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Jack Dempsey

Titles: heavyweight champion 1919-1926

Record: 61-6-8 with 6 ND  

Born: June 24, 1895 in Manassa, Colorado (USA)  

Years active: 1914-1927

Nickname: The Manassa Mauler

One of America's legends, Jack Dempsey turned out to be possibly the most 
popular champion of all-time. Dempsey thrilled the audience with his 
ferocity in the ring, pictures of Dempsey in the ring seemed to always show 
him with a scowl that menaced his opponents. He was also the first fighter 
who had his opponents beaten before they entered the ring. He really had no 
boxing style as he waded in with both hands flying looking for the knockout 
and seldom going to the body. Three words best described his so called style and destroy. Dempsey was one of 9 children and his 2 older brothers 
also boxed as pro's. In the beginning of his career he travelled the western 
states fighting in bars and would challenge any man to beat him.....of course 
money and a freee diner were also wagered on the outcome. He slept in hobo 
camps and hoped on cargo trains to go from state to state looking for 
temporary jobs in mining towns or picking fruit. In 1914 his boxing career 
for good when he was paid $3.50 and boxed under the name of Kid Blackie at 
140 pounds during the summer of 1912. That is where he fond Doc Kearns the 
manager who would guide him to riches. Of course it was not all a bed of 
roses, Dempsey like Ali had a fighter he just could not seem to beat....
before he became champion. "Fat" Willie Meehan outpointed him twice and 
Dempsey only won 1 of the 5 fights they were in. This should have shown 
others that a defensive boxer could defeat Dempsey and later Tunney would 
prove the few critics right by outboxing Dempsey. Also Jim Flynn managed 
to knock out Dempsey but it was a shortlived victory as Dempsey would knock 
him out in the return bout. His ferocious style got Dempsey the attention 
of the fans and with that a shot at the title. In one of the most brutally 
one sided fights in any championship fight dempsey battered Jess Willard 
from pillar to post. He broke the cheek bone of Willard and knocked him 
down 7 times in the first round along. With blood pouring from his mouth 
Willard retired after the third round. 3 one sided title defenses including 
the first million dollar gate victory over Georges Carpentier followed. 
Dempsey was involved in two of the most colorful and controversial events 
in the history of boxing when he was knocked out of the ring by Luis Firpo 
and helped back in before the referee could count him out. The second was 
the second Tunney fight involving the famous "long count". Long periods of 
inactivity where Dempsey made films was followed by the first loss to Gene 
Tunney and many think the spark was simply gone from Dempsey when he made 
too much money. The rematch with Tunney of course included the infamous 
long count but he was outboxed by Tunney in both bouts. Dempsey retired 
after the second defeat and lived to the age of 88 and ran the famous 
restaurant named after for many of those 88 years. Dempsey's record is still 
incomplete since he fought as a hobo from 1911 to 1916. 

Jack Dempsey

Career Record: 61 W, 6 L, 8 D, 6 ND (50 K.O's)


     17 Aug  Young Herman            Ramona, CO              D 6
     2 Nov   One-Punch Hancock       Salt Lake City, UT      KO 1
     30 Nov  Billy Murphy            Salt Lake City, UT      KO 1


     - Jan   Battling Johnson        ?, UT                   KO 1
     - Feb   Joe Lyons               ?, UT                   KO 9
     - Mar   Johnny Pierson          ?, UT                   KO 7
     1 Apr   Chief Gordon            ?, UT                   KO 6
     5 Apr   Jack Downey             Salt Lake City, UT      L 4
     26 Apr  Anamas Campbell         Reno, NV                KO 3
     31 May  Johnny Sudenberg        Goldfield, NV           D 10
     13 Jun  Johnny Sudenberg        Tonopah, NV             D 10
     1 Aug   Fred Woods              Montrose, CO            KO 4
     7 Oct   Andy Malloy             Durango, CO             ND 10
     23 Oct  Andy Malloy             Montrose, CO            KO 3
     19 Nov  George Copelin          Cripple Creek, CO       KO 7
     13 Dec  Jack Downey             Salt Lake City, UT      D 4
                (Dempsey was knocked down)
     20 Dec  Two-Round Gillian       Salt Lake City, UT      KO 1


     1 Feb   Johnny Sudenberg        Ely, NV                 KO 2
     21 Feb  Jack Downey             Salt Lake City, UT      KO 2
     23 Feb  Boston Bearcat          Ogden, UT               KO 1
     9 Mar   Cyril Koehn             Provo, UT               KO 4
     17 Mar  George Christian        Price, UT               KO 1
     8 Apr   Australia Joe Bonds    Ely, NV                  W 10
     3 May   Terry Kellar            Ogden, UT               W 10
     17 May  Dan Ketchell            Provo, UT               KO 3
     30 May   Bob York                Price, UT              KO 4
     24 Jun  "Agile" Andre Anderson  New York, NY            ND 10
     8 Jul   Wild Burt Kenny         New York, NY            ND 10
     14 Jul  John Lester Johnson     New York, NY            ND 10
     28 Sep  Young Hector Conrew      Salida, CO             KO 3
     7 Oct   Terry Kellar            Ely, NV                 W 10
     16 Oct  Fighting Dick Gilbert   Salt Lake City, UT      W 10
     29 Nov  Young Hector Conrew      Salida, CO             KO 2


     16 Feb  "Fireman" Jim Flynn     Murray, UT              KO by 1
     21 Mar  Al Norton               Oakland, CA             D 4
     28 Mar  Willie Meehan           Oakland, CA             L 4
     11 Apr  Al Norton               Oakland, CA             D 4
     25 Jul  Willie Meehan           Emeryville, CA          W 4
     1 Aug   Al Norton               Emeryville, CA          KO 1
     10 Aug  Willie Meehan           San Francisco, CA       D 4
     7 Sep   Willie Meehan           San Francisco, CA       D 4
     19 Sep  Charley Miller          Oakland, CA             KO 1
     26 Sep  Bob McAllister          Emeryville, CA          W 4
     2 Oct   Edward "Gunboat" Smith  San Francisco, CA       W 4
     2 Nov   Carl Morris             San Francisco, CA       W 4


     24 Jan  Homer Smith             Racine, WI              KO 1
     4 Feb   Carl Morris             Buffalo, NY             W D.Q 6
     14 Feb  "Fireman" Jim Flynn     Fort Sheridan, IL       KO 1
     25 Feb  KO Bill Brennan         Milwaukee, WI           KO 6
     16 Mar  Fred Soddy              Memphis, TN             KO 1
     25 Mar  Tom Riley               Joplin, MO              KO 1
     3 May   Billy Miske             St. Paul, MN            ND 10
     22 May  Dan Ketchell            Excelsior Springs, CO   KO 2
     29 May  Arthur Pelkey           Denver, CO              KO 1
     1 Jul   Tommy Kid McCarthy       Tulsa, OK              KO 1
     4 Jul   Bob Devere              Joplin, MO              KO 1
     6 Jul   Dan "Porky" Flynn       Atlanta, GA             KO 1
     27 Jul  Fred Fulton             Harrison, NJ            KO 1 
     26 Aug  Terry Kellar            Dayton, OH              KO 5
     13 Sep  Willie Meehan           San Francisco, CA       L 4 
     14 Sep  Jack Moran              Reno, NV                KO 1
     6 Nov   Battling Levinsky       Philadelphia, PA        KO 3
     18 Nov  Dan "Porky" Flynn       Philadelphia, PA        KO 1
     28 Nov  Billy Miske             Philadelphia, PA        ND 6
     16 Dec  Carl Morris             New Orleans, LA         KO 1
     30 Dec  Edward "Gunboat" Smith  Buffalo, NY             KO 2


     20 Jan  Big Jack Hickey         Harrisburg, PA          KO 1
     23 Jan  Kid Harris              Reading, PA             KO 1
     29 Jan  Kid Henry               Easton, PA              KO 1
     13 Feb  Eddie Smith             Altoona, PA             KO 1
     2 Apr   Tony Drake              New Haven, CT           KO 1
     4 Jul   Jess Willard            Toledo, OH              KO 3
             (Won World Heavyweight Title)

     6 Sep   Billy Miske             Benton Harbor, MI       KO 3
             (Retained World Heavyweight Title)
     14 Dec  Bill Brennan            New York, NY            KO 12
             (Retained World Heavyweight Title)


     2 Jul   Georges Carpentier      Jersey City, NJ         KO 4
             (Retained World Heavyweight Title)

     No official bouts.


     4 Jul   Tommy Gibbons          Shelby, MT               W 15
             (Retained World Heavyweight Title)
     14 Sep  Luis Firpo              New York, NY            KO 2
             (Retained World Heavyweight Title)


     No official bouts.

     23 Sep  Gene Tunney             Philadelphia, PA        L 10
             (Lost World Heavyweight Title)


     21 Jul  Jack Sharkey            New York, NY            KO 7
     22 Sep  Gene Tunney             Chicago, IL             L 10
             (For World Heavyweight Title)