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Masahiko Harada

Titles: Flyweight champion 1962-1963, bantamweight champion 1965-1968

Record: 55-7 

Born: April 5, 1943 in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, Japan

Years active: 1960-1970

Nickname:  Fighting

Regarded by many as the greatest Japanese fighter in ring history, Harada 
was almost a 3 division champion back when that really meant something! He 
is also the first fighter in history to win both the flyweight and the 
bantamweight title. Harada grew out of the rubble of post war Japan to 
become a beloved champion of his people. He was a short and stocky fighter 
with a rugged style to say the least and made offense his first and only 
concern, the term pressure fighter fit him to a tee. His stamina was also 
a major factor in his success and helped him throw hundreds of punches 
from every possible angle. The son of a Tokyo Gardener Harada did not 
fight as a amateur and prepared for 2 years in the gym perfecting his 
offense before he turned pro at the age of 16. In less than 3 years as a 
pro he would fight for a world title at the flyweight level. Harada was
already straining to make weight when he defeated the favorite Pone 
Kingpetch in front of 10,000 Japanese fans in 11th round. Kingpetch simply 
could not match the work rate of the faster Harada and was well behind on 
points when he was knocked out in the 11th. A rematch clause however sent
the a rematch fight to Bangkok however where a already weight drained 
Harada surcame to sweltering heat, all 3 judges scored the fight for 
Kingpetch but the fight was not a blow out by any means and the AP press 
reporter covering the fight actually thought Harada had won. A move up to
bantamweight was the only option for Harada. At bantamweight he continued 
to win with the exception of a setback against hard punching Mexican Joe 
Medel, in the 6th round of a close fight Medel landed a big hook from which 
Harada could not recover. In the long run however this loss might have 
helped Harada get a title shot against Eder Jofre. Harada outworked the 
great  and previously unbeaten Eder Jofre over 15 rounds to win a deserved 
decision, a good early body attack left Harada the fresher man in the 
championship rounds. Four successful defenses followed, one of which was a 
defeat of his former comquerer Joe Medel his previous conqueror. Eder
Jofre  was beaten again in a rematch and the very good Colombian Bernardo 
Caraballo and Alan Rudkin were also beaten during the title reign. Once 
again Harada was having a hard time making weight often having to come 
down from 137 pounds to make the 118 pound limit. It took the loss loss of
his title to slick boxing Lionel Rose for Harada to move up again in 
weight. A title shot came quickly and many think Harada won the fight and 
should have been a three time champion. In one of the most controversial 
title fights ever Harada floored Johnny Famechon three times and seemed  
to have won the fight. However the sole judge and referee Willie Pep first 
scored it a draw then later gave the fight to Famechon after he said he made 
a mathematical error. By now Harada was not as good as he once was and 
added weight took away from his speed and stamina. A rematch saw Famechon  
win rather easily and Harada decided to retire at the young age of 26 and 
is now a respected boxing commentator in Japan. His career caused a boxing 
boom in Japan  which can still be felt today.

Masahiko Harada

Career Record: 55 W, 7 L (22 K.O's)


Feb 21        Isami Masui                        Tokyo           KO 4 
Mar 2         Mitsuo Motohashi                   Tokyo           W 4 
Mar 27        Goro Iwamoto                       Tokyo           KO 3 
Apr 4         Yuichi Noguchi                     Tokyo           W 4 
Apr 13        Ken Morita                         Tokyo           W 4 
Jun 10        Masatake Ogura                     Tokyo           KO 3 
Jun 26        Ken Morita                         Tokyo           KO 1 
Jul 18        Masaru Kodangi                     Tokyo           KO 3 
Sep 1         Yukio Suzuki                       Tokyo           W 4 
Oct 28        Sadayoshi Yoshida                  Tokyo           KO 4 
Nov 7         Hachiro Arai                       Tokyo           W 4 
Dec 11        Yoshinori Hikita                   Tokyo           KO 3 
Dec 24        Hiroyuki Ebihara                   Tokyo           W 6 


Jan 5         Takeshi Nakamura                   Tokyo           W 6 
Jan 28        Riichi Tanaka                      Tokyo           W 6 
Mar 5         Yasuo Fujita                       Tokyo           W 6 
May 1         Ray Perez                          Tokyo           W 10 
Jun 19        Shigeru Ito                        Tokyo           W 10 
Jul 31        Akio Maki                          Tokyo           KO 8 
Sep 9         Sombang Bangung                    Tokyo           KO 5 
Oct 9         Akio Maki                          Osaka, Japan    W 10 
Dec 10        Ryoji Shiratori                    Nagoya, Japan   KO 6 


Jan 12        Kozo Nagata                        Tokyo           W 10 
Mar 18        Tadao Kawamura                     Tokyo           W 10 
May 4         Baby Espinosa                      Tokyo           W 10 
Jun 15        Edmundo Esparaza                   Tokyo           L 10 
Jul 23        Little Rufe                        Tokyo           W 10 
Oct 10        Pone Kingpetch                     Tokyo           KO 11 
              (Wins World Flyweight Title) 


Jan 12        Pone Kingpetch                     Bangkok         L 15 
              (Loses World Flyweight Title) 
Mar 21        Tetsuro Kawai                      Tokyo           W 10 
May 5         Jose Cejuda                        Okinawa, Japan  KO 1 
Jun 19        Thira Loedjalengabo                Nagoya, Japan   KO 6 
Aug 7         Dommy Balajada                     Tokyo           W 10 
Sep 26        Joe Medel                          Tokyo           KO by 6 
Nov 25        Emile de Leon                      Tokyo           W 10 


Jan 2         Avelino Estrada                     Tokyo          KO 5 
Feb 14        Somsak Laemphafa                    Osaka, Japan   KO 2 
Jul 6         Ray Asis                            Los Angeles    W 10 
Sep 17        Oscar Reyes                         Tokyo          W 10 
Oct 29        Katsutoshi Aoki                     Tokyo          KO 3 


Jan 4         Dommy Froilan                       Tokyo          KO 6 
May 17        Eder Jofre                          Nagoya, Japan  W 15 
              (Wins World Bantamweight Title) 
Jun 28        Katsuo Saito                        Tokyo          W 12 
Nov 30        Alan Rudkin                         Tokyo          W 15 
              (Retains World Bantamweight Title) 


Feb 15        Soo Kang Soo                        Nagoya, Japan  W 12 
Jun 1         Eder Jofre                          Tokyo          W 15 
              (Retains World Bantamweight Title) 
Aug 1         Dio Espinosa                        Sapporo, Japan W 10 
Oct 25        Antonio Herrera                     Osaka, Japan   W 12 


Jan 3         Joe Medel                           Nagoya, Japan  W 15 
              (Retains World Bantamweight Title) 
Apr 4         Tiny Palacio                  Fukuoka City, Japan  W 12 
Jul 4         Bernardo Caraballo                  Tokyo          W 15 
              (Retains World Bantamweight Title) 
Sep 25        Hajime Taroura                      Osaka, Japan   KO 2 
Nov 28        Soo Bok Kwon                        Okayama, Japan KO 8 


Feb 16        Lionel Rose                         Tokyo          L 15 
              (Loses World Bantamweight Title) 
Jun 5         Dwight Hawkins                      Tokyo          W 10 
Sep 4         Nobuo Chiba                         Sano, Japan    KO 7 
Dec 4         Roy Amolong                         Tokyo          KO 2 


Apr 2         Alton Colter                        Tokyo          L 10 
Jun 5         Vil Tumulak                         Nagoya, Japan  W 10 
Jul 28        Johnny Famechon                     Sydney         L 15 
              (For WBC Featherweight Title) 
Oct 1         Pat Gonzales                    Fukui City, Japan  KO 8 


Jan 6         Johnny Famechon                      Tokyo         KO by 14 
              (For WBC Featherweight Title)