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Jack Dempsey

Titles: middleweight champion 1884-1891

Record: 50-3-8 

Born: December 15, 1862 in Curran, County Kildare, Ireland

Years active: 1883-1895

Nickname: The Nonpareil

Nonpareil was the first holder of the middleweight title and was also 
noted for his clever timing and accuracy of his punches. He is considered 
by many as one of the greatest boxers pound for pound who ever fought in 
the ring. He moved well and was extremely quick, agile, and skillful. He 
was a two-handed fighter who could box or punch. His jab was quick and 
accurate. His right hand punch was stiff. His nickname of "Nonpareil" was 
accurate as he simply had no peers in ability that included a  6 year 
unbeaten streak to start his career. Like many of his age he boxed both 
with and without gloves and also fought much larger men. Born in Ireland 
his family left for America when he was still a boy and settled in 
Brooklyn, New York. Like other fighters of his day he also had to change 
his name from Kelly to Dempsey because his parents disapproved of boxing. 
In his very first pro bout Dempsey won a 21 round decision and only a 
year later laid claim to the newly established middleweight when he 
defeated George Fulljames. Universal recognition did come until he 
defeated Jack Fogarty in 27 brutal rounds in 1886. His reign lasted for 
2 bouts before a elbow punch in the 32nd round by George LaBlanche knocked 
him out. Dempsey had previously defeated LaBlanche and was said to have 
had the upper hand until the blow occurred. The blow was outlawed 
immediately after this bout. He would not loose again in this decade. 
Dempsey fought on going from one coast to the other and once again gained 
universal recognition as middleweight champion when he knocked out 
Australian Billy McCarthy in the 32nd round. A year of wins followed 
before Dempsey took on the bigger and future heavyweight champion Bob 
Fitzsimmons in New Orleans and received a horrific beating. Dempsey was 
knocked down 13 times in 13 rounds and had Fitzsimmons pleading to him 
to give up. But Dempsey kept getting up and only a punch the throat which 
effected his speech for the rest of his life would keep him down in the 
13th round. In his dressing room he reportedly wept uncontrollably. This 
fight took everything out of Dempsey, he was never the same again as he 
fought only 3 more times and in his last fight was knocked out in the 
third by Tommy Ryan for his welterweight title. Dempsey died within the 
year from tuberculosis. In case you are wondering......yes, Nonpareil 
was the man Jack Dempsey admired enough to take on his name when he 
entered professional boxing.  

Jack Dempsey

Career Record: 50 W, 3 L, 8 D (26 K.O's)


Apr  7 Ed (Rug) McDonald, Maspeth, Long Island, NY       KO 21
Aug 14 Jack Boylan, Flushing, NY                         KO 23
Sep  3 Harry Force, Brooklyn, NY (Coney Island)          NC 11
Sep 17 Thomas (Soap) McAlpine, New York City, NY         D  4
Oct 15 Jack Boylan, New York City, NY                    ND 6
Nov 10 Billy Frazier                                     W  6
Nov 25 Robert (Cocky) Turnbull, New York City, NY        D  8

Jan    William Mahoney, New York City, NY                KO 3
Feb 10 Joe Heiser, Brooklyn, NY (Williamsburg)           D  8
Feb 14 Jim Fell, New York City, NY                       KO 2
Feb 28 Jim Barry, New York City, NY                      KO 3
Mar  2 Joe Hennessey, New York City, NY                  KO 4
Mar  4 Tom Sullivan, New York City, NY                   KO 2
Mar  6 Billy Dacey, Brooklyn, NY (Coney Island)          KO 9
Apr 25 Joe Hayes, New York City, NY                      D  6
May  1 Jack Bowles, New York City, NY                    KO 6
Jul  9 Tom Henry, Far Rockaway, NY                       NC 3
Jul 30 George Fulljames, Staten Island, NY               KO 22
       -Middleweight Championship of the World;
Sep  4 Mike Dempsey, Rockaway, NY                        KO 7
Sep 15 Jimmy Ryan, Philadelphia, Pa (Club Theatre)       NC 7
Oct  8 Robert (Cocky) Turnbull, New York City, NY        W  8
Oct 24 Tom Henry, New York City, NY (8th Street Theatre) W  6
Nov  6 Tom Ferguson, New York City, NY (Harry Hill's)    W  4
Nov 20 Billy Frazier, New York City, NY (Alhambra)       TKO 5
Nov 20 Jimmy Ryan, New York City, NY (Alhambra)          W  5
Nov 30 Mike Mallon, Philadelphia, Pa                     KO  2
Dec 15 George Wilson, Philadelphia, Pa                   ND  4

Jan 12 Billy Frazier, New York City, NY                  ND  4
Jan 12 Jimmy Ryan, New York City, NY                     ND  4
---    Johnny Banks, New York City, NY                   W   ?
Jan 22 Jim Fell, New York City, NY                       W  4
Mar 19 Charles Bixamos, New Orleans, La (Sportsman Park) KO 5
May  4 Tom Barry, San Francisco, Ca                      KO 5
May 11 Tom Cleary, San Francisco, Ca (Wigwam AC)         KO 5
Jun  5 Jim Carr, San Francisco, Ca                       KO 9
---    James Rodda, in Nevada                            W  2
Jul 20 Jack Keenan, San Francisco, Ca (Golden Gate Park) KO  2
Aug 29 Billy Manning, Los Angeles, Ca                    KO  7
Sep 12 Tom Norton, Sacramento, Ca                        KO  4
Nov  2 Dave Campbell, Washington Territory               KO  3
Dec 16 Tom Barry, Portland, Or                           KO  6

Jan 15 Jimmy Murray, New York City, NY                    W  4
Jan 15 Tom Henry, New York City, NY                       W  4
Feb  3 Jack Fogarty, New York City, NY (Clarendon Hall)   KO 27
       -Middleweight Championship of the World
Feb 24 Pete McCoy, Jersey City, NJ (Oakland Rink)         W  6
Mar  4 George LaBlanche, Larchmont, NY                    KO 13
       -Middleweight Championship of the World; 
Apr 26 Ned McCann, Philadelphia, Pa (Theatre Comique)     KO 4
Apr 28 Charles (Bull) McCarthy, Philadelphia, Pa          ND 4
Apr 30 Jimmy Ryan, Philadelphia, Pa                       W  4
May 20 Paddy Norton, St. Paul, Mn                         W  4
       Ed Moehler, Minneapolis, Mn                        W  4
Nov 22 Jack Burke, San Francisco, Ca (Merchants Pavilion) D 10
---    Sandy Bannister, Buffalo, NY                       KO  2

Jan 31 Mike Boden, Philadelphia, Pa (Theatre Comique)      W  4
Feb  2 Jack Langdon, Philadelphia, Pa (Theatre Comique)    W  4
Feb  5 Denny Killen, Philadelphia, Pa (Theatre Comique)    W  4
Apr  9 Billy Baker, Buffalo, NY                            ND 4
May  2 Stephan (Reddy) Gallagher, Cleveland, Oh            D  6
Oct 10 Eddie Reede, Hoboken, NJ                            W  4
Oct 13 Jim McHugh, Hoboken, NJ                             W  4
Oct 15 Billy Dacey, Hoboken, NJ                            W  4
Oct 31 Ned McCann, Wilmington, De                          W  4
Nov  1 Frank Bosworth, Wilmington, De                      W  4
Nov  3 Denny Kelliher, Wilmington, De                      W  4
Nov  5 Bill Gabig, Wilmington, De                          W  4
Dec 13 Johnny Reagan, Manhasset, NY (Long Island)          TKO 45
       -Middleweight Championship of the World;  


Jan 31 Dominick McCaffrey, Jersey City, NJ (Pavonia Rink)   W 10
Feb 18 Billy Baker, Buffalo, NY                             ND 4
Apr 23 James Stevens, Brooklyn, NY (Williamsburg)           W  4
Nov 15 Mike Donovan, Brooklyn, NY                           D  6


Aug 22 Mike Dempsey, San Francisco, Ca                      KO  7
Aug 27 George LaBlanche, San Francisco, Ca (Calif. AC)      TKO by 32

Feb 18 "Australian" Billy McCarthy, San Francisco, Ca       TKO 28


Jan 14 Bob Fitzsimmons, New Orleans, La (Olympic Club)      TKO by 13
       -Middleweight Championship of the World;

Mar  1 Billy Keough, Portland, Or (Pastime AC)               W  4

Sep  5 "Australian" Billy McCarthy, New Orleans, La          D 20

Jan 18 Tommy Ryan, Brooklyn, NY (Coney Island)               TKO by 3