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Johnny Famechon

Titles: WBC featherweight champion 1969-1970

Record: 56-5-6 

Born: March 28, 1945 in Paris, France 

Years active: 1961-1970

Nickname: None 

Johnny was born into a great French boxing family with his Uncle Ray having 
fought Willie Pep for a world title and his father Emile and another Uncle 
Andre both having boxed at a world class level and were French champions. 
With this kind of pedigree is not hard to imagine the young Johnny liking
his chances in the world of boxing. He had to convinence his father first 
however who thought his son should continue as a electricians apprentice. 
Born in Paris Johnny and his father emigrated to Australia after the 
divorce of his parents at the age of 5. Famechon never boxed in the amateur 
ranks and turned pro at the age of 16 which accounts for his rather 
unimpressive start, that saw him go 3-2-1 in his first 7 fights. He fought 
mostly in Melbourne working his way up the rankings until he finally got a 
shot at the Australian featherweight title in his 22nd fight. The title
winning effort came at the expense of Ollie Tayler. Famechon defended his 
crown thruout Australia but preferred to fight in Melbourne when possible 
where he enjoyed a loyal following. The next title which Johnny took was 
the British Empire crown, when Johnny O'Brien ventured to Melbourne and
paid the price. Famechon should be considered a fine boxer who preferred 
to win behind his jab and stamina but when pressed by opponents he traded 
with a furry. Famechon fought for the first time outside of Australia when 
he returned home to Paris to fight Rene Roque and defeat him in impressive 
fashion. In 1969 Famechon made his debut to a worldwide audience when he 
won the WBC featherweight title by outboxing the Cuban Jose Legra. What 
makes the win even more impressive is that Legra came into the fight on 
a 54 fight unbeaten streak and the fight was held in a neutral London 
ring. On this night it was the defense that won the title for Famechon as 
Legra could not find the correct distance and was counter punched out of 
his title. 2 successful defenses followed against Japan's legendary 
Fighting Harada. The first fight was controversial to say the least and 
saw Johnny on the canvas 3 times and still come away with a very disputed 
points win. The second fight was a classic fight, it featured Famechon 
once again on the canvas but his stamina and sheer will saw him come back 
to knock Harada out in the 14th round. The second fight is regarded as one 
of the best featherweight fights of all-time. Maybe the two grueling bouts 
took too much out of Famechon and he lost his title to a premier fighter,  
Mexico's southpaw Vincente Saldivar in Rome. He was 35 when he lost the 
title and decided to retire. In retirement Famechon stayed in good shape 
even running marathons into his 40's. Famechon was seriously injured in a 
car crash that at times left him on life support but as usual his great 
determination saw him through the tough times and he is now making a good 

Johnny Famechon

Career Record: 56 W, 5 L, 6 D (20 K.O's)


      Jun 7  Sam Lang                Melbourne               D 3
      Aug 4  Salvatore Casabene      Melbourne               KO 2
      Sep 15 Peter Barnes            Melbourne               KO 4

      Apr 6  Brian Levier            Melbourne               D 4
      Jun 1  Gordon Crooks           Melbourne               KO 2
      Jun 22 Ray Spackman            Melbourne               L 6
      Oct 5  Nick Wells              Melbourne               KO 3
      Nov 16 Ray Spackman            Melbourne               W 6

      Mar 8  Ken Edwards             Melbourne               KO 6
      Apr 27 Bobby Daldy             Melbourne               W 6
      Jul 19 Kelvin Bell             Melbourne               W 8
      Aug 23 Bobby Daldy             Melbourne               W 8
      Sep 6  Ray Spackman            Melbourne               W 8
      Oct 4  Jimmy Smith             Melbourne               W 10
      Oct 25 Ossi Renner             Melbourne               W 10
      Nov 29 Giacomo Gulino          Melbourne               W 12


      Feb 21 Johnny Evans            Melbourne               KO 7
      Mar 20 Giacomo Gulino          Melbourne               W 12
      May 22 Les Dunn                Melbourne               KO 10
      Aug 7  Arthur Clark            Melbourne               KO 9
      Aug 28 Max Murphy              Melbourne               W 12
      Sep 18 Ollie Taylor            Melbourne               W 15
      Nov 6  Pat Gonzalez            Melbourne               W 12

      Feb 8  Billy Males             Sydney                  KO 6
      Mar 19 Domencio Chiloiro       Melbourne               W 15
      Apr 1  Dion Murphy             Christchurch, NZ        L 10
      Jun 4  Domencio Chiloiro       Melbourne               D 12
      Jun 11 Sington Por Tor         Melbourne               W 12
      Jul 19 Max Murphy              Sydney                  L 12
      Sep 24 Max Murphy              Melbourne               KO 7
      Oct 15 Harold Hopkins          Melbourne               KO 4
      Oct 29 Gilberto Biondi         Melbourne               L 12

      Feb 11 Mario Sitri             Melbourne               W 12
      Feb 25 Carmelo Coscia          Melbourne               W 12
      Mar 11 Noel Kunde              Brisbane, Australia     KO 8
      Apr 1  Domencio Chiloiro       Melbourne               W 15
      May 4  Noel Kunde              Brisbane, Australia     KO 4
      Jun 10 Domencio Chiloiro       Melbourne               D 12
      Oct 7  Gaetano Dos Santos      Melbourne               W 10
      Dec 9  Giovanni Girgenti       Melbourne               D 12

      Jan 20 Giovanni Girgenti       Sydney                  W 12
      Mar 3  Andrea Silanos          Melbourne               KO 2
      Apr 14 Roberto Wong            Melbourne               W 10
      May 26 Lothar Abend            Melbourne               W 10
      Jul 7  James Skelton           Melbourne               W 10
      Jul 21 Gilberto Biondi         Melbourne               W 10
      Sep 27 Don Johnson             Melbourne               W 10
      Oct 17 Michel Houdeau          Melbourne               KO 6
      Nov 24 Johnny O'Brien          Melbourne               KO 11

      Feb 16 Isao Ichihara           Melbourne               W 10
      Mar 11 Rene Roque              Paris                   D 10
      Apr 5  Antonio Herrera         Melbourne               W 10
      May 20 Bobby Valdez            Sydney                  WDQ 13
      Jul 1  Freddie Rengifo         Sydney                  KO 10
      Jul 26 Vincenzo Pitardi        Melbourne               W 10
      Sep 13 Billy McGrandle         Melbourne               KO 12
      Oct 18 Nevio Carbi             Melbourne               W 10

      Jan 21 Jose Legra              London                  W 15
             (Wins WBC Featherweight Title)
      Mar 21 Jose Jimenez            Melbourne               W 10
      Apr 21 Giovanni Girgenti       London                  W 10
      May 20 Jimmy Anderson          London                  W 10
      Jul 28 Fighting Harada         Sydney                  W 15
             (Retains WBC Featherweight Title)
      Nov 11 Miguel Herrera          London                  W 10
      Dec 9  Pete Gonzalez           London                  KO 3

      Jan 6  Fighting Harada         Tokyo                   KO 14
             (Retains WBC Featherweight Title)
      Apr 11 Arnold Taylor           Johannesburg            W 10
      May 9  Vicente Saldivar        Rome                    L 15
             (Loses WBC, For World Featherweight Title)