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Wilfredo Gomez

Titles: WBC jr. featherweight champion 1977-1983, WBC featherweight
           champion 1984, WBC jr. lightweight champion 1985-1986

Record: 44-3-1

Born: October 29, 1956 in Las Monjas, Puerto Rico

Years active: 1974-1989

Nickname: Bazooka

Gomez combined exquisite boxing skills with bone ratteling power in both 
hands, a triple crown champion most people think Gomez peaked during his 
record setting reign at 122 pounds. Before his reign of terror in the pro's 
Gomez was considered a prodigy in Puerto Rico wining world amateur titles 
in 1974 before deciding to skip the 1976 Olympics and turn pro. As a pro he 
had to overcome a draw in his first fight to at one time have a streak of 
32 consecutive knockouts, one of those knockout victims was Jacinto Fuentes
who held him to a draw in his first fight. It was his power made him popular 
the world over. At the start of his career Gomez boxed in Panama City and 
San Juan where he earned the reputation that would lead to a title shot. In 
his 17th fight Gomez had to overcome a big knockdown at the hands of the 
very good Dong-Kyung Yum. Yum was a fine champion and many thought he might 
hand Gomez his first defeat but the younger Gomez won out. In fact Yum took 
the first 4 rounds easily before Gomez recovered from the first round 
knockdown to take Yum apart with smart boxing. At the age of 20 Gomez
was now a champion and 17 successful defenses, all by knockout followed as 
he emptied the division of anyone who could have been considered a contender 
or threat to him. Good fighters like Royal Kobayashi, Nestor Himenez, and
Leonardo Cruz were all taken apart in ruthless fashion. In his finest 
defense he mowed down the power punching Mexican Carlos Zarate who was 
moving up in weight looking for another title and was on a 52 fight unbeaten 
streak. It was a tremendous fight with Zarate being the aggressor and both
men landing bombs but the naturally larger Gomez getting the best of it and 
taking Zarate out in the 5th round. It was is 13th defense of the title and 
now he wanted to move up in weight to fight another great champion. Gomez 
failed however, suffering a stoppage loss to all-time great Salvador Sanchez 
in 1981. it was a fight that saw him confused by the constant movement of 
Sanchez and counterpunched into a brutal defeat. It was the kind of beating 
that could have ended a weaker mans career. Yet Gomez boxed on going back 
down in weight and beating another formidable challenger in Lupe Pintor and 
the very good Juan Meza also. Making weight was now to difficult and Gomez
moved up to dethrone WBC champion Juan LaPorte by one-sided decision in 1984. 
It would take another great to defeat him and that happened in his very first 
title defense against Azumah Nelson who knocked him out with a chilling punch 
in the 11th round knock out. In 1985 Gomez went on to capture the WBA Jr. 
Lightweight crown with a highly controversial decision win over Rocky 
Lockridge that many thought he had lost by a wide margin. Now well past his 
prime he went on to lose the crown in his first defense against Alfredo 
Layne. Gomez immediately retired but returned one more time to knock out 
Mario Salazar in two rounds. Gomez is considered the best jr. featherweight 
of all time by many of the boxing elite. Like many hard punchers he was 
considered a shot fighter at the age of 29. In all Gomez fought 12 world
champions beating nine of them. Unfortunately his life after boxing was not 
good.....and it was his own fault. Gomez was convicted of spousal abuse and 
was ultimately jailed for drug related offenses in 1994.

Wilfredo Gomez

Career record: 44 W, 3 L, 1 D (42 K.O's)


     16 Nov  Jacinto Fuentes         Panama          D 6
     21 Dec  Mario Hernandez         CA              KO 1


     16 Feb  Jorge Bernal            Panama          KO 1
      2 Mar  Antonio Da Silva        Panama          KO 2
      3 May  Jose Jimenez            Panama          KO 1
     21 Jun  Jacinto Fuentes         Panama          KO 2
      2 Aug  Clotilde Garcia         Nicaragua       KO 3
     19 Sep  Joe Guevara             Puerto Rico     KO 6
     20 Dec  Andres Hernandez        Puerto Rico     KO 8


     20 Feb  Cornell Hall            Puerto Rico     KO 3
      5 Apr  Rick Quijano            Puerto Rico     KO 1
      8 May  Sak Lempthong           Puerto Rico     KO 3
     19 Jul  Albert Davila           Puerto Rico     KO 9
     16 Aug  Tony Rocha              Puerto Rico     KO 2
     11 Oct  Jese Medel              Puerto Rico     KO 4


     12 Feb  John Meza               Puerto Rico     KO 2
     21 May  Dong-Kyun Yum           Puerto Rico     KO 12
             (Won WBC Jr. Featherweight Title)
     11 Jul  Raul Tirado             Puerto Rico     KO 5
             (Retained WBC Jr. Featherweight Title)


     19 Jan  Kazuo Kobayashi         Japan           KO 3
             (Retained WBC Jr. Featherweight Title)
      8 Apr  Juan Lopez              Puerto Rico     KO 7
             (Retained WBC Jr. Featherweight Title)
      2 Jun  Sakad Porntavee         Thailand        KO 3
             (Retained WBC Jr. Featherweight Title)
     19 Sep  Leonorado Cruz          Puerto Rico     KO 13
             (Retained WBC Jr. Featherweight Title)
     28 Oct  Carlos Zarate           Puerto Rico     KO 5
             (Retained WBC Jr. Featherweight Title)


      9 Mar  Nestor Jimenez          NY              KO 5
             (Retained WBC Jr. Featherweight Title)
     21 May  Nelson Cruz-Tama        NY              KO 2
     16 Jun  Julio Hernandez Puerto Rico             KO 5
             (Retained WBC Jr. Featherweight Title)
     28 Sep  Carlos Mendoza          NV              KO 10
             (Retained WBC Jr. Featherweight Title)
     26 Oct  Nicky Perez             NV              KO 5
             (Retained WBC Jr. Featherweight Title)


      3 Feb  Ruben Valdez            NV              KO 6
             (Retained WBC Jr. Featherweight Title)
     27 Apr  Eddie Ndukwu            Puerto Rico     KO 4
     22 Aug  Derrik Holmes           NV              KO 5
             (Retained WBC Jr. Featherweight Title)
     13 Dec  Jose Cervantes          FL              KO 3
             (Retained WBC Jr. Featherweight Title)


     20 Jun  Raul Silva              NV              KO 3
     21 Aug  Salvador Sanchez        NV             KOby 8
             (For WBC Featherweight Title)


      9 Jan  Jose Gonzalez           Puerto Rico     KO 7
     20 Feb  Jose Soto               Puerto Rico     KO 2
     27 Mar  Juan Meza               NJ              KO 6
             (Retained WBC Jr. Featherweight Title)
     11 Jun  Juan Lopez              NV              KO 10
             (Retained WBC Jr. Featherweight Title)
     18 Aug   Roberto Rubaldino      Puerto Rico     KO 8
             (Retained WBC Jr. Featherweight Title)
      3 Dec  Lupe Pintor             LA              KO 14
             (Retained WBC Jr. Featherweight Title)


     23 Apr  Ivan Zamuco             Puerto Rico     KO 3
     14 Dec  Eladio Santana          Puerto Rico     KO 2


     31 Mar  Juan La Porte           Puerto Rico     W 12
             (Won WBC Featherweight Title)
      8 Dec  Azumah Nelson           Puerto Rico     KOby 11
             (Lost WBC Featherweight Title)


     19 May  Rocky Lockridge         Puerto Rico     W 15
             (Won WBA Jr. Lightweight Title)


     24 May  Alfredo Layne           Puerto Rico     KOby 9
             (Lost WBA Jr. Lightweight Title)


     30 Jul  Mario Gonzalez          FL              KO 6


     19 Jul  Mario Salazar           FL              KO 2