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Humberto Gonzalez

Titles: WBC jr. flyweight champion 1989-1990, WBC jr. flyweight champion 
           1991-1993, WBC/IBF jr. flyweight champion 1994-1995

Record: 41-3

Born: March 25, 1966 in Netzahualcoyotl, Mexico City, Mexico

Years active: 1984-1995

Nickname: Chiquita

Gonzalez was known affectionately as "Chiquita" (spanish for "little one")  
because of his small stature (only 5 feet 2 inches tall) it was a deceiving 
nickname because he packed one of the most explosive punches that the 
weight had ever seen. Gonzalez was one of 10 children born to a Mexico City
butcher who grew up to become the second most popular boxer of his country 
in his time behind only the great Julio Cesar Chavez. Gonzalez hunted his 
foe's down with left hooks which crashed home from deceiving angles because 
of the slick side the side movement Gonzalez employed. Like other big 
bangers Gonzalez seemed to also have the fatal flaw that seems to accompany 
big punchers.....he could be knocked out. In fact all his losses came via 
TKO or KO. Both were factors in the bout for which he will perhaps most be 
remembered for. It was a unification fight with Michael Carbajal in which 
he knocked Carbajal down twice only to run into a big counterpunch that 
seperated him from his senses and his title. That first fight with Carbajal 
could very well be the best fight of the 90's. Humberto was also a very 
smart boxer and he knew that he could not match power with Michael Carbajal 
and in 2 rematches outboxed his foe to controversial wins. Before the 
colossal fights with Carbajal, Humberto established his reputation by 
beating the best available fighters on his way to a 12 round win over 
Yul-Woo Lee in the champions home town for the WBC light flyweight title. 
He returned to Korea to easily defeat former Korean legend Jung Koo Chang 
over 12 horribly one sided rounds. Four more defenses followed over good 
challengers. Then in the biggest upset the division had seen in the 90's 
or perhaps ever he lost his title to Filipino Rolando Pascua. Gonzalez 
quickly won the title backby beating Pascua's conqueror Melchor Cob Castro 
but his reputation had been tarnished. His next 4 title defenses were all 
fought with a eye on the man who would become his arch enemy Michael 
Carbajal. the best of those defenses came against former Korean Olympic 
Gold Medalist Kwang-sun Kim whom Gonzalez defeated in front of 15,000 
shouting Koreans. Finally the deal to fight Carbajal was made and the two 
best mini flyweight of the decade fought for the first time with thrilling 
and chilling results. Humberto took the fight to Carbajal from the start 
and pressured him to the ropes on many occasions while ripping well 
targeted body and head shots. Carbajal came of the canvas twice and landed 
a counter left that saved him from being knocked out himself as he caught 
a on rushing Gonzalez flush on the jaw. In the second fight which did not 
feature much action the smaller Gonzalez boxed well and overcame a serious 
cut over his eye to win a close split decision. The fight featured a 
Gonzalez who was able to overcome his reach disadvantage by switching his 
stance from minute to minute and counterpunching accurately. The third 
fight between the two was a repeat of the second fight as Gonzalez played 
hide and seek with a frustrated Carbajal who could not corner Gonzalez 
with his looping power punches. The third reign of Gonzalez was finally 
stopped by the power punching Saman Sorjaturong. It was a fight that 
Chipuita was wining handily but again in a fateful seventh round the 
aggressive nature of Gonzalez caught up with him. Sorjaturong behind on 
points with his eyes both cut and swelling landed a counter punch that 
Gonzalez in his haste to knock out Sorjaturong ran right into. The follow 
up flurry by Saman left the referee no choice but to call a halt to the 
bout. Once again Gonzalez proved he was a smart man by giving into the 
pleas of his wife and announcing his retirement from which he has not 
returned. With all the great wins that Humberto scored it is sad that we 
will remember him for his two knock out defeats at the hands of Carbajal 
and Sorjaturong which both deserve to be mentioned as 2 of the 10 best 
fights of the 90's.

Humberto Gonzalez

Career Record: 43 W, 3 L (32 K.O's)


     Sep 1   Jorge Ortega            Mexico City             W 4
     Dec 19  Narcisco Perez          Mexico City             KO 1


     Feb 20  Carmelo Perez           Mexico City             KO 1
     Apr 20  Francisco Villagomez    Mexico City             KO 2
     Jun 8   Martin Alvarez          Mexico City             KO 2
     Jul 27  Otilio Gallegos         Mexico City             KO 2
     Sep 7   Eduardo Ramirez         Mexico City             KO 4
     Nov 9   Javier Alvarez          Mexico City             KO 1
     Dec 14  Carlos Rezago           Mexico City             KO 5


     Mar 15  Martin Perez            Mexico City             KO 2
     May 22  Sergio Medina           Netzahualcoyotl, Mexico KO 3
     Jun 18  Alcides Hernandez       Mexico City             KO 2
     Jul 14  Martin Ortega           Mexico City             KO 1
     Oct 8   Agustin Macias          Mexico City             KO 4
     Dec 6   Jorge Gutierrez         Mexico City             KO 6


     Feb 22  Javier Alonso           Acapulco, Mexico        KO 1
     May 9   Ruben Padilla           Mexico City             KO 7
     Jun 13  Santiago Mendez         Mexico City             KO 8
     Jul 25  Jose Manuel Diaz        Mexico City             KO 2
     Sep 26  Jorge Cano              Cancun, Mexico          W 12

     Mar 5   Jose Luis Zepeda        Tijuana                 KO 6
     Jun 4   Javier Vasquez          Mexico City             KO 5
     Oct 1   Atanasio Villareal      Mexico City             KO 4
     Oct 22  Jorge Rivera            Cozumuel, Mexico        KO 4


     Jun 25  Yul-Woo Lee             Chonju, South Korea     W 12
             (Wins WBC Jr. Flyweight Title)
     Dec 9   Jung-Koo Chang          Taegu, South Korea      W 12
             (Retains WBC Jr. Flyweight Title)


     Mar 24  Francisco Tejedor       Mexico City             KO 3
             (Retains WBC Jr. Flyweight Title)
     Jun 4   Luis Monzote            Inglewood, CA           KO 3
             (Retains WBC Jr. Flyweight Title)
     Jul 23  Jung-Keun Lim           Inglewood, CA           KO 5
             (Retains WBC Jr. Flyweight Title)
     Aug 25  Jorge Rivera            Cancun, Mexico          KO 9
             (Retains WBC Jr. Flyweight Title)
     Dec 19  Rolando Pascua          Inglewood, CA           KO by 6
             (Loses WBC Jr. Flyweight Title)


     Mar 15  Rey Hernandez           Ciudad Juarez, Mexico   KO 9
     Jun 3   Melchor Cob Castro      Las Vegas               W 12
             (Regains WBC Jr. Flyweight Title)


     Jan 27  Domingo Sosa            Inglewood, CA           W 12
             (Retains WBC Jr. Flyweight Title)
     Jun 7   Kwang-Sun Kim           Seoul                   KO 12
             (Retains WBC Jr. Flyweight Title)
     Sep 14  Napa Kiatwanchai        Inglewood, CA           KO 2
             (Retains WBC Jr. Flyweight Title)
     Dec 7   Melchor Cob Castro      Inglewood, CA           W 12
             (Retains WBC Jr. Flyweight Title)


     Mar 13  Michael Carbajal        Las Vegas               KO by 7
             (For IBF and World, Loses WBC Jr. Flyweight Title)
     Aug 28  Pablo Tiznado           Inglewood, CA           W 10
     Nov 17  Armando Diaz            Atlantic City           W 10


     Feb 19  Michael Carbajal        Inglewood, CA           W 12
             (Regains WBC, Wins IBF and World Jr. Flyweight Titles)
     Jul 8   Armando Diaz            Inglewood, CA           KO 3
     Sep 10  Juan Domingo Cordoba    Lake Tahoe, NV          KO 8
             (Retains World Jr. Flyweight Title)
     Nov 12  Michael Carbajal        Mexico City             W 12
             (Retains World Jr. Flyweight Title)


     Mar 31  Jesus Zuniga            Anaheim, CA             KO 5
             (Retains World Jr. Flyweight Title)
     Jul 15  Saman Sorjaturong       Inglewood, CA           KO by 7
             (Loses World Jr. Flyweight Title)