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Frankie Genaro

Titles: Flyweight champion 1928-1929

Record: 82-21-8 with 19 no decisions

Born: August 26, 1901 in New York City, New York (USA)

Years active: 1920-1934

Nickname: None

Genaro had some of the fastest feet of his time, a defensively masterful 
boxer who fought during perhaps the toughest era for flyweights because 
of the amount of excellent fighters. As a amateur Genaro won local, city,
state and national titles on the way to winning the 1920 Olympic Gold 
medal. Genaro then turned pro boxing mostly out of New York City and ran 
up a string of wins over good fighters like Charley Rosenberg and Joe 
Colletti. His stock rose immensely when he had a no decision and a win 
over legendary Pancho Villa, with that win he earned the American flyweight 
title. In 1925 after Villa won the world title Genaro was considered the 
uncrowned champion but a loss to Fidel LaBarba later that year hurt his 
reputation a bit. After that loss Frankie took some time of from boxing to
attend college. In 1928 Genaro returned and won the NBA title when he 
outboxed Frenchy Belanger over 10 rounds this loss was avenged later that 
year. In 1929 Genaro was upset in vicious fashion when he went to France 
to fight Emille Pladner and was knocked out in the first round. A rematch
was of course given six weeks later and Genaro won the fight he was wining 
on a foul in the 5th round. Now Frankie toured Europe and fought the best 
available fighters in England, France, Germany and Italy before returning 
to New York. There he fought Midget Wolgast in Madison Square Garden but
the bout was ruled a draw. Even though it was justifiably ruled a draw 
Genaro was still considered the best of flyweight in the world. The years 
where starting to wear on Genaro and at the age of 30, one year after the 
Wolgast fight he lost his title to Young Perez. Genaro fought on for 2 more 
years with no title shots coming his way. Some people consider Genaro the 
best fighter of the 30's.