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Rocky Graziano

Titles: Middleweight champion 1947-1948

Record: 67-10-6

Born: January 1, 1922 in New York City, New York (USA)

Years active: 1942-1952

Nickname: None

Graziano was a fighter right out of the pictures of the 50's. Rocky was a 
juvenile delinquent from Brooklyn, who used his fists to smash a future for 
himself in the ring. Graziano was a big league knockout artist with a 
brawling style, definitely no fancy Dan. His brawling style made him a 
favorite at the clubs but he could be outboxed which led to 6 decision 
losses in his first couple of years as a pro. Graziano is a prime example 
of how boxing can save lives. Even the Army threw Graziano out after they 
threw him in a army stockade for one year when he punched superior officer
(hell who didn't want to do that :-). Graziano will forever be remembered 
for his three classic brawls with Tony Zale. Not one of these fights went 
a full 6 rounds, yet they all had more action in them than many 15 rounders. 
The 3 fights were bloody, brutal, street brawls with little finesse 
involved. They stood toe to toe and slugged it out. Graziano turned pro at 
the age of 20 and like everyone else in those days fought the best to get 
a shot at the title. 1945 was his breakthrough year as he defeated Al Davis,
Freddie Cochrane, Marty Servo and Harold Green. This earned him the first 
legendary title shot against Tony Zale in 1946, which he lost but the 
ferocity of the battle would ensure a rematch. In this savage fight both men 
were knocked down in the first round, Zale recovered better and took 
Graziano out in the 6th round. After wining two more fights by knockout 
Rocky got a second shot at the title and Tony Zale. This time he would not 
be denied the middleweight title and took Zale out in the same round he had 
lost before. It was not easy however and it looked liked Zale would once 
again knock Rocky out but Graziano lashed out with a vicious hook that 
staggered Zale and the follow-up attack ended the fight. The public could 
not get enough and again the two fought and Zale won the rubber match in
emphatic fashion knocking Rocky out in the 3rd round and took the title back. 
A unbeaten streak of 21 fights followed and finally 4 years after losing the 
title to Zale he was given another title shot against Sugar Ray Robinson.
Robinson was just too fast for Graziano and he took the free swinging 
Graziano who had knocked him down in the first round he took Graziano out 
in the third round. Graziano retired and but needed one one last comeback 
fight loss to keep him out of the ring. Graziano ended up a celebrity in
retirement wrote a book that was turned into a movie made about his life 
called "Somebody up there likes me" in which Paul Newman acted as Rocky.

Rocky Graziano

Career record: 67 W, 10 L, 6 D (52 K.O's)


     31 Mar  Curtis Hightower        NY                         KO 2
      6 Apr  Mike Mastandre          NY                         KO 3
     14 Apr  Kenny Blackmar          NY                         KO 1
     20 Apr  Godfrey Howell          NY                         D 4
     28 Apr  Charley Ferguson        NY                         L 6
      4 May  Ed Lee                  NY                         KO 4
     12 May  Godfrey Howell          NY                         KO 4
     25 May  Lou Miller              NY                         D 6


     11 Jun  Gilbert Vasquez         NY                         KO 1
     16 Jun  Joe Curcio              NJ                         KO 4
     24 Jun  Frankie Falco           NY                         KO 5
      8 Jul  Johnny Attelly          NY                         KO 2
     22 Jul  George Stevens          NY                         KO 1
     27 Jul  Randy Drew              NY                         KO 1
     12 Aug  Charley McPherson       NY                         W 6
     20 Aug  Ted Apostoli            NY                         W 4
     24 Aug  Tony Grey               NY                         KO 6
     10 Sep  Joe Agosta              NY                         L 6
     21 Sep  Sonny Wilson            NY                         W 8
      5 Oct  Freddie Graham          NY                         KO 1
     13 Oct  Jimmy Williams          NJ                         KO 2
     27 Oct  Charley McPherson       NJ                         D 6
     12 Nov  Steve Riggio            NY                         L 6
     30 Nov  Freddie Graham          NJ                         W 8
      6 Dec  Charley McPherson       NY                         W 6
     27 Dec  Milo Theodores          NJ                         KO 1


      4 Jan  Harry Gray              NJ                         W 8
      7 Jan  Jerry Pittro            NY                         KO 1
     18 Jan  Phil Enzenga            NY                         KO 5
      9 Feb  Steve Riggio            NY                         L 6
     24 Feb  Manny Morales           IL                         KO 4
      4 Mar  Leon Anthony            NY                         KO 1
      8 Mar  Harry Gary              NJ                         W 6
     14 Mar  Ray Rovelli             NY                         W 8
     10 Apr  Bobby Brown             DC                         KO 5
      9 May  Freddy Graham           DC                         KO 3
     29 May  Tommy Mollis            DC                         KO 7
      7 Jun  Larney Moore            NY                         KO 2
     27 Jun  Frankie Terry           NY                         KO 6
     21 Jul  Tony Reno               NY                         W 8
     14 Aug  Tony Fiorello           NY                         W 8
     15 Sep  Frankie Terry           NY                         D 8
      6 Oct  Danny Kapilow           NY                         D 10
     24 Oct  Bernie Miller           NY                         KO 2
      3 Nov  Harold Green            NY                         L 10
     22 Dec  Harold Green            NY                         L 10


      9 Mar  Billy Arnold            NY                         KO 3
     17 Apr  Soloman Stewart         DC                         KO 4
     25 May  Al Davis                NY                         KO 4
     29 Jun  Freddie Cochrane        NY                         KO 10
     24 Aug  Freddie Cochrane        NY                         KO 10
     28 Sep  Harold Green            NY                         KO 3


     18 Jan  Sonny Horne             NY                         W 10
     29 Mar  Marty Servo             NY                         KO 2
     27 Sep  Tony Zale               NY                         KO by 6
             (For World Middleweight Title)          


     10 Jun  Eddie Finazzo           TN                         KO 1
     16 Jun  Jerry Fiorello          OH                         KO 5
     16 Jul  Tony Zale               IL                         KO 6
             (Won World Middleweight Title)


      5 Apr  Sonny Horne             OH                         W 10
     10 Jun  Tony Zale               NJ                         KO by 3
             (Lost World Middleweight Title)      

     21 Jun  Bobby Claus             DE                         KO 2
     18 Jul  Joe Agosta              MA                         KO 2
     14 Sep  Charley Fusari          NY                         KO 10
      6 Dec  Sonny Horne             OH                         W 10


      6 Mar  Joe Curcio              FL                         KO 1
     31 Mar  Tony Janiro             NY                         D 10
     24 Apr  Danny Williams          CT                         KO 3
      9 May  Vinnie Cidone           WI                         KO 3
     16 May  Henry Brimm             NY                         KO 4
      4 Oct  Gene Burton             IL                         KO 7
     16 Oct  Pete Mead               WI                         KO 3
     27 Oct  Tony Janiro             NY                         W 10
     27 Nov  Honey Johnson           PA                         KO 4


     19 Mar  Ruben Jones             FL                         KO 3
     21 May  Johnny Greco            Canada                     KO 3
     18 Jun  Freddy Lott             MD                         KO 5
     10 Jul  Cecil Hudson            MD                         KO 3
      6 Aug  Chuck Hunter            MA                         W D,Q 2
     19 Sep  Tony Janiro             MI                         KO 10


     18 Feb  Eddie O'Neil            KY                         KO 4
     27 Mar  Roy Wouters             MN                         KO 1
     16 Apr  Ray Robinson            IL                         KO by 3
             (For World Middleweight Title)
     17 Sep  Chuck Davey             IL                         L 10