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Jeff Fenech

Titles: IBF Bantamweight champion 1985-1987, WBC jr. featherweight
           champion 19987-1988, WBC featherweight champion 1988-1989 

Record: 28-3-1

Born: May 28, 1964 in Sydney, Australia  

Years active: 1984-1996

Nickname: None 

The best way to describe Fenech is......raw. His technique was never the 
best but he learned very quickly and was a tireless worker under the 
guidance of his trainer Johnny Lewis. The Fenech prime was relatively 
short but it was brilliant. Born in Sydney of Maltese immigrants Fenech 
became a bit of a delinquent in his youth but used his aggressive 
instincts to forge ahead and redeem himself through boxing. A brief amateur 
career ended in a controversial decision loss in 1984 Olympics, yet he 
would make up for that disappointment very quickly as a pro. In his third 
bout he had won the Australian bantamweight title and in only his seventh 
fight Fenech ripped the IBF bantamweight title from Satoshi Shingaki of 
Japan in brutal fashion scoring a 9th round knockout. Three defenses 
against very good opposition followed which included a return bout with 
the former champion and wins over Jerome Coffee and Steve McCrory. A move 
up in weight saw Fenech fight for the WBC jr. featherweight title. It was 
thought that Samart Payakarun would give the still young Fench a tough 
test. It was not even close a Fenech took out Samart in 4 one sided rounds.
Again Fenech did not stay at the weight for long and only defended the 
title twice against former champions Carlos Zarate and Greg Richardson. 
During his 4 years as a pro Fenech looked unstoppable in every weight 
division he was in and a third title was added to his resume when he 
stopped WBC featherweight champion Victor Callejas in 1988. Three more 
defenses including a fight with Marcos Villasana topped his featherweight 
reign as hand problems surfaced. In the fight with Villasana he proved 
he could box as well as fight when he moved and jabbed with equal skill.  
Hand problems convinced Fenech to retire as a undefeated champion but 
like many before him he could not stay away from the ring. Fenech returned 
as a jr. lightweight and fought the legendary Azumah Neslon to a draw. 
Most everyone who saw the fight live, on T.V or video tape will tell you 
he won the fight however. People say you have to love boxing to excel in 
it, maybe this decision took the love of the game away from Fenech. The 
Fenech we saw after the Nelson draw was not the same fighter who entered 
the ring before that decision. A points win was followed by a 8th round 
knockout loss to Nelson in a rematch before his Australian fans. A brutal
knockout loss to Calvin Grove looked to be the end of a great career. 
Another ill advised comeback at lightweight saw Fenech knocked out in the 
second round of the last of his 14 world title bouts. Still Fenech must 
be recognized as a skilled fighter who for 3 years reigned in ferocious
fashion and is still a national hero in Australia.

Jeff Fenech

Career record: 28 W, 3 L, 1 D (20 K.O's)


12 Oct  Bobby Williams          Australia       KO 2
26 Oct  Percy Israel            Australia       KO 7
30 Nov  Junior Thompson         Australia       KO 4
15 Dec  Iliesa Manila           Fiji            KO 2


 1 Feb  Wayne Mulholland        Australia       KO 5
 4 Mar  Rolando Navarro         Australia       KO 4
26 Apr  Satoshi Shingaki        Australia       KO 9
        (Won IBF Bantamweight title)
14 Jun  John  Matienza          Australia       KO 6
26 Jul  John Farrell            Australia       KO 9
23 Aug  Satoshi Shingaki        Australia       KO 3
        (Retained IBF Bantamweight title)
 4 Nov  Kenny Butts             Australia       KO 2
 2 Dec  Jerome Coffee           Australia       W 15
        (Retained IBF Bantamweight title)


11 Apr  Daniel Zaragoza         Australia       W 10
18 Jul  Steve McCrory           Australia       KO 14
        (Retained IBF Bantamweight title)


 3 Apr  Tony Miller             Australia       W 12
 8 May  Samart Payakaroon       Australia       KO 4
        (Won WBC Jr. Featherweight title)
10 Jul  Greg Richardson         Australia       KO 5
        (Retained WBC Jr. Featherweight title)
16 Oct  Carlos Zarate           Australia       TW 4
        (Retained WBC Jr. Featherweight title)
11 Dec  Osmar Avila             Australia       KO 1


 7 Mar  Victor Callejas         Australia       KO 10
        (Won WBC Featherweight title)
12 Aug  Tyrone Downes           Australia       KO 5
        (Retained WBC Featherweight title)
30 Nov  George Navarro          Australia       KO 5
        (Won WBC Featherweight title)


 8 Apr  Marcos Villasana        Australia       W 12
        (Won WBC Featherweight title)
24 Nov  Mario Martinez          Australia       W 12


19 Jan  Johnny Kalbhenn         Australia       KO 4
28 Jun  Azumah Nelson           Las Vegas, NV   D 12
        (For WBC Jr. Lightweight title)
13 Sep  Miguel Francia          Australia       W 10


 1 Mar  Azumah Nelson           Australia       KOby8


 7 Jun  Calvin Grove            Australia       KOby7


18 Nov  Tialano Tovar           NJ              KO 8


18 May  Phillip Holiday         Australia       KOby2
        (For IBF Lightweight Title)