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Julian Jackson

Titles: WBA jr. middleweight champion 1987-1990, WBC middleweight champion 
           1990-1993, WBC middleweight champion 1995

Record: 55-6

Born: September 12, 1960 in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Years active: 1981-1998

Nickname: The Hawk

Julian Jackson can lay claim to being one of the most fearsome punchers pound for
pound in the 90's. As exciting and hard hitting as he was in the ring Jackson was
a modest and unassuming man outside of the ring who gave over his life to the Lord
after his loss to Mike McCallum. Like many big punchers Jackson seemed to have a
brittle chin as he all of his losses came by knockout or TKO. In many of his fights
it looked as if Jackson was going to loose by being outboxed but invariably Jackson
would land that one big punch and the fight would be over. Take the Herol Graham
fight as Jackson was about to be pulled out of a fight with Herol Graham in the 4th
round because of swelling around his eye when he detonated a bomb on Graham that had
Graham unconscious before he hit the canvas. In his first 29 fights Julian Jackson 
knocked out 27 of his opponents inside of the distance and 16 of them were counted 
out clean. For anyone who has not seen this knockout let's just say it one of the 
greatest in the history of boxing. Jackson's broad shoulders and long arms seemed to 
be the key to his power. The early stages of Jackson's career were spent boxing in 
Florida and the Island of the Carribean and ironically his first fight went the 
distance.....that was only going to happen one more time in the next 10 years. 
Jackson failed in his first attempt at a title when he had Mike McCallum all but out
on his feet in the first round only to see McCallum come back to stop him in the 2nd. 
The WBA Jr. middleweight title was on the line in that fight. This loss compelled 
Jackson to change his ways outside of the ring and dedicate himself to boxing and 
starting a family. Jackson never lost belief in himself however and always came back 
quickly from losses to get himself back in title contention. After McCallum moved up 
in weight it left a opening for the WBA title. Jackson won that WBA Jr. middleweight 
title the following year in a stunning 3rd round knockout of In-Chul Baek in Las 
Vegas. Jackson retained the title with 3 beautiful knockouts one of which came at 
the expense of Terry Norris. In that fight Jackson landed a short right hand directly 
on the jaw of Norris who amazingly beat the count but obviously not able to continue. 
Recurring eye problems saw Jackson out of action at times because of a detached 
retina, many claim Jackson was operating on abut 70 percent of the vision most boxers 
possessed. In his return bout Jackson scored the stunning kayo of Herol Graham for 
the WBC middleweight title. Jackson was obviously confused by the defensive skills of 
Graham and looked out of control and balance throughout the fight before he rescued 
himself with a knockout punch. His first two defenses of the title did not hear the 
bell ending the first round as his opponents were stretched out in less than 3 
minutes. Another TKO in 5 of Ron Collins led to a fight with Thomas Tate that saw 
Jackson go the 12 round distance for the first time in his career. It was a very good 
fight with Tate visiting the canvas in the 4th round but coming back to shake Jackson 
on several occasions. The decision was unanimous for Jackson however and well 
deserved. Now however Jackson was to face a man who equaled him in power and seemed 
to have his number. It was a old fashion shoot out as Gerald McClellan took the belt 
from Jackson in fine fashion. After the first round Jackson returned with a cut eye. 
The fight saw both men hurt but McClellan landed the cleaner punches and dropped 
Jackson twice in the fifth round and stopped. A rematch with McClellan was even worse 
as it only took 1 round for McClellan to do the job this time. Those two fights took 
a lot out of Jackson but he still came back to win the WBC middleweight title 2 years 
later as he knocked out Agostino Cardmone. After loosing the early rounds it looked 
as if Jackson was going to fade away, but once again his power came to the forefront 
and he knocked out Cardmone with a single punch. It was a short lived bit of glory 
however as he was defeated in his first defense by Quincy Taylor, Jackson seemed to 
have no answers for the awkward southpaw. Looking to fight way back into contention 
Jackson won 4 bouts in 2 years against mediocre opposition but once Jackson stepped 
up in competition it was clear his best days had past him by. It also seemed as if 
his power had gone also. 2 losses in 1998 to Verno Phillips and Anthony Jones ended 
any chances of his regaining a title. Jackson will not make any lists of great boxers 
or perhaps even of great champion but he should surely make any list of knockout 

Julian Jackson

Carrer Record: 55 W, 6 L (49 K.O's)

                                            - 1981 -

(Feb-12-1981, San Juan) Inocencio Carmona      W 6 
(Mar-5-1981, Trujillo Alto) Rafael Ayala       ko 1 
(Apr-9-1981, San Juan) Marcelino Flores        ko 2 
(May-15-1981, Saint-Thomas) Reyes Escalera     tko 3 
(Aug-15-1981, San Juan) Edwin Rodriguez        ko 1 
(Sep-26-1981, Miami Beach) Dario De Asa        ko 3 

                                            - 1982 -

(Mar-20-1982, Atlantic City) Billy Page        W 6 
(Jun-8-1982, Miami Beach) Al Cook              ko 2 
(Aug-18-1982, San Juan) Miguel Sepulveda       tko 3 
(Nov-17-1982, Saint-Joseph) Mack Heimbaugh     tko 4 

                                            - 1983 -

(Jan-19-1983, Hato Rey) Dominic Fox            ko 2 
(Mar-6-1983, Atlantic City) Jack Torrance      ko 5 
(May-18-1983, Las Vegas) Reinaldo Rogue        tko 1 
(Jun-25-1983, San Juan) David Plowden          ko 3 
(Oct-15-1983, Miami Beach) Jeff Nelson         tko 3 

                                            - 1984 -

(Jan-20-1984, New York) Carlton Brown          tko 1 
(Mar-17-1984, San Juan) Eddie Gazo             ko 2 
(May-16-1984, Las Vegas) J.J. Cottrell         tko 5 
(Jun-20-1984, San Juan) Ronnie Warrior         ko 3 
(Aug-15-1984, Las Vegas) Curtis Ramsey         tko 12 
(Nov-3-1984, San Juan) Santos Solis            ko 2 
(Nov-21-1984, Las Vegas) Tim Harris            tko 8 

                                            - 1985 -

(Jul-12-1985, Santa Clara) Rafael Corona       tko 3 
(Aug-10-1985, Las Vegas) Jose Padilla          tko 3 
(Nov-15-1985, Miami Beach) Raul Hernandez      tko 1 

                                            - 1986 -

(Feb-28-1986, Saint-Thomas) Lopez Mc Gee       ko 4 
(Mar-22-1986, Las Vegas) Mark Allmann          ko 1 
(Apr-19-1986, Las Vegas) Francisco Del Toro    ko 2 
(May-20-1986, Las Vegas) Derrick Drane         ko 2 
(Aug-23-1986, Miami Beach) Mike Mc Callum      tkoBY 2 
(for W.B.A., Junior middleweight title) 
(Dec-19-1986, Saint-Thomas) Khalif Shabazz     ko 1 

                                            - 1987 -

(Apr-24-1987, Hartford) Milton Leaks           tko 10 
(Nov-21-1987, Las Vegas) In-Chul Baek          tko 3 
(wins W.B.A., Juniormiddleweights) 

                                            - 1988 -

(Apr-16-1988, Las Vegas) Reggie Barnes         tko 1 
(Jun-25-1988, Atlantic City) Efren Olivo       ko  1 
(Jul-29-1988, Atlantic City) Buster Drayton    ko 3 
(retains W.B.A., Juniormiddleweights) 

                                            - 1989 -

(Feb-25-1989, Las Vegas) Francisco De Jesus    ko 8 
(retains W.B.A., Juniormiddleweights) 
(May-13-1989, Los Angeles) Derwin Richards     tko 6 
(Jul-30-1989, Atlantic City) Terry Norris      tko 2 
(retains W.B.A., Juniormiddleweights) 

                                            - 1990 -

(May-17-1990, Saint-Thomas) John Mc Clendon    ko 2 
(Jun-16-1990, Las Vegas) Wayne Powell          tko 4 
(Nov-24-1990, Benalmadena) Herol Graham        ko 4 
(wins W.B.C., Middleweight) 

                                            - 1991 -

(Sep-14-1991, Las Vegas) Dennis Milton         ko 1 
(retains W.B.C., Middleweight) 

                                            - 1992 -

(Feb-15-1992, Las Vegas) Ismael Negron         tko 1 
(retains W.B.C., Middleweight) 
(Apr-10-1992, Naucalpan) Ron Collins           tko 5
(retains W.B.C., Middleweight) 
(Aug-1-1992, Las Vegas) Thomas Tate            w 12 
(retains W.B.C., Middleweight) 
(Dec-13-1992, Las Vegas) Eddie Hall            tko 4 

                                             - 1993 -

(May-8-1993, Las Vegas) Gerald Mc Clellan      tkoBY 5 
(losses W.B.C., Middleweight) 
(Aug-6-1993, Bayamon) Carlton Haywood          tko 2 
(Dec-15-1993, Las Vegas) Jaime Montano         tko 1 

                                            - 1994 -

(Mar-4-1994, Las Vegas) Eduardo Ayala           W 10 
(May-7-1994, Las Vegas) Gerald Mc Clellan       koBY 1 
(Dec-17-1994, Quito) Luis Buitron               tko 3 

                                            - 1995 -

(Mar-17-1995, Worcester) Agostino Cardamone     tko 2 
(wind W.B.C., Middleweight) 
(Aug-19-1995, Las Vegas) Quincy Taylor          tko 6 
(losses W.B.C., Middleweight) 

                                            - 1996 -

(Sep-9-1996, Los Angeles) Leonardo Aguilar      W 10 
(Dec-7-1996, Indio) Augustin Renteria           W 8 

                                            - 1997 -

(Jul-25-1997, Las Vegas) Terry Ford             tko 2 
(Oct-31-1997, Warren) Eduardo Gutierrez         tko 3 

                                            - 1998 -

(Jan-23-1998, Tunica) Verno Phillips             koBY 9 
(May-24-1998, Pontiac) Anthony Jones             tkoBY 9