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Bob Fitzsimmons

Titles: Middleweight champion 1891-1897, light heavyweight champion
           1903-1905, heavyweight champion 1897-1899

Record: 40-11 with 10 no decisions 

Born: May 26, 1863 in Helstol, Conrwall, England

Years active: 1883-1914

Nickname:  Ruby Robert 

Bob Fitzsimmons has to be the most least likely looking heavyweight 
champion of all time. Standing less than 6 feet, he looked rather frail 
with red balding hair, covered with freckles and spindly legs, yet he 
held titles in 3 different weights. It was said his upper body strength 
came from years of work as a blacksmith apprentice. The career of Bob 
Fitzsimmons began when he entered and won a amateur tourney in New Zealand 
and was discovered by old bare knuckle champ Jem Mace who encouraged him 
to turn pro. He did eventually turn pro and fought in Australia to begin 
his career with a record of 15 wins and 5 losses to go along with six no
decisions. His career skyrocketed when he moved to America and won 3 
fights by knockout to get a shot at the legendary Jack "Nonpareil" Dempsey 
for the middleweight crown. It was all Fitzsimmons who knocked out Dempsey 
in the 13th of a one sided affair. Fitzsimmons a very sound business man
immediately looked to fight bigger men for bigger purses. He defeated very 
good heavyweight Peter Maher to secure a world title shot at James J. 
Corbett. Giving up 16 pounds and 4 years of youth he entered the ring as a 
10 to 6 underdog. The first half of the fight was all Corbett who beat 
Fitzsimmons to the punch on every occasion and also sent Fitzsimmons to the 
canvas. He gamely fought on and landed a famous "Solar Plexus Punch" to the 
pit of Corbett's stomach and he went down in a heap gasping for air. One
punch made Fitzsimmons the heavyweight champion! It took 2 years before Bob 
defended his title, Fitzsimmons was busy traveling the land basking in 
victory and on occasion fighting exhibition bouts. He lost the title in 
his first defense to James J. Jefferies who outweighed him by 64 pounds 
and was 12 years younger, no punch could save Fitzsimmons this time. The 
fight lasted for 11 rounds and other than a couple of flurries he was 
soundly beaten. Although the rematch ended in the 8th round it saw 
Fitzsimmons do much better than the previous bout. Fitzsimmons was not 
yet done however and came back from a short lived retirement. At the age of 
40 won the light heavyweight title from a good George Gardner in 20 rounds 
to become the first man to ever hold 3 titles in 3 different weights. Bob 
dominated the early rounds and had to hold on for the last 3 rounds to get 
a well deserved decision. Again he did not defend the title often only 
fighting once in 2 years but it was against the very good Jack O'Brien 
which ended in a no decision. A rematch was much more one sided and saw 
Fitzsimmons loose when he could not continue after 12 rounds of eating 
left hooks. A unwise comeback saw Fitzsimmons dominated by Jack Johnson  
and the 44 year old Fitzsimmons didn't even last until the third round. 
He was coaxed out of retirement 3 more times with a predictable results. 
Fitzsimmons did a little stage acting and died at the age of 54 after 
contracting pneumonia.

Bob Fitzsimmons

Career record: 40 W, 11 L, 10 ND, 1 NC (32 K.O's)

     ---    Jim Crawford                Sydney, NSW, Aus                TK0 3
            -Bare Knuckles were used for this bout  
     ---    Pablo Frank                 Sydney, NSW, Aus                 W  4
     ---    Joe Riddle                  Sydney, NSW, Aus                 W  4
     ---    Alf Brinsmead               Sydney, NSW, Aus                KO  2
     ---    Jack Greentree              Sydney, NSW, Aus                KO  3
     ---    Jack Bonner                 Sydney, NSW, Aus                 W  4
     ---    Dick Sandall                Sydney, NSW, Aus                 W  4

     May 15 Mick Dooley                 Sydney, NSW, Aus                KOby 4
     Jun  2 Mick Dooley                 Sydney, NSW, Aus                 L  4
     Jun  5 Mick Dooley                 Sydney, NSW, Aus                 L  4
     Jul 10 Mick Dooley                 Sydney, NSW, Aus                KO  2
     Aug  7 McArdle                     Sydney, NSW, Aus                 W  4
     Oct  7 Bill Smith                  Sydney, NSW, Aus                ND  4

     Mar    Bill Slavin                 Sydney, NSW, Aus                TKO 5
     ---    George Eager                Sydney, NSW, Aus                KO  2
     ---    Dave Conway                 Sydney, NSW, Aus                TKO 2

     ---    Jim Hall                    Sydney, NSW, Aus                ND  4
     ---    Frank "Paddy" Slavin        Sydney, NSW, Aus                ND  4
     ---    Jim Hall                    Sydney, NSW, Aus                ND  4
     ---    Billy McCarthy              Sydney, NSW, Aus                ND  4
     Dec  1 McEwan                      Sydney, NSW, Aus                 W  4

     Dec 12 Dick Ellis                  Sydney, NSW, Aus                ND  4
     Feb  4 Edward "Starlight" Rollins  Sydney, NSW, Aus                ND  4
     Feb 10 Jim Hall                    Sydney, NSW, Aus                KO  1
     Feb 12 Jim Hall                    Sydney, NSW, Aus                KOby 4
     Feb 22 Edward "Starlight" Rollins  Sydney, NSW, Aus                TKO 9
     Mar    Professor West              Sydney, NSW, Aus                TKO 1
     May 17 Frank Allen                 San Francisco, Ca               TKO 1
     May 29 Billy McCarthy              San Francisco, Ca               KO  5
     Jun 28 Arthur Upham                New Orleans, La                 KO  9
     Jul 10 Joe Choynski                San Francisco, Ca               ND 4

     Jan 14 "Nonpareil" Jack Dempsey    New Orleans, La                 KO 13
            -Middleweight Championship of the World;
     Apr 28 Abe Cougle                  Chicago, Il                     TKO 2
     May  1 Harris Martin "Black Pearl" Minneapolis, Mn                  W  4
     Jul 22 Jim Hall                    Minneapolis, Mn

     Mar  2 Peter Maher                 New Orleans, La                 TKO 12
     Apr    Charles Puff                Newark, NJ                      KO   
     Apr    Thomas Robbins              Newark, NJ                      TKO  3
     Apr 30 James Farrell               Newark, NJ                      KO  2
     May  6 Joe Godfrey                 Philadelphia, Pa                KO  1
     May 11 Jerry Slattery              New York, NY                    KO  2
     Sep  3 Millard Zender              Anniston, Al                    KO  1

     Feb 20 Frank Bosworth              Bay St. Louis, Ms               KO   
     Mar  8 Jim Hall                    New Orleans, La                 KO  4
            -Middleweight Championship of the World
     Mar 25 Phil Mayo                   Chicago, Il                     KO  2
     Mar 31 Jack Warner                 Baltimore, Md                   TKO 1
     Apr 12 Dan Curry                   Philadelphia, Pa                TKO 1
     Apr 12 Hank Smith                  Philadelphia, Pa                TKO 1
     Apr 13 Alexander Kilpatrick        Philadelphia, Pa                TKO 3
     Apr 15 Jack Sheridan               Philadelphia, Pa                TKO 1
     Apr 22 Joe Godfrey                 Philadelphia, Pa                KO  1
     Apr 22 Mike Monoghan               Philadelphia, Pa                TKO 1
     Apr 22 Alexander Kilpatrick        Philadelphia, Pa                ND  3
     May  6 Mike Brennan                Boston, Ma                      KO  4
     May 30 Dan Coner                   Philadelphia, Pa                TKO 1
     Sep  5 Jack Hickey                 Newark, NJ                       W  3
     ---    Paul Loeser                 Chicago, Il                      W  5
     ---    Louis the Giant             Chicago, Il                     KO  3
     ---    George Dobson               Chicago, Il                     KO  3
     ---    Charlie Biehle              Chicago, Il                     KO  5
     ---    Wyoming                     Chicago, Il                     KO  3
     ---    "Big" Bill Collins          Chicago, Il                     KO  2
     ---    Paul Loeser                 Chicago, Il                     KO  2
     ---    an unnamed opponent         Chicago, Il                     KO  1

     Jun 17 Joe Choynski                Boston, Ma                      D  5
     Jul 28 Frank Kellar                Buffalo, NY                     KO  2
     Sep 26 Dan Creedon                 New Orleans, La          (1:40) KO  2
            -Middleweight Championship of the World;

     Apr 16 Al Allich                   New York, NY                    KO  3
     Apr 19 Mike Connors                New York, NY                    KO  1

     Feb 21 Peter Maher                 Mexico, near Langtry, Tx        KO  1
     Feb 29 Peter Maher                 New York, NY                    ND  3
     Dec  2 "Sailor" Tom Sharkey        San Francisco, Ca               L D.Q 8
     Mar 17 Jim Corbett                 Carson City, Nv                 KO 14
            Heavyweight Championship of the World;
     Jun  5 Leadville Blacksmith        Leadville, Co                   KO  2

     Jun  9 Jim Jeffries                Brooklyn, NY                   KOby 11
            Heavyweight Championship of the World;
     Oct 28 Geoff Thorne                Chicago, Il                     KO  1

     Mar 27 Jim Daly                    Philadelphia, Pa                KO  1
     Apr 30 Ed Dunkhorst                Brooklyn, NY                    KO  2
     Aug 10 Gus Ruhlin                  New York, NY                    KO  6
     Aug 24 "Sailor" Tom Sharkey        Brooklyn, NY                    KO  2

     Jul 25 Jim Jeffries                San Francisco, Ca               KOby 8
            -Heavyweight Championship of the World;
     Dec 19 Steward                     Butte, Mt                       KO  1
     Dec 27 Mike Ranke                  Bozeman, Mt                     KO  2
     Sep 30 Con Coughlin                Philadelphia, Pa                KO  1
     Oct 14 Joe Grim                    Philadelphia, Pa                ND  6
     Nov 25 George Gardner              San Francisco, Ca                W 20
            Light Heavyweight Championship of the World;
     Jul 23 "Philadelphia" Jack O'Brien Philadelphia, Pa                ND  6

     Dec 20 "Philadelphia" Jack O'Brien San Francisco, Ca               TKoby 13
            Light Heavyweight Championship of the World;
     Jan 31 Charles Haghey              Webster, Ma                     KO  4

     Jul 17 Jack Johnson                Philadelphia, Pa                KOby  2

     Sep 21 Jean Paul                   Benson Mines, NY                KO  1

     Dec 27 Bill Lang                   Sydney, NSW, Aus                KOby 12
     Jan 29 Bob "K.O." Sweeney          Williamsport, Pa                ND  6
     Feb 20 Jersey Bellew               Bethlehem, Pa                   ND  6