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Marvin Hagler

Titles: Middleweight champion 1980-1987

Record: 62-3-2 

Born: May 23, 1954 in Newark, New Jersey (USA)

Years active: 1973-1987

Nickname:  Marvelous

A throwback fighter who would have been a champion in any era. Marvin learned 
his craft well before challenging for a title, which helped him during his 
lengthy title reign. One of the many tricks that Hagler picked up while 
waiting for a title shot was perfecting the art of switching from a southpaw 
to a orthodox fighter with a ease seldom seen before and has been seen since 
he retired. His punch was tremendous, either hand could get the knockout and 
his fists along with his shaven head  made him a menacing sight for his 
opponents. It was often said that Hagler had three things working against 
him: he was a southpaw, he was black, and he was very good...too good for 
him to get a title shot the easy way. Marvin was a versatile fighter who had
exceptional boxing and punching skills. Add this to the fact that he was 
always focused, always in top shape, and always able to absorb his opponents 
best shot and it is easy to understand why he was, during his prime, ranked 
as one of the best fighters the game ever had. A 7 year title reign and 12 
defenses of the title against the best men of his era have earned him the 
respect of both the old time fight fraternity and the newly converted boxing 
fans. Marvin grew up in Newark, New Jersey one of 6 kids in his family and
dropped out of school in the ninth grade and began a amateur boxing career 
that spanned 57 fights. reflecting on his childhood Hagler once said 
"Animals were my only friends I could not relate to anyone else but myself 
and animals". Fate sent him and his family to Brockton Massachusetts where
he met the guiding force of his pro career in the Petronelli brothers, 
Goody and Pat. His amateur career was capped off by a AAU middleweight title 
in 1973. Hagler fought mostly in the New England era making a name for 
himself and was willing to fight in the other fighters hometown when he had
to do so. Hagler first became a man to avoid when he defeated the first 
perceived test of his pro career former Olympic champion Ray Seals in only 
his 15th fight. The fight was a tactical one and should have played into 
the more experienced Seales favor, yet Hagler countered well and broke 
Seales down over the course of the fight. A rematch in Seattle the hometown 
of Seales ended in a disputed draw and most thought Hagler won the fight 
although he did not look nearly as good as in the first fight with Seales. 
In 1976 Hagler went in search of the toughest opponents and landed in the 
Philadelphia where he received a rude welcome. Hagler lost on points to top 
10 ranked middleweight Bobby "Boogaloo" Watts and in the same year lost to 
Willie "The Worm" Monroe over 10 rounds also. Both made the mistake of 
giving a rematch to Hagler and both were crushed in less than 3 rounds in 
the rematches. Other very good Philly middleweight like Bennie Brisco and 
Eugene Hart were also beaten by the invading force known as Hagler. In
1979 Hagler traveled to Seattle again to face Ray Seales and this time made 
sure he would not loose a decision by knocking out Seales in the first 
round. Hagler had now been the best middleweight in the world for 2 years 
but a title shot was not given until the end of 1979 when Vito Antufermo
was forced to defend against Hagler. It was the 50th fight of Haglers pro 
career and he was robbed of a deserved victory when the judges ruled the 
fight a draw. Hagler seemingly dominated the action and had Antufermo 
backing up throughout the fight and the punches of Antufermo did no damage. 
Still the judges ruled it a draw. The next shot at the title came against 
Alan Minter in England. It was a battle of southpaws in which Hagler set a 
fast pace that Minter could not keep up with. By the third round Minter was
a bloody mess and the referee had no choice but to stop the fight. Unlike 
the other champions who would not grant him a title shot Hagler fought 
anyone who was a perceived threat to his title. Unbeaten Fulgencio 
Obelmejias lost to Hagler in his first defense and Vito Antufermo was 
knocked out in 5 rounds to make sure he would not get a gift draw as he did
in the last fight against Hagler. Tony Simbson, Mustafa Hamsho, "Caveman" 
Lee, and Wilford Scypion all lost to Hagler who impressed in every fight 
with his smart ring generalship and heavy hands. Only equally ring wise 
Roberto Duran gave Hagler any sort of trouble. The 3 most famous fights and 
the last 3 fights of his career where the only things left. Against Thomas 
Hearns he fought like a man possessed and it is called the greatest 3 round 
fight of all time, hell it was one of the best of all time period. Both
men came out of their corners in the first round and threw nothing but bombs 
with Hearns getting the best of it in that round and opening a cut over 
Marvin's eye. The second round was equally savage but now it was clear 
Marvin could take the punches of Hearns and he was starting to cut of the 
ring and bang to the body. In the third Hearns knew he could not match the 
power of Hagler and tried to move but a determined Hagler hunted him down 
and finished him with a beautiful right hand. Hagler took nearly a year off 
after that fight before fighting the African sensation John "The Beast"
Mugabi. It was a war of attrition as Hagler beat on the body of Mugabi and 
steadily wore him down in what was probably the best fight of his career. 
A exhausted Mugabi could not last past the 11th round against a Hagler who 
confused him with his tactic of switching from a southpaw to orthodox stance. 
The last fight of Hagler's career is also his most controversial and people 
still argue who really won the fight. A comebacking Sugar Ray Leonard took 
many of the close rounds in the opinion of many (including the judges)
by flurrying in the last 10 to 20 seconds of the rounds. At the end of 12 
very entertaining rounds that saw Hagler chasing and Leonard moving and 
countering, Leonard was given a majority decision win. In his mind this was 
the last insult Hagler would take from boxing and he retired from the
sport and steadfastly refused many lucrative comeback offers. Hagler now 
lives in Italy and is a well regarded actor in their film industry.

Marvin Hagler

Career Record: 62 W, 3 L, 2 D (52 K.O's)


     18 May  Terry Ryan               MA           TKO 2
     25 Jul  Sonny Williams           MA           W 6
     08 Aug  Muhammad Smith           MA           KO 2
     06 Oct  Don Wigfall              MA           W 8
     26 Oct  Cove Green               MA           TKO 4
     18 Nov  Cocoa Kid                MA           KO 2
     07 Dec  Manny Freitas            ME           TKO 1 
     18 Dec  James Redford            MA           TKO 4

     05 Feb  Bob Harrington           MA           TKO 5
     05 Apr  Tracy Morrison           MA           TKO 8
     04 May  Jim Redford              MA           TKO 2
     30 May  Curtis Phillips          ME           TKO 2
     16 Jul  Robert Williams          MA           TKO 3
     13 Aug  Peachy Davis             MA           KO 1
     30 Aug  Ray Seales               MA           W 10
     29 Oct  Morris Jordan            MA           TKO 4
     16 Nov  George Green             MA           KO 1
     26 Nov  Ray Seales               WA           D 10
     20 Dec  DC Walker                MA           KO 2

     15 Feb  Don Wigfall              MA           KO 5
     31 Mar  Joey Blair               MA           KO 2
     14 Apr  Jimmy Owens              MA           W 10
     24 May  Jimmy Owens              MA           W D.Q 6
     07 Aug  Jesse Bender             ME           KO 1
     30 Sep  Lamont Lovelady          MA           TKO 7
     20 Dec  Johnny Baldwin           MA           W 10

     13 Jan  Bobby Watts              PA           L 10
     07 Feb  Matt Donovan             MA           TKO 2
     09 Mar  Willie Monroe            PA           L 10
     02 Jun  Bob Smith                MA           TKO 5
     03 Aug  DC Walker                RI           TKO 6
     14 Sep  Eugene Hart              PA           TKO 8
     21 Dec  George Davis             MA           TKO 6

     15 Feb  Willie Monroe            MA           TKO 12 
     16 Mar  Reggie Ford              MA           KO 3
     10 Jun  Roy Jones                CT           TKO 3
     23 Aug  Willie Monroe            PA           TKO 2
     24 Sep  Ray Phillips             MA           TKO 7
     15 Oct  Jim Henry                RI           W 10
     26 Nov  Mike Colbert             MA           KO 12

     04 Mar  Kevin Finnegan           MA           TKO 9
     07 Apr  Doug Demmings            CA           TKO 8
     13 May  Kevin Finnegan           MA           TKO 7
     24 Aug  Bennie Briscoe           PA           W 10
     11 Nov  Willie Warren            MA           TKO 7

     03 Feb  Ray Seales               MA           TKO 1
     12 Mar  Bob Patterson            RI           TKO 3
     26 May  Jamie Thomas             ME           KO 3
     30 Jun  Norberto Cabrera         MON          TKO 8
     30 Nov  Vito Antuofermo          NV           D 15
          [World Middlewight Title]

     16 Feb  Loucif Hamani            ME           TKO 2
     19 Apr  Bobby Watts              ME           TKO 2
     17 May  Marcos Geraldo           NV           W 10
     27 Sep  Alan Minter              ENG          TKO 3
          [Won World Miidleweight Title]

     17 Jan  Fulgencio Obelmejias     MA           TKO 8
          [Retained World Middleweight Title]
     13 Jun  Vito Antuofermo          MA           TKO 5
          [Retained World Middleweight Title]
     03 Oct  Mustafa Hamsho           IL           TKO 11
          [Retained World Middleweight Title]


     07 Mar  William Lee              NJ           KO 1 
          [Retained World Middleweight Title]
     31 Oct  Fulgencio Obelmejias     ITA          KO 5 
          [Retained World Middleweight Title]

     11 Feb  Tony Sibson              MA           KO 6
          [Retained World Middleweight Title]
     27 May  Wilford Scypion          RI           KO 4 
          [Retained World Middleweight Title]
     10 Nov  Roberto Duran            NV           W 15
          [Retained World Middleweight Title]

     30 Mar  Juan Roldan              NV           KO 10 
          [Retained World Middleweight Title]
     19 Oct  Mustafa Hamsho           NV           KO 3
          [Retained World Middleweight Title]

     15 Apr  Thomas Hearns            NV           KO 3
          [Retained World Middleweight Title]

     10 Mar  John Mugabi              NV           KO 11
          [Retained World Middleweight Title]

     06 Apr Ray Leonard              NV            L 12
          [Lost WBC Middleweight Title]