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Jackie Fields

Titles: welterweight champion 1929-1930 and 1932-1933

Record: 72-9-2 

Born: February 9, 1908 in Chicago, Illinois (USA)  

Years active: 1924-1933

Nickname: None 

Fields was not yet a man when he won the Olympic featherweight gold medal in 
1924 during the Paris Olympics at the age of 16. Born in Chicago his family
moved to California when he was 13 and started to box as amateur to earn
groceries for his struggling family. Fighting out of Los Angeles, Fields 
won his first 8 bouts, but his career nearly came to a end when he took on
the legendary Jimmy McLarnin before he was ready. The result was a broken
jaw and his first loss via knockout. It was to be his only loss in the first
34 bouts of his career and the only knockout loss Fields ever suffered.
By 1927 Fields had grown to be a lightweight and on April 4th he fought 
the champion, Sammy Mandell, to a 12-round, no-decision bout. Mandell had 
refused to put his title on the line, which turned out to be a good call, 
because according to newspaper men Fields won handily. Jackie won the rest 
of his bouts that year before Lewis "Kid" Kaplan took a decision from him.
Now he would fight his rival Mushy Callahan in a all California bout, and
take a 10 round decision in a fierce fight. He was still 20 years old 
and his body forced him to move up in weight to the welterweight limit.
Fields fought the best of the era including Sammy Mandell, Vince Dundee 
and Young Jack Thompson with mostly positive results. In 1929 Fields began
his championship run with a victory over Jack McCarthy followed by a win
over Al Van Ryan that led to his winning the N.B.A. version of the 
welterweight title against Young Jack Thompson in a 10 round bout. Now
Fields won the unified title by knocking down Johnny Dundee four times
before a riot broke out in the stadium with Dundee fans knowing that a
disqualification would mean all the money wagered would be returned. His
nemisis Young Jack Thompson took the title away from Fields in a 15 round
fight. Jackie would regain the title one more time when he defeated Lou
Brouillard. After a car crash Fields lost the sight in one eye yet was
able to fight on! Predictably he lost the title when a crafty southpaw
like Young Corbett III beat him over 15 rounds. After one more fight he
retired and worked in a Hollywood film lot and partly owned The Tropicana
Hotel in Las Vegas. Fields was also elected into the Jewish Sports Hall 
Of Fame in Israel, in 1979.

Jackie Fields

Career record: 72 W, 9 L, 2 D, 2 ND, 1 NC (29 K.O's)


     Sep 18  Joe Salas               Los Angeles             W 4
     Nov 6   Al Leonard              Los Angeles             W 4
     Dec 10  Danny Woods             Alhambra, CA            W 4


     Feb 5   Benny Pascal            Pasadena, CA            W 6
     Apr 2   Billy Young             Wilmington, CA          KO 2
     May 8   Joe Salas               Hollywood, CA           W 10
     Jun 9   Billy Young             Vernon, CA              KO 1
     Aug 12  Johnny Lamar            Los Angeles             D 6
     Sep 23  Frankie Fink            Los Angeles             W 6
     Nov 12  Jimmy McLarnin          Los Angeles             KO by 2


     Feb 24  Willie Buff             Wilmington, CA          KO 3
     Mar 13  Young Brown             Sacramento, CA          KO 5
     Apr 9   Phil Salavadore         Hollywood, CA           W 10
     Apr 28  Johnny Lamar            Los Angeles             W 10
     Jun 18  Johnny Lamar            Hollywood, CA           W 10
     Jul 16  Roscoe Hall             Hollywood, CA           W 10
     Sep 2   Sailor Ahsmore          Pasadena, CA            W 8
     Sep 24  Dick Hoppe              Hollywood, CA           W 10
     Dec 7   King Tut                Los Angeles             W 10
     Dec 21  Jack Silver             San Francisco           KO 4


     Jan 14  Matty Mario             Hollywood, CA           W 10
     Jan 25  Harry "Kid" Brown       Vernon, CA              W 10
     Mar 11  Russ Whalen             Hollywood, CA           W 10
     Apr 4   Sammy Mandell           Los Angeles             ND 12
     Jun 2   Joey Kaufman            New York                W 10
     Jun 15  Louis "Kid" Kaplan      New York                L 10
     Jul 4   Frankie Fink            New York                W 10
     Aug 30  Baby Joe Gans           Los Angeles             W 10
     Nov 3   Joey Silver             San Francisco           W 10
     Nov 22  Mushy Callahan          Los Angeles             W 10
     Dec 2   Dick Ramies             Hollywood, CA           KO 2
     Dec 20  Buddy Saunders          Los Angeles             W 10


     Jan 13  Charley Feraci          San Diego               W 10
     Feb 15  Vince Dundee            Los Angeles             W 10
     Feb 23  Sammy Mandell           Chicago                 L 10
     Apr 17  Vince Dundee            Los Angeles             W 10
     May 3   Don Fraser              Hollywood, CA           KO 1
     Jun 8   Don Fraser              Hollywood, CA           KO 3
     Jun 26  Jack Zivic              Los Angeles             KO 7
     Jul 13  "Farmer" Joe Cooper     San Francisco           W 10
     Jul 20  Joe Vargas              San Francisco           KO 9
     Aug 10  Pete Meyers             San Francisco           KO 4
     Oct 1   Young Jack Thompson     San Francisco           W 10
     Oct 30  Sergent Sammy Baker     Los Angeles             KO 2
     Nov 30  Mike Payan              San Francisco           KO 2
     Dec 27  Tommy Elks              Hollywood, CA           KO 7


     Jan 28  Jack McCarthy           Chicago                 W 10
     Feb 15  Baby Joe Gans           New York                W 10
     Mar 8   Al Van Ryan             Detroit                 KO 5
     Mar 25  Young Jack Thompson     Chicago                 W 10
             (Wins Vacant  NBA Welterweight Title)
     May 24  Clyde Chastain          Chicago                 W 10
     Jun 19  Jack Horner             St. Louis               KO 4
     Jun 28  "Farmer" Joe Cooper     Chicago                 KO 1
     Jul 25  Joe Dundee              Detroit                 WDQ 2
             (Retains NBA, Wins World Welterweight Title)
     Oct 2   Vince Dundee            Chicago                 W 10
     Oct 21  Gorilla Jones           San Francisco           W 10
     Nov 5   Dummy Mahan             Kansas City             KO 2
     Dec 13  Gorilla Jones           Boston                  NC 7


     Jan 6   Alf Ros                 Philadelphia            W 10
     Jan 10  Jimmy Owens             Chicago                 KO 2
     Jan 24  Vince Dundee            Chicago                 W 10
     Feb 22  Young Corbett III       San Francisco           L 10
     Apr 8   Tommy Freeman           Cleveland               KO 5
     Apr 21  Meyer Grace             Kansas City             KO 3
     May 9   Young Jack Thompson     Detroit                 L 15
             (Loses World Welterweight Title)
     Sep 30  Jack Horner             Rochester, NY           W 10
     Oct 7   Tommy Jordan            Indianapolis            KO 3
     Nov 24  Sam Bruce               Buffalo                 W 10
     Dec 9   Paul Pirrone            Cleveland               W 10
     Dec 19  Bucky Lawless           Detroit                 KO 5


     Feb 26  Jackie Brady            Syracuse, NY            W 10
     Sep 19  Young Terry             New York                L 10
     Oct 8   King Tut                Detroit                 W 10
     Nov 16  Jimmy Belmont           Pittsburgh              D 10


     Jan 28  Lou Brouillard          Chicago                 W 10
             (Regains World Welterweight Title)
     Feb 29  Jimmy Belmont           Pittsburgh              KO 8
     Mar 4   Johnny Indrisano        Boston                  L 10
     Mar 8   Patsy Pollock           Denver                  KO 2
     Mar 11  Izzy Kline              Salt Lake City          KO 1
     Apr 1   Leslie Baker            Boston                  KO 5
     Apr 5   Pee Wee Jarrell         Dayton, OH              KO 4
     May 6   Henry Firpo             Louisville              ND 10
     Dec 1   Tommy Herman            San Francisco           KO 2
     Dec 30  Eddie Murdock           San Diego               L 10


     Feb 22  Young Corbett III       San Francisco           L 10
             (Loses World Welterweight Title)
     May 2   Young Peter Jackson     Los Angeles             W 10