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The Boxing Wise Hall of Fame

The Boxing Wise Hall of Fame will admittedly have a somewhat lower standard for induction than the more established International Boxing Hall of Fame or World Boxing Hall of Fame. The reason is simple, boxing is a tough business and I believe outstanding if not great fighters should also be recognized. Some of the names on my list have never graced the covers of any major boxing magazine and will not make any top 10 lists. Everyone of these fighters are however worthy of recognition and in their respective primes could have defeated any fighter in the history of their weight class. I have also made sure to include some of the much overlooked but deserving Asian and European fighters who are constantly ignored by the American based media. The requirements for induction are simple, the boxer must be retired and have had a successful career. As with everything else on Boxing Wise we want the input of fans. If you have something you want to add to the bio of a fighter E-mail me your comments. I will check the facts and add them to the biography as soon as possible. Most of the records are provided courtesy of the Cyberboxingzone who are simply the leaders in boxing history for the internet. Please visit and bookmark their site if you have the time. You will be glad you did. I hope you enjoy the Boxing Wise Hall of Fame and are able to use the information within it. Any comments or suggestions on the Hall of Fame are greatly appreciated.

The Hall of Fame is not yet complete and I will add one fighter every day until it is completed.

The Boxing Wise Hall of Fame enshrinees are:

Muhammad Ali: heavyweight 1960-1981 (USA)

Lou Ambers: lightweight 1932-1941 (USA)

Sammy Angott: lightweight 1935-1950 (USA)

Yuri Arbachakov: flyweight 1990-1997 (USSR/Japan)

Bruno Arcari: jr. welterweight 1964-1978 (Italy)

Alexis Arguello: featherweight thru lightweight 1968-1995 (Nicaragua)

Henry Armstrong: featherweight thru lightweight 1931-1945 (USA)

Abe Attell: featherweight 1900-1917 (USA)

Max Baer: heavyweight champion 1929-1941 (USA)

Hogan Bassey: featherweight 1949-1959 (Nigeria)

Joe Becerra: bantamweight 1953-1962 (Mexico)

Wilfredo Benitez: jr. welterweight thru middleweight 1973-1990 (Puerto Rico)

Nigel Benn: middleweight and super middleweight 1987-1996 (England)

Nino Benvenuti: jr. middleweight and middleweight 1961-1971 (Italy)

Jackie Berg: lightweight thru welterweight 1924-1945 (England)

Cornelius Boza-Edwards: jr. lightweight and lightweight 1976-1987 (Uganda)

Jack Britton: featherweight thru middleweight 1905-1930 (USA)

Al Brown: bantamweight 1919-1942 (Panama)

Joe Brown: lightweight 1946-1970 (USA)

Ken Buchanan: lightweight 1965-1982 (Scotland)

Charley Burley: welterweight thru lightheavyweight 1936-1950 (USA)

Tommy Burns: heavyweight 1900-1920 (USA)

Migeul Canto: flyweight 1969-1982 (Mexico)

Tony Canzoneri: featherweight thru jr. welterweight 1925-1939 (USA)

Georges Carpentier: flyweight thru heavyweight 1908-1926 (France)

Marcel Cerdan: welterweight and middleweight 1934-1949 (France)

Antonio Cervantes: jr. welterweight 1964-1983 (Colombia)

Jeff Chandler: bantamweight 1976-1984 (USA)

Bobby Chacon: featherweight 1972-1988 (USA)

Jung-Koo Chang: jr. flyweight and flyweight 19??-1991 (Korea)

Ezzard Charles: light heavyweight and heavyweight 1940-1959 (USA)

Chartchai Chionoi: flyweight 1957-1975 (Thailand)

Sot Chitlada: flyweight 1982-1992 (Thailand)

Kid Chocolate: featherweight and jr. lightweight 1928-1938 (Cuba)

Joe Choynski: lightheavyweight and heavyweight 1888-1904 (USA)

Billy Conn: light heavyweight and heavyweight 1934-1948 (USA)

John Conteh: light heavyweight 1971-1980 (England)

Jim Corbett: heavyweight 1884-1903 (USA)

Pipino Cuevas: welterweight 1972-1989 (Mexico)

Donald Curry: welterweight and jr. middleweight 1980-1997 (USA)

Les Darcy: middleweight 1910-1916 (Australia)

Estaban Dejesus: lightweight and jr. welterweight 19??-1980 (Puerto Rico)

Jack Dempsey "Nonpareil": middleweight 1883-1895 (USA)

Jack Dempsey: heavyweight 1914-1927 (USA)

Jack Dillon: light heavyweight 1908-1923 (USA)

George Dixon: bantamweight and featherweight 1886-1906 (Canada)

Jim Driscoll: featherweight 1901-1919 (Wales)

Johnny Dundee: featherweight and jr. lightweight 1910-1932 (Italy)

Gabriel Elorde: jr. lightweight 1951-1971 (Philippines)

Antonio Esparragoza: featherweight 1981-1991 (Venezuela)

Johnny Famechon: featherweight 1961-1970 (Australia)

Jeff Fenech: bantamweight thru lightweight 1984-1996 (Australia)

Jackie Fields: featherweight 1924-1933 (USA)

Bob Fitzsimmons: middleweight thru heavyweight 1883-1914 (England)

Tiger Flowers: middleweight 1918-1927 (USA)

Bob Foster: light heavyweight 1961-1978 (USA)

Joe Frazier: heavyweight 1965-1981 (USA)

Larry Gains: heavyweight 1923-1941 (Canada)

Khaosai Galaxy: jr. bantamweight 1980-1991 (Thailand)

Victor Galindez: light heavyweight 1968-1979 (Argentina)

Joe Gans: lightewight 1891-1909 (USA)

Kid Gavilan: welterweight and middleweight 1943-1958 (Cuba)

Frankie Genaro: flyweight 1920-1934 (USA)

Joey Giardello: middleweight 1948-1967 (USA)

Tommy Gibbons: middleweight thru heavyweight 1911-1925 (USA)

Wilfredo Gomez: bantamweight thru jr. lightweight 1974-1989 (Puerto Rico)

Betulio Gonzalez: flyweight 1968-1988 (Venezuela)

Humberto Gonzalez: flyweight 1984-1995 (Mexico)

Billy Graham: welterweight 1941-1955 (USA)

Rocky Graziano: middleweight 1942-1952 (USA)

Harry Greb: middleweight and lightheavyweight 1913-1926 (USA)

Emile Griffith: welterweight thru middleweight 1956-1977 (Virgin Islands)

Young Griffo: featherweight 1886-1911 (Australia)

Yoko Gushiken: jr. flyweight 1974-1981 (Japan)

Marvin Hagler: middleweight 1973-1987 (USA)

Masahiko "Fighting" Harada: flyweight through bantamweight 1960-1970 (Japan)

Len Harvey: light heavyweight 1920-1942 (England)

Pete Herman: bantamweight 1912-1922 (USA)

Genaro Hernandez: jr. lightweight 1984-1998 (USA)

Lloyd Honeyghan: welterweight through middleweight 1980-1995 (Jamaica/England)

Maurice Hope: jr. middleweight and middleweight 1973-1982 (Antigua/England)

Beau Jack: lightweight 1940-1955 (USA)

Peter Jackson: heavyweight 1883-1899 (West Indies/Australia)

Julian Jackson: jr. middleweight and middleweight 1981-1998 (Virgin Islands)

Joe Jeannette: heavyweight 1904-1919 (USA)

James J. Jeffries: heavyweight 1896-1910 (USA)

Eder Jofre: bantamweight through featherweight 1957-1976 (Brazil)

Ingemar Johansson: heavyweight 1952-1963 (Sweden)

Harold Johnson: light heavyweight 1946-1971 (USA)

Jack Johnson: heavyweight 1897-1928 (USA)

Peter Kane: flyweight 1934-1948 (England)

Stanley Ketchel: middleweight 1904-1910 (USA)

Johnny Kilbane: featherweight 1907-1923 (USA)

Pone Kingpetch: flyweight 1955-1965 (Thailand)

Hiroshi Kobayashi: jr. lightweight and lightweight 1962-1971 (Japan)

David Kotey : featherweight 1966-1989 (Ghana)

Fidel LaBarba : flyweight through feahterweight 1924-1933 (USA)

Jake LaMotta : middleweight and light heavyweight 1941-1954 (USA)

Ismael Laguna : featherweight and lightweight 1961-1972 (Panama)

Sam Langford : lightweight through heavyweight 1902-1926 (USA)

Jose Legra : featherweight 1960-1973 (Cuba)

Benny Leonard : lightweight and welterweight 1911-1932 (USA)

Sugar Ray Leonard : welterweight through light heavyweight 1977-1997 (USA)

John Henry Lewis : light heavyweight 1928-1939 (USA)

Ted "Kid" Lewis : bantamweight through light heavyweight 1909-1929 (England)

Sonny Liston : heavyweight 1953-1970 (USA)

Nicolino Loche : lightweight and jr. welterweight 1958-1979 (Argentina)

Duilio Loi : lightweight and welterweight 1948-1962 (Italy)

Danny Lopez : lightweight and welterweight 1948-1962 (USA)

Tommy Loughran : middleweight through heavyweight 1919-1937 (USA)

Joe Louis : heavyweight 1934-1951 (USA)

Benny Lynch : flyweight 1931-1938 (Scotland)

Ray Mancini : lightweight 1979-1992 (USA)

Ernesto Marcel : featherweight 1966-1974 (Panama)

Rocky Marciano : heavyweight 1947-1955 (USA)

Jack McAuliffe : lightweight 1884-1897 (Ireland)

Mike McCallum : jr. middleweight through light heavyweight 1981-1997 (Jamaica)

Charles "Kid" McCoy : middleweight through heavyweight 1891-1916 (USA)

Terry McGovern : bantamweight and featherweight 1897-1908 (USA)

Barry McGuigan : featherweight 1981-1989 (Ireland)

Jimmy McLarnin : flyweight through welterweight 1923-1936 (Ireland)

Sam McVey : heavyweight 1902-1921 (USA)

Freddie Miller : featherweight 1927-1940 (USA)

Brian Mitchell : jr. lightweight 1981-1995 (South Africa)

Bob Montgomery : lightweight 1938-1950 (USA)

Carlos Monzon : Middleweight 1963-1977 (Argentina)

Archie Moore *** Added March 14th *** : Light Heavyweight 1936-1963 (USA)