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Sam Langford

Titles: Never a champion

Record: 167-38-37 with 51 no decisions

Born: March 4, 1883 in Weymouth Falls, Nova Scotia, Canada

Years active: 1902-1926

Nickname:  The Boston Tar Baby or The Boston Terror  

A well known and respected boxer on three continents in the early 1900's, Sam 
Langford was considered to be one of the most punishing and skilled boxers in 
history. How great was Langford? Within 2 years of turning pro he defeated the 
best lightweight of his time in the form of legendary Joe Gans. Within 3 years 
of turning pro he was fighting heavyweights.......and beating them! Style wise 
he was a boxer/puncher who worked his way on the inside behind a solid jab and 
straight punches to the body. During a time of brawlers and dirty fighters 
Langford stood out from the rest with his boxing skills and seldom threw a punch
while off balance. Sam unlike many others of his time carried power in both hands 
and could end the fight with a  punch from either hand. Langford was a short stout 
man only standing 5'6", but had unusually long arms and he moved his feet well to 
set up his powerful punches. Langford would often hold back on his opponents in 
hopes of getting a rematch and unlike other fighters never lost his quickness 
as he moved up in weight. Although his weight permitted him to fight in weight 
divisions other than heavyweight, no champion would risk his title against him,
and America at the time had no desire to see another black heavyweight champion
after Jack Johnson. Surely his rare boxing gifts merited title shots at all 
weights! Sam Langford was one of 7 children and ran away from home at the age of 
12, working his way to Boston. It is impossible to chronicle his many outstanding 
fights against the other great fighters of his time since he fought them all so 
many times. Here is my attempt but it can never truly reflect the many great 
achievements of Langford. After Langford arrived in Boston he got a job from fight 
manager Joe Woodman to sweep up the old Lennox Athletic Club and showed good skills 
in the ring instead of cleaning. At the age of 19 weighing 135 lbs, he made his 
professional boxing debut, winning his first fight by knockout. Within eighteen
months he fought and defeated legendary Joe Gans, the world lightweight champion. 
Unfortunately, it was not a title bout, as was the characteristic of Langford's 21 
year ring career. Sam Langford never held a world boxing title, although he fought 
and defeated many of those who did. At the end of that year he also defeated well 
respected Jack Blackburn another great black fighter of the time who achieved later 
fame as Joe Louis' trainer. Langford now started to move up in weight and fought 
to a draw with the original Joe Walcott. After just three years as a pro, Langford 
and his manager felt he was ready for the heavyweight big leagues. In 1906, Sam 
Langford took on future heavyweight champion Jack Johnson, who weighed 30 pounds 
more than himself. It took Johnson, (who was in his prime and had both a size and 
weight advantage) the entire 15 rounds to defeat Langford on points. Thereafter, 
Johnson never gave Langford a rematch although reports said he won the fight easily. 
Maybe he thought Langford was holding back? Johnson was one of many great black 
heavyweights that Sam fought. During the first quarter of the twentieth century, 
Langford fought Sam McVey fifteen times, Joe Jeannette fourteen times, Jim Barry 
twelve times, Jeff Clark eleven times, and Harry Wills twenty three-times. In total 
72 of his fights came against the other great black heavyweights of his time when 
Langford himself was never more than a blown up middleweight. Langford also defeated 
many of the so called "White hopes" like Sandy Ferguson, Tony Ross and Fireman Jim 
Flynn. Langford also traveled to England and defeated British heavyweight champion 
Iron Hauge in four rounds. In 1910 Langford meet his equal in punching power and 
toughness when he fought Stanley Ketchel. Boxing skill was still on the side of 
Langford however. It was ruled a six round no decision. The newspapers agree that 
Langford had the better of the fight early but Ketchel soaked up the punishment 
and came back strong in the end to make it a very close fight. Most ringside viewers 
did tip Ketchel as the winner but it was very close. Still Ketchel learned enough 
in that fight to never put his title on the line against Langford. After taking on 
the toughest middleweight in Stanley Ketchel, Langford now moved up in weight and 
fought former light heavyweight champion Jack O'Brien. It was not close as Langford 
pushed his way to the inside and took O'Brien apart for a 5th round knockout. 
Langford decided to travel and fight around the world after this since a title shot 
was no where in sight. In Australia he fought ten fights and lost only once to 
another great black heavyweight Sam McVey, but he also defeated McVey 3 times. In 
Paris he fought Joe Jeannette and lost a close decision. He later defeated Jeannette 
(the only knockout loss of Jeannette's career) for the "black heavyweight title". 
He was a terror to all heavyweights of the time no matter where they were. He 
defeated Iron Hauge in London, Jim Flynn in Los Angeles, Jim Barry in Melbourne, 
Tony Caponi in New York, and Sam McVey in Sydney. The list of accomplishments goes 
on and on but the end of boxing for Sam was near. By the early 1920's, Langford's 
advancing blindness began to cause problems, but not before he won the heavyweight 
championship of Mexico and Spain in 1923. When Langford won the title he was nearly 
blind and could only see shadows of the men he was fighting, Langford was operating 
on instinct alone. A knockout by a virtual nobody in 1926 finally convinced him 
to withdraw from the ring. By 1944 Langford was alone, blind and living in a Harlem 
tenement in New York City. Reporter Al Laney tracked him down while researching an 
article on old-time black boxers and discovered his plight. The resulting publicity 
prompted Langford's fans to raise a trust fund, enabling him to live out his last 
years in modest comfort. Sam Langford died in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1956, a 
year after his election into The Ring magazine's Boxing Hall of Fame. He was the 
first non-champion ever to be so honored. Sam Langford continues to be remembered 
for his achievements. In 1972, Weymouth Falls erected a plaque to his memory in
its community center. His Cambridge, Massachusetts, grave was also given a proper 
headstone in 1986. 

Sam Langford

Career Record: 167 W, 38 L, 37 D, 48 ND, 3 NC (117 K.O's)


     Apr 11 Jack McVicker                Boston, Ma                      KO  5


     Jan 15 Arthur Pratt                 Boston, Ma                      KO  2
     Jan 22 Billy Chisholm               Lawrence, Ma                    ND  6
     Feb 27 Luther Manual                Boston, Ma                      W 10
     Mar  4 Sadler Jennings              Chelsea, Ma                     KO  2
     Mar  5 Jack Johnson                 Boston, Ma                      ND  6
     Mar 26 John Butler                  Boston, Ma                      W  6
     Apr  3 Bob "Stonewall" Allen        Boston, Ma                      W  6
     Apr 20 Andy Watson                  Lawrence, Ma                    ND 12
     May 25 Billy Jordan                 Cambridge, Ma                   ND  6
     May 26 Chick Monahan                Boston, Ma                      KO  1
     May 29 Andy Watson                  Boston, Ma                      ND 12
     Jun  5 Tim Kearns                   Boston, Ma                      TKO  2
     Jun 19 Walter Burgo                 Boston, Ma                      KO  8
     Jun 26 Danny Duane                  Boston, Ma                      L 12
     Jul 16 Belfield Walcott             Scituate, RI                    W 20
     Aug 28 Kid Griffo                   Boston, Ma                      W 12
     Sep 15 Shadow Morris                Boston, Ma                      W 12
     Oct  5 Arthur Cote                  Boston, Ma                      TKO  4
     Nov 20 Patsy Sweeney                Boston, Ma                      KO 12
     Nov 28 Joe Reed                     Boston, Ma                      KO  4
     Dec  8 Joe Gans                     Boston, Ma                      W 15
     Dec 23 Jack Blackburn               Boston, Ma                      ND 12


     Jan 11 Jack Blackburn               Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
     Jan 27 Belfield Walcott             Boston, Ma                       ND  6
     Feb 13 Charlie Johnson              Boston, Ma                       TKO  5
     Feb 22 Willie Lewis                 New Bedford, Ma                  KO  2
     Apr 11 Dave Holly                   Cambridge, Ma                    L 10
     Jul 29 George "Elbows" McFadden     Manchester, NH                   TKO  2
     Sep  5 Joe Walcott                  Manchester, NH                   D 15
     Sep 30 Dave Holly                   Baltimore, Md                    D 15
     Nov 24 Andy Watson                  Webster, Ma                      W 12
     Nov 25 Tommy Sullivan               Marlboro, Ma                     TKO  3
     Dec  9 Jack Blackburn               Marlboro, Ma                     D 15
     Dec 22 Joe Reed                     Berlin, NH                       TKO  9


     Jan 16 Joe Reed                     Webster, Ma                      KO  5
     Jan 27 Belfield Walcott             Boston, Ma                       ND  6
     Feb 13 Dave Holly                   Salem, Ma                        D 15
     Mar  4 George Cole                  Boston, Ma                       NC  9
     Mar 13 George Gunther               Portland, Me                     W 12
     May 16 Bogardus Hyde                Webster, Ma                      TKO  3
     May 26 Young Peter Jackson          Marlboro, Ma                     W 15
     Jun 15 Young Peter Jackson          Chelsea, Ma                      W 15
     Jul  4 Larry Temple                 Marlboro, Ma                     L 10
     Aug 18 Jack Blackburn               Leiperville, Pa                  W 15
     Sep 20 Jack Blackburn               Allentown, Pa                    D 10
     Sep 29 Young Peter Jackson          Baltimore, Md                    D 15
     Oct  7 Jack Blackburn               Philadelphia, Pa                 NC  1
     Dec 25 Joe Jeannette                Lawrence, Ma                     TKOby  8


     Feb 28 Larry Temple                 Chelsea, Ma                      KO 15
     Mar 19 Black Fitzsimmons            Webster, Ma                      TKO 11
     Apr  5 Joe Jeannette                Chelsea, Ma                      W 15
     Apr 26 Jack Johnson                 Chelsea, Ma                      L 15
     Jun 13 Young Peter Jackson          Southbridge, Ma                  TKOby  5
     Nov 21 Young Peter Jackson          Rochester, NY                    W 15
     Nov 29 George Gunther               Haverhill, Ma                    TKO 3


     Jan 11 Joe Jeannette                Lawrence, Ma                      D 12
     Jan 31 Kid Williams                 Rochester, NY                     KO  6
     Apr 22 James "Tiger" Smith          London, Eng                       KO  4
     Jun  3 Geoff Thorn                  London, Eng                       KO  1
     Aug 27 Larry Temple                 Chelsea, Ma                       W 10
     Oct 15 Jim Barry                    Chelsea, Ma                       ND 10
     Nov 12 Young Peter Jackson          Los Angeles, Ca                   W 20
     Dec 17 Jim Barry                    Los Angeles, Ca                   ND 10


     Jan 14 Jim Barry                    Los Angeles, Ca                   ND 10
     Feb 10 Black Fitzsimmons            Boston, Ma                        TKO  4
     Mar  3 Joe Jeannette                Boston, Ma                        D 12
     Mar 11 Larry Temple                 Boston, Ma                        ND  8
     Apr  7 Jim Barry                    Boston, Ma                        KO  2
     May 19 John "Sandy" Ferguson        Boston, Ma                        W 12
     Jun 19 Jim Barry                    New York, NY                      KO  3
     Jul 21 John Wille                   Brooklyn, NY                      KO  2
     Aug  7 Tony Ross                    New York, NY                      TKO 5
     Sep  1 Joe Jeannette                New York, NY                      ND  6
     Dec 21 "Fireman" Jim Flynn          San Francisco, Ca                 KO  1


     Mar 17 Jim Barry                    Philadelphia, Pa                  ND  6
     Mar 29 Morris Harris                Brooklyn, NY                      TKO  7
     Apr  3 John Wille                   Philadelphia, Pa                  KO  2
     Apr 14 Jim Barry                    Albany, NY                        ND 10
     Apr 17 Al Kubiak                    Philadelphia, Pa                  ND  6
     Apr 27 John "Sandy" Ferguson        Boston, Ma                        D 12
     May 24 William "Iron" Hague         London, Eng                       KO  4
     Jul 13 Klondike (John Haynes)       Pittsburgh, Pa                    ND  6
     Sep 28 Dixie Kid (Aaron Brown)      Boston, Ma                        TKO  5
     Nov  2 Klondike (John Haynes)       Boston, Ma                        KO  2
     Nov 23 Mike Schreck                 Pittsburgh, Pa                    TKO  1


     Jan 10 Dixie Kid (Aaron Brown)      Memphis, Tn                       KO  3
     Feb  8 "Fireman" Jim Flynn          Los Angeles, Ca                   ND 10
     Feb 22 Nat Dewey                    Cheyenne, Wy                      KO  1
     Mar 17 "Fireman" Jim Flynn          Los Angeles, Ca                   KO  8
     Apr 14 Jim Barry                    Vernon, Ca                        KO 16
     Apr 27 Stanley Ketchel              Philadelphia, Pa                  ND  6
     May 14 "Battling" Jim Johnson       Philadelphia, Pa                  ND  6
     May 17 Al Kubiak                    New York, NY                      TKO  2
     Sep  6 Joe Jeannette                Boston, Ma                        W 15
     Nov 10 Jeff Clark                   Joplin, Mo                        KO  2
     Dec  6 Morris Harris                Boston, Ma                        KO  2


     Jan 10 Joe Jeannette                Boston, Ma                        W 12
     Jan 16 Fred Atwater                 Utica, NY                         TKO  3
     Feb 21 Bill Lang                    London, Eng                       WF  6
     Apr  1 Sam McVea                    Paris, Fr                         D 20
     May 30 Ralph Calloway               Syracuse, NY                      KO  4
     Jun 16 Tony Caponi                  Winnipeg, Man, Can                ND 10
     Jun 29 Jack Fitzgerald              New York, NY                      KO  5
     Aug  9 Jim Smith                    New York, NY                      KO  5
     Aug 15 "Philadelphia" Jack O'Brien  New York, NY                      KO  5
     Aug 24 Tony Ross                    New York, NY                      KO  6
     Sep  5 Joe Jeannette                New York, NY                      ND 10
     Oct  6 Tony Caponi                  New York, NY                      KO  3
     Dec 26 Sam McVea                    Sydney, NSW, Aus                  L 20


     Feb 12 Jim Berry                    Sydney, NSW, Aus                  W 20
     Apr  8 Sam McVea                    Sydney, NSW, Aus                  W 20
     May 13 Jim Berry                    Melbourne, Vic, Aus               KO 11
     May 27 Dan "Porky" Flynn            Melbourne, Vic, Aus               KO 14
     Aug  3 Sam McVea                    Sydney, NSW, Aus                  W 20
     Oct  9 Sam McVea                    Perth, WA, Aus                    TKO 11
     Dec 26 Sam McVea                    Sydney, NSW, Aus                  KO 13


     Mar 15 Jim Berry                    Brisbane, Que, Aus                KO  1
     Mar 24 Sam McVea                    Brisbane, Que, Aus                D 20
     Apr  2 Jerry Jerome                 Brisbane, Que, Aus                ND 10
     Jun 19 Colin Bell                   Rockhampton, Que, Aus             D 15
     Aug 26 Dan "Porky" Flynn            Boston, Ma                        KO  4
     Sep  9 John Lester Johnson          New York, NY                      KO  1
     Oct  3 Joe Jeannette                New York, NY                      ND 10
     Oct 27 Jack Lester                  Taft, Ca                          TKO  5
     Nov 12 Ed "Gunboat" Smith           Boston, Ma                        L 12
     Dec 20 Joe Jeannette                Paris, Fr                         W 20


     Jan 24 Matthew "P.O." Curran        Paris, Fr                         KO  1
     Mar 23 Bill Watkins                 New York, NY                      TKO  1
     Apr 15 George "Kid" Cotton          Chattanooga, Tn                   ND  8
     Apr 20 Rough House Ware             Memphis, Tn                       W  8
     May  1 Harry Wills                  New Orleans, La                   ND 10
     May 25 Bill Watkins                 Rochester, NY                     KO  4
     Aug 12 "Battling" Jim Johnson       New York, NY                      ND 10
     Aug 25 George "Kid" Cotton          Boston, Ma                        KO  4
     Oct  1 Joe Jeannette                New York, NY                      ND 10
     Oct  6 Colin Bell                   Boston, Ma                        KO  4
     Oct 20 Ed "Gunboat" Smith           Boston, Ma                        KO  3
     Oct 26 Jeff Clark                   Joplin, Mo                        ND 10
     Nov 10 Tom "Bearcat" McMahon        Vernon. Ca                        TKO  6
     Nov 16 Jim Cameron                  San Diego, Ca                     TKO  6
     Nov 26 Harry Wills                  Vernon, Ca                        KO 14


     Apr  6 "Battling" Jim Johnson       New York, NY                      ND 10
     Apr 13 Joe Jeannette                Boston, Ma                        L 12
     Apr 19 Dan "Porky" Flynn            Montreal, Que, Can                NC  6
     Jun  8 "Battling" Jim Johnson       Brooklyn, NY                      ND 10
     Jun 29 Sam McVea                    Boston, Ma                        L 12
     Jul 16 Jack Thompson                Denver, Co                        KO  1
     Sep 30 Sam McVea                    Denver, Co                        D 20
     Oct 18 John Lester Johnson          Denver, Co                        W 15
     Nov 23 Sam McVea                    New York, NY                      ND 10
     Dec  3 Harry Wills                  New York, NY                      ND 10


     Jan  3 Harry Wills                  New Orleans, La                   L  20
     Feb 11 Harry Wills                  New Orleans, La                   KO 19
     Feb 17 Sam McVea                    New York, NY                      ND 10
     Feb 28 Cleve Hawkins                New York, NY                      ND 10
     Mar  7 Harry Wills                  Brooklyn, NY                      ND 10
     Mar 23 Dave Mills                   Syracuse, NY                      TKO  2
     Mar 31 Jeff Clark                   St. Louis, Mo                     KO  5
     Apr  7 Sam McVea                    Syracuse, NY                      ND 10
     Apr 25 Harry Wills                  St. Louis, Mo                     ND  8
     May  2 Sam McVea                    Akron, Oh                         ND 12
     May 12 Joe Jeannette                Rochester, NY                     KO  7
     Aug 12 Sam McVea                    Buenos Aires, Arg                 D 20
     Nov 30 "Big" Bill Tate              Syracuse, NY                      ND 10
     Dec 12 "Battling" Jim Johnson       St. Louis, Mo                     KO 12
     Dec 29 Bob Devere                   Montreal, Que, Can                ND 10


     Jan    "Battling" Jim Johnson       Kansas City, Mo                   W 12
     Jan 25 "Big" Bill Tate              Kansas City, Mo                   L 12
     Apr 10 Jack Thompson                Brooklyn, NY                      ND 10
     Apr 19 Bob Devere                   New York, NY                      ND 10
     May  2 "Big" Bill Tate              St. Louis, Mo                     KO  6
     May 11 Harry Wills                  Philadelphia, Pa                  ND  6
     Jun 19 Fred Fulton                  Boston, Ma                        TKOby  7
     Aug 17 Andre Anderson               Buffalo, NY                       TKO  2
     Sep 14 Joe Jeannette                Toledo, Oh                        ND 12
     Sep 17 Andrew "Thunderbolt" Johnson Ardmore, Md                       KO  2
     Sep 20 Harry Wills                  Brooklyn, NY                      ND 10
     Nov 12 Harry Wills                  Toledo, Oh                        ND 12
     Dec 17 Kid Norfolk                  Denver, Co                         KO  2


     Apr 14 Harry Wills                  Panama City, Pan                  KOby  6
     May 19 Harry Wills                  Panama City, Pan                  TKOby  7
     Aug  5 "Battling" Jim Johnson       Atlantic City, NJ                 ND  8
     Aug  6 Jack Thompson                Philadelphia, Pa                  ND  6
     Aug    Jeff Clark                                                     W 10
     Aug 19 Rough House Ware             Tulsa, Ok                         KO  9
     Aug 22 "Battling" Jim Johnson       St. Louis, Mo                     W  8
     Nov  1 Jeff Clark                   Lowell, Ma                        D 12
     Dec 12 Jack "Big Boy" Butler        Rock Island, Il                   KO  5
     Dec 16 Jeff Clark                   Memphis, Tn                       W  8
     Dec 28 Fred Fulton                  San Francisco, Ca                 L  4


     Mar  4 Willie Meehan                San Francisco, Ca                 L  4
     Apr 30 Billy Hooper                 Columbus, Oh                      KO  4
     Jun 19 "Big" Bill Tate              Minneapolis, Mn                   WF  5
     Jul  4 Harry Wills                  St. Louis, Mo                     ND  8
     Aug  4 Jack Thompson                Tulsa, Ok                         D 15
     Aug 23 "Big" Bill Tate              Grand Rapids, Mi                  KO  7
     Sep 18 Rough House Wilson           Battle Creek, Mi                  KO  4
     Sep 30 Harry Wills                  Syracuse, NY                      ND 10
     Oct 20 Jack Thompson                Tulsa, Ok                         D 15
     Nov  5 Harry Wills                  Tulsa, Ok                         L 15
     Nov 17 "Mexican" Jim Johnson        Sioux City, Ia                    KO  9
     Nov 24 Jack Thompson                Duluth, Mn                        TKO  6
     Dec  3 Dave McBride                 Rockford, Il                      KO  1


     Jan 16 Jeff Clark                   Kalamazoo, Mi                     ND 10
     Feb 23 Battling Gahee               Memphis, Tn                       KO  2
     Feb 28 Jeff Clark                   Terre Haute, In                   ND 10
     Mar 29 Jamaica Kid                  Columbus, Oh                      KO  7
     Apr  5 Jack Thompson                Muskogee, Ok                      L 15
     Apr  9 Silas Green                  Denver, Co                        KO  3
     Apr 19 Harry Wills                  Denver, Co                        L 15
     May    George Godfrey                                                 D 10
     May 31 Jeff Clark                   Columbus, Oh                      W 15
     Jun  7 Rough House Ware             New Orleans, La                   KO  9
     Jul 26 Pinky Lewis                  Tulsa, Ok                         KO  9
     Aug 14 Sam McVea                    East Chicago, In                  ND 10
     Aug 30 Ed "Bearcat" Wright          Walthill, Ne                      W 10
     Sep  6 "Big" Bill Tate              Benton Harbor, Mi                 ND  6
     Oct  6 "Tiny" Jim Herman            Portland, Or                      KO  7
     Oct 14 Frank Farmer                 Seattle, Wa                       W  4
     Oct 20 Lee Anderson                 Portland, Or                      L 10
     Nov 15 Jack Thompson                Memphis, Tn                       L  8
     Nov 17 George Godfrey               Hot Springs, Ar                   KO  2
     Dec  2 "Tiny" Jim Herman            Portland, Or                      KO  7
     Dec 29 Jim Barry                    Portland, Or                      W 10


     Jan  7 Lee Anderson                 Omaha, Ne                         D 12
     Jan 14 Bob Devere                   Portland, Or                      KO  7
     Jan 27 Harry Wills                  Portland, Or                      ND 10
     Jul 20 Ed "Bearcat" Wright          Omaha, Ne                         KO  9
     Aug 17 George Godfrey               Covington, Ky                     KO  1
     Aug 19 Topeka Jack Johnson          Topeka, Ks                        D 10
     Sep  5 Lee Anderson                 Fort Worth, Tx                    L 10
     Oct 18 Young Peter Jackson          Toronto, Ont, Can                 KO  2
     Nov 24 Lee Anderson                 Phoenix, Az                       L 10
     Dec 10 "Big" Bill Tate              Covington, Ky                     L 12


     Jan 17 Harry Wills                  Portland, Or                      L 10
     Mar 17 Cyclone Smith                Huntington, WV                    KO  2
     Mar 27 "Big" Bill Tate              Memphis, Tn                       ND  8
     Apr  6 James "Tut" Jackson          Dayton, Oh                        KOby  5
     Apr 19 Kid Roscoe                   Memphis, Tn                       KO  2
     Jun  5 Theodore "Tiger" Flowers     Atlanta, Ga                       KO  2
     Jun 19 Ed "Bearcat" Wright          Galveston, Tx                     D 12
     Aug  4 "Big" Bill Tate              Tulsa, Ok                         W 12
     Aug 11 Brad Simmons                 Wichita, Ks                       W 10
     Aug 20 Jack Taylor                  Sioux City, Ia                    ND 10
     Sep 22 Battling Owens               El Paso, Tx                       KO  7
     Oct    Ted Jamieson                 Chicago, Il                       ND 10
     Oct 20 Jack Taylor                  Juarez, Mx                        W 15
     Nov 10 Jim Barry                    Douglas, Az                       D 10
     Dec 27 Sonny Goodrich               San Antonio, Tx                   KO  5


     Feb 15 Tom McCarty                  Albuquerque, NM                   KO  2
     Mar 31 Jim Savage                   Mexico City, Mx                   KO  1
     Apr  8 Andres Balsas                Mexico City, Mx                   KO  6
     Apr 13 "Chihuahua" Kid Brown        Torrean, Mx                       KO  3
     May 16 Art Surans                   Mexico City, Mx                   KO  3
     May 19 Jack Voigt                   Mexico City, Mx                   KO 11
     Jun 15 Jim Tracey                   Mexico City, Mx                   KO  4
     Jul 27 Clem Johnson                 Juarez, Mx                        KOby 13
     Aug    Ed "Bearcat" Wright          Mexico City, Mx                   KOby  9
     Aug    "Fireman" Jim Flynn          Mexico City, Mx                   W 10
     Oct 19 "Fireman" Jim Flynn          Mexico City, Mx                   KO  3
     Dec 21 Sonny Goodrich               San Antonio, Tx                   L 10


     Jan  6 "Fireman" Jim Flynn          Juarez, Mx                        W  8
     Jan 20 Tom Riley                        Juarez, Mx                    KO  2
     Apr 18 Sam Olson                    Bakersfield, Ca                   W  4
     Apr 23 Eddie Trembley               Venice, Ca                        L  4


     Dec  7 Tim Sullivan                 Fort Bliss, Tx                    D  6


     Jul  1 Young Jack Johnson           Shawnee, Ok                       KO  2
     Aug  2 Brad Simmons                 Drumright, Ok                     KO by  1