    W 10
      Sep 25 Idrissa Dione           Milan, Italy            W 10
      Oct 29 Marcel Dupre            Milan, Italy            W 10
      Dec 26 Felix Chiocca           Milan, Italy            W 15

      Feb 8  Manfred Neuke           Bale, Italy             D 10
      Mar 1  Wallace "Bud" Smith     Milan, Italy            KO 9
      Apr 27 Al Nevarez              Milan, Italy            W 10
      Jul 7  Charley Douglas         Naples, Italy           W 10
      Sep 5  Mario Vecchiatto        Milan, Italy            D 15
      Dec 13 Conny Rudhoff           Turin, Italy            W 10

      Apr 19 Emilio Marconi          Milan, Italy            W 15

      Feb 13 Bruno Visintin          Milan, Italy            W 15
      Mar 16 Tommy Molloy            Milan, Italy            KO 5
      Mar 31 Giacomo Nervi           Rome                    W 10
      Jun 15 Carlos Ortiz            San Francisco           L 15
             (For World Jr. Welterweight Title)
      Sep 1  Carlos Ortiz            Milan, Italy            W 15
             (Wins World Jr. Welterweight Title)
      Nov 25 Maurice Auzel           Rome                    W 15

      May 10 Carlos Ortiz            Milan, Italy            W 15
             (Retains World Jr. Welterweight Title)
      Aug 5  Christian Christensen   St. Vincent, Italy      W 15
      Oct 21 Eddie Perkins           Milan, Italy            D 15
             (Retains World Jr. Welterweight Title)
      Dec 6  Epiphane Akono          Rome                    KO 8
      Dec 20 Gale Kerwin             Milan, Italy            KO 7

      Feb 9  Don Ellis               Rome                    W 10
      Mar 27 Billy Collins           Milan, Italy            W 10
      Apr 13 Willie Stevenson        Rome                    W 10
      Apr 29 Roger Harvey            Milan, Italy            KO 8
      May 26 Isaac Vaughn            Milan, Italy            KO 5
      Jul 15 Fortunato Manca         Cagliari, Italy         W 15
      Sep 14 Eddie Perkins           Milan, Italy            L 15
             (Loses World Jr. Welterweight Title)
      Dec 15 Eddie Perkins           Milan, Italy            W 15
             (Regains World Jr. Welterweight Title)