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Genaro Hernandez

Titles: WBA jr. lightweight champion 1991-1995, WBC jr. lightweight
           champion 1997-1998
Record: 38-2-1 

Born: May 10, 1966 in Mission Viejo, California (USA)

Years active: 1984-1998

Nickname: Chicanito

Genaro Hernandez inside and out of the ring can be compared to the great 
Alexis Arguello. Inside the ring he lacked the crippling power that Arguello 
had, outside of the ring he was every bit as good a ambassador for the sport 
as could be found. His lanky body and long reach played havoc with opponents 
who were forced battle their way through accurate jabs in order to work the 
tall Hernandez body. Ring savy, punching accuracy and extremely good 
conditioning led Hernandez to 2 different title reigns where he took on the 
best fighters the division had to offer. Only the naturally larger Oscar 
Delahoya and the younger and faster Floyd Mayweather could defeat the crafty 
Californian. Hernandez fought tough opposition who came up from Mexico and 
became a fan favorite at the Los Angeles Forum that features a notoriously 
tough to please fight crowds. This was done in spite of the fact that he did 
not have a knockout punch. En route to his first title shot Hernandez defeated 
the very good Lupe Miranda and Felipe Orozco. Unlike most American champion 
Hernandez was made to fight for the title on the road in front of a partisan 
French crowd against Daniel Londas. It was a masterful performance as he out 
jabbed his smaller opponent and forced a stoppage in the 9th round to take the 
title back to the USA. Eight title defenses in the next 3 years made 
Hernandez a pound for pound entrant in most boxing magazine ratings. Perhaps 
the best performance came against former champion Raul "Jibero" Perez who was 
felled with one of the most beautiful body shots I have ever witnessed. In all 
his bouts Hernandez never seemed pressed and won by wide margins when he did 
not knock his opponents out. In 1995 after a action filled TKO of Jorge Paez 
Hernandez gave up his title to move up in weight and fight rising star Oscar 
Delahoya who had refused to fight Hernandez at jr. lightweight. The fight was 
a local rivalry that featured the harder hitting Delahoya against a gliding, 
ringwise Hernandez's. The first 4 rounds were relatively even with Hernandez 
giving more than he was taking before Delahoya took the attack to Hernandez 
and broke his nose with a great hook. Hernandez was un-fairly criticized for
not coming out to fight Oscar Delahoya in he 7th round after his nose which 
was previously broken in training for the fight, was broken again in over 
15 places. Hernandez reply to his detractors was that they would not feed 
his family if he could not fight again.....I agree. Any doubt about the
heart of Hernandez was wiped away with his brilliant defeat of the legendary 
but admittedly aging Azumah Nelson, it was a fight that Hernandez dominated. 
Hernandez jabbed and countered the slower Nelson and in spots willingly 
exchanged with the Ghanian warrior. At the end of the 8th round Nelson
landed a punch clearly after the bell that landed flush on the neck and 
throat area of Hernandez. Hernandez was informed that if he could continue 
he would win the fight via foul, still Hernandez fought on and overcame some 
rough spots during the rest of the fight to win a deserved decision. A ugly 
mauling fight with Anatoly Alexandrov and exciting fights with Carlos 
Hernandez and  Carlos Cerena followed. Hernandez who never avoided the 
challenge of other fighters then took on rising star Floyd Mayweather jr.
The fight was lopsidedly in favor of the younger and faster Floyd Mayweather 
who took the fight to Hernandez from the beginning and did not allow the 
taller Hernandez to create any kind of distance. Like many of the lighter 
weight fighters it seemed that Hernandez had gotten old overnight. The 
corner of Hernandez pulled Genaro out of the fight after the 8th round 
leaving Hernandez to contemplate retirement. Hernandez a smart man decided 
that he had enough of boxing and retired to the boxing commentary both, 
where he works fights doing commentary for spanish language broadcast of
HBO and other channels. Hernandez was simply the best jr. lightweight of 
the 90's and his boxing skills made him look nearly unbeatable at this 
weight during stretches of his career.

Genaro Hernandez

Career Record: 38 W, 2 L, 1 D (17 K.O's)


     Sep 27  Dino Ramirez            Inglewood, CA           W 4
     Nov 17  Martin Escobar          Los Angeles             W 4


     Jun 24  Dino Ramirez            Irvine, CA              W 6
     Oct 19  Randy Lee Archuleta     Stockton, CA            W 6
     Dec 12  Jose Luis Maytorena     Bakersfield, CA         KO 1


     Feb 17  Pablo Montano           Phoenix                 KO 2
     Feb 24  Terry Baldwin           Irvine, CA              KO 2
     Mar 31  Larry Villareal         Irvine, CA              W 6
     Apr 28  Jorge Valdez            Irvine, CA              KO 3
     Jul 21  Terry Baldwin           Irvine, CA              KO 7
     Sep 12  Lupe Miranda            Las Vegas               W 10
     Dec 12  J.L. Ivey               Las Vegas               W 10


     Jan 31  Kenny Wyatt             Irvine, CA              W 10


     Apr 25  Juan Vega               Irvine, CA              KO 9
     Jul 26  Jose Mosqueda           Irvine, CA              W 10
     Nov 22  Refugio Rojas           Inglewood, CA           KO 6


     May 15  Ed Pollard              Inglewood, CA           W 10
     Jul 31  Felipe Orozco           Inglewood, CA           W 10


     May 10  Leon Collins            Tokyo                   KO 3
     Aug 27  Richard Abila           Inglewood, CA           KO 3
     Sep 22  Ben Lopez               Inglewood, CA           KO 6
     Dec 6   Rodolfo Gomez           Inglewood, CA           KO 5


     Feb 11  Pedro Arroyo            Inglewood, CA           WDQ 10
     Nov 22  Daniel Londas           Epernay, France         KO 9
             (Wins WBA Jr. Lightweight Title)


     Feb 24  Omar Catari             Inglewood, CA           W 12
             (Retains WBA Jr. Lightweight Title)
     Jul 15  Masuaki Takeda          Fukoka, Japan           W 12
             (Retains WBA Jr. Lightweight Title)
     Nov 20  Yuji Watanabe           Tokyo                   KO 6
             (Retains WBA Jr. Lightweight Title)


     Apr 26  Raul Perez              Inglewood, CA           Tech D 1
             (Retains WBA Jr. Lightweight Title)
     Jun 28  Raul Perez              Los Angeles             KO 8
             (Retains WBA Jr. Lightweight Title)
     Oct 11  Harold Warren           Los Angeles             W 12
             (Retains WBA Jr. Lightweight Title)


     Jan 31  Jorge Ramirez           Los Angeles             KO 8
             (Retains WBA Jr. Lightweight Title)
     Nov 12  Jimmy Garcia            Mexico City             W 12
             (Retains WBA Jr. Lightweight Title)


     Mar 31  Jorge Paez              Anaheim, CA             KO 9
     Sep 9   Oscar De La Hoya        Las Vegas               TKO by 6
             (For WBO Lightweight Title)


     May 8   Javier Pichardo         Indio, CA               KO 5
     Sep 28  Antonio Hernandez       Fort Worth, TX          W 10


     Mar 22  Azumah Nelson           Corpus Christi, TX      W 12
             (Wins WBC and World Jr. Lightweight Titles)
     Jun 14  Anatoly Alexandrov      San Antonio             W 12
             (Retains World Jr. Lightweight Title)
     Nov 20  Carlos Hernandez        Los Angeles             W 12
             (Retains World Jr. Lightweight Title)


     May 16  Carlos Gerena           Indio, CA               W 12
             (Retains World Jr. Lightweight Title)

     Oct 3 Floyd Mayweather, Jr.     Las Vegas               TKO by 8
             (Loses World Jr. Lightweight Title)