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Tommy Gibbons

Titles: Never a champion

Record: 57-4-1 with 43 no decision

Born: November 19, 1891 in St. Paul, Minnesota (USA)

Years active: 1911-1925

Nickname: None

 Gibbons started as a middleweight and ended up his career as a heavyweight. 
Always a top contender Tommy was a defensive wiz and a beautiful boxer who 
preferred to counter punch his opponents. He is still considered by some of 
the old time trainers as one of the smartest fighters to ever put on the 
gloves. Turning pro at 20 in the middleweight division, Gibbons did not 
have much of a punch but as he added weight he gained punching power. Tommy 
learned to box along with brother Mike who was a fine boxer in his own
right they knew how to fight but seemed to always be searching for a title 
shot and never getting any. Tommy twice fought legendary Harry Greb and was 
thought to have gotten the better of his opponent but during the time the
bouts were ruled no decisions since there was not a knockout. Gibbons fought 
and confused the best of his time like Billy Miske, George Carpentier, and 
George Chip. If it were not for the rules of the day he would have defeated
them all instead of receiving no decisions. Battling Levingsky also was 
thought to have lost to Gibbons for the light heavyweight title but once 
again it was ruled a no decision and Levingsky kept his title. Gibbons was 
good enough and famous enough for his skills to get a shot at the 
heavyweight title. Tommy went  15 rounds in a losing effort with Jack 
Dempsey and Dempsey was quoted as saying "Gibbons was a perfectionist, a 
fine defensive fighter. I couldn't corner him!" Gibbons retired after 14 
years of boxing when heavyweight champion Gene Tuney became the only fighter 
to knocked him out. In retirement Tommy sold insurance and was a pillar of 
his community and also their sheriff for 4 terms.