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Lloyd Honeyghan

Titles: WBC/IBF welterweight champion 1986-1987, WBC welterweight
           champion 1988-1989
Record: 43-5 

Born: April 22, 1960 in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Years active: 1980-1995

Nickname: Ragamuffin Man

Honeyghan is most remembered for his shocking upset of the at the time 
"pound for pound best fighter" and seemingly unbeatable Donald Curry, but 
his accomplishments merit more. Honeyghan was a brawler with a self belief 
in himself that bordered on the insane. A aggressive non stop style that
featured good body work marked his assention through the ranks of England 
and then to the world championship. Honeyghan was born in Jamaica but 
raised in Britain and learned his trade at the Bermondsey Fisher Club and
represented England in amateur International competition and won the 
London championship. Honeyghan fought in club shows before getting a 
chance in a title fight eliminator for British honors against Cliff Gilpin. 
The fight featured Honeyghan visiting the canvas in the second round but 
he battled back to win a deserved points decision and was on his way to 
wining 3 British and European belts before challenging for world title 
honors. Honeyghan was so confident that he would beat Curry he was quoted 
as saying "I am not going to watch any more videos of him because I keep 
seeing flaws. Curry should wait til I move up in weight, I might ruin him!". 
And Honeyghan was right he didruin Curry. The fight was a one sided one with 
Curry staying on his stool after the referee stopped the fight after the
6th round. In less than 3 rounds Honeyghan had broken Curry's nose, opened 
up a cut that required 20 stitches and torn his Curry's lip wide open. The 
strong Honeyghan made Curry do something no other fighter had managed to do, 
he made him back up and forced him to fight off the ropes while Honeyghan 
bobbed his head and matched Curry in the jab department. Honeyghan also put 
his money where his mouth was and bet $25,000 on himself at 5-1 odds. 
Honeyghan now made 3 successful defenses including a 45 second blowout of 
Gene Hatcher in Spain and a beautifully boxed points win over Maurice 
Blocker. Honeyghan taking a stand against apartheid gave up his WBA crown 
rather than defend against South African Harold Volbrecht. The WBC title
was lost when he lost a technical decision to Jorge Vaca. A rematch that 
went the distance saw Honeyghan dominate Vaca with a all out attack and 
hold on to the title for another year. The title would be lost for good 
when Honeyghan damaged a nerve in face early in the fight against the very
talented Marlon Starling and suffer a 9th round TKO. A bad loss to Mark 
Breland ended the days of Honeyghan as a world champion contender. Still 
Honeyghan fought on and notched victories at the British and European level, 
winning the British jr. middleweight title and defeating future world
champion Gianfranco Rosi for the European version of that crown. Honeyghan's 
career in all was a memorable one and his in and out of the ring flamboyance 
earned the sport many new fans in England.

Lloyd Honeyghan

Career Record: 43 W, 5 L (21 K.O's)


     Dec 8   Mike Sullivan           Kensington, England     KO 5


     Jan 20  Dai Davies              Bethnal, England        KO 5
     Feb 10  Dave Sullivan           Bethnal, England        W 6
     Nov 16  Dave Finigan            Mayfair, England        KO 1
     Nov 23  Alan Cooper             Wembley, England        KO 4


     Jan 25  Dave Finigan            Mayfair, England        KO 2
     Feb 9   Granville Allen         Kensington, England     KO 5
     Mar 2   Tommy McCallum          Mayfair, England        W 6
     Mar 15  Derek MacKenzie         Mayfair, England        KO 6
     Mar 23  Dave Sullivan           Bethnal, England        KO 3
     May 18  Kostos Petrou           Bethnal, England        W 8
     Sep 22  Ian "Kid" Murray        Mayfair, England        KO 3
     Nov 22  Frank McCord            Mayfair, England        KO 1


     Jan 18  Lloyd Hibbert           Kensington, England     W 10
     Mar 1   Sid Smith               Kensington, England     KO 4
     Apr 5   Cliff Gilpin            Kensington, England     W 12
     Jul 9   Kevin Austin            Chicago                 KO 10
     Oct 24  Harold Brazier          Mayfair, England        W 10
     Dec 6   Cliff Gilpin            Kensington, England     W 12


     Jun 5   Roberto Menez           Kensington, England     W 8


     Jan 5   Gianfranco Rosi         Perouse, Italy          KO 3
     Feb 12  R.W. Smith              Kensington, England     KO 6
     Mar 6   Roger Stafford          Kensington, England     KO 9
     Aug 30  Danny Paul              Atlantic City           W 10
     Oct 1   Ralph Twinning          Wembley, England        KO 4
     Nov 27  Sylvester Mittee        Muswell Hill, England   KO 8


     May 20  Horace Shufford         Wembley, England        KO 8
     Sep 27  Donald Curry            Atlantic City           KO 7
             (Wins World Welterweight Title)
             Abandons WBA Title)


     Feb 22  Johnny Bumphus          Wembley, England        KO 2
             (Retains World Welterweight Title)
     Apr 18  Maurice Blocker         Kensington, England     W 12
             (Retains World Welterweight Title)
     Aug 30  Gene Hatcher            Marbella, Spain         KO 1
             (Retains World Welterweight Title)
     Oct 28  Jorge Vaca              London                  Tech L 8
             (Loses World Welterweight Title)


     Mar 29  Jorge Vaca              Wembley, England        KO 3
             (Regains World Welterweight Title)
     Jul 29  Young-Kil Chung         Atlantic City           KO 5
             (Retains World Welterweight Title)


     Feb 4   Marlon Starling         Las Vegas               KO by 9
             (Loses World Welterweight Title)
     Aug 24  Delfino Marin           Tampa, FL               W 10


     Mar 3   Mark Breland            Wembley, England        KO by 3
             (For WBA Welterweight Title)


     Jan 10  Mario Olmedo            Battersea, England      KO 4
     Feb 12  John Welterweight       Wolverhampton, England  KO 1
     May 8   Darryl Anthony          Kensington, England     KO 2


     Apr 22  Alfredo Ramirez         Wembley, England        W 8
     May 13  Mickey Duncan           Kensington, England     KO 2
     Oct 28  Carlo Colarusso         Kensington, England     KO 6


     Jan 30  Mickey Hughes           Brentwood, England      KO 5
     Jun 26  Vinnie Pazienza         Atlantic City           KO by 10
     Nov 2   Steve Goodwin           London                  KO 6


     Feb 26  Kevin Adamson           London                  KO 6


     Feb 25  Adrian Dodson           Millwall, England       KO by 3