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Jack Delaney

Titles: light heavyweight champion 1926-1927 

Record: 77-10-2 

Born: March 18, 1900 in St. Francis du Lac, Quebec, Canada 

Years active: 1919-1932

Nickname: Bright Eyes

A French-Canadian Delaney was almost as big with the ladies as Georges 
Carpentier. A real fun-lover outside of the ring, Delaney was all business 
in the ring. Jack started out as a boxer, a stylist who preferred to hit 
and run. In later years however like many other aging warriors he changed 
his style and turned into quite a hitter. In the 20's he was simply one of 
the most knowledgeable boxers to step into any ring. He began to box as a 
teenager after his family moved from Quebec to Connecticut. It was a sport 
that came naturally to him and he quickly earned praise and recognition 
from fight insiders in Boston. In Boston he earned his first real acclaim 
in defeating Tommy Loughran over 10 rounds in 1924, that was followed by  
wins over the very good Paul Berlenbach that saw both men on the canvas 
before Delaney won by knockout. Jimmy Slattery however was another story, 
he simply had Delaney's number and would beat him twice on points in the 
next 2 years. Those losses however paled in comparison to his 2 wins over 
the much more talented Tiger Flowers in the span of time. Those 2 wins 
earned Delaney a title shot against the same Berlenbach that he had knocked 
out the previous year. Berlenbach proved to be better on this night and 
used his weight advantage to get inside of Jack's punches and win a 
decision. 11 wins in the next 6 months gave Delaney another shot at the 
title. In front of 41,000 people Delaney reversed the loss to Berlenbach 
and walked away with the light heavyweight title of the world. After only 
3 defenses Delaney went in search of lager payday's in the heavyweight 
division. Like most light heavyweights who move up in weight he did not 
fare well. Wins over competent Paolino Uzcudun and Phil Johnson were 
outweighed by smashing defeats to Jack Sharkey, Tom Heeney and Johnny 
Risko. Delaney retired to run a bar in New York City along with other 
interests but died of cancer at the age of 48, sixteen years after he 


Jack Delaney

Career Record: 77 W, 10 L, 2 D (44 K.O's)


     Oct    Steve August               Bridgeport, Ct             W  4
     Nov    Johnny Nelson              Bridgeport, Ct             KO 2
     Dec    Steve August               Bridgeport, Ct             W  6

     Jan    Jim Hugo                   Bridgeport, Ct             W  6
     Mar    Jack Green                 Bridgeport, Ct             KO 6
     May    Tom Spencer                Bridgeport, Ct             KO 4
     Jun    Jimmy "Mohawk" Coffey      Bridgeport, Ct             W  8
     Aug    Art Griffin                Bridgeport, Ct             KO 7
     Sep    Bill Gorman                Bridgeport, Ct             KO 3
     Nov    Art Tango                  Fall River, Ma             KO 3
     Dec 20 Soldier Frank              Providence, RI             KO 2


     Jan  1 Batting Silveira           Providence, RI             KO 8
     Jan 28 Ted Marshall               Providence, RI             KO 5
     Feb  8 Jack Savage                Providence, RI             KO 2
     Feb 22 Jack McCarron              Providence, RI             D 12
     Mar 14 Jack McClelland            Bridgeport, Ct             W 12
     Apr 13 Tommy Robson               Providence, RI             L 12
     May 18 Young Jack Johnson         Providence, RI             KO 3
     Jul 22 Jackie Mason               Holyoke, Ma                TKO 2
     Jul 25 Bert Colima                Brooklyn, NY               TKO 7
     Aug 12 Harold "Happy" Howard      Holyoke, Ma                W 10
     Aug 22 Joe Rivers                 Fall River, Ma             W 10
     Sep 13 Frankie Fleming            Fall River, Ma             KO 8
     Sep 28 George Robinson            Providence, RI             W 12
     Oct 19 Steve Choynski             Providence, RI             W 12
     Nov 30 Frank Carbone              Providence, RI             W 12


     Jan  2 Jackie Clark               Fall River, Ma             W 10
     Jan 27 Jack McCarron              Fall River, Ma             W 10
     Feb 13 Lou Bogash                 Bridgeport, Ct             W 15
     Mar  6 Augie Ratner               Brooklyn, NY               TKO by 1
     May 30 Jack Stone                 Fall River, Ma             W 10
     Apr 10 Hugh Ross                  Bridgeport, Ct             W 15
     Jun    Pat McCarthy               Providence, RI             W 12
     Aug 14 George Shade               Woonsocket, RI             KO 1
     Oct  6 Frank Cavanaugh            Stamford, Ct               KO 3
     Oct 12 Young Fisher               Providence, RI             TKO by 3


     Feb 20 "Italian" Joe Gans         New York, NY                W 12
     Mar  3 Augie Ratner               New York, NY                W 12
     Mar 19 Jimmy O'Gatty              Providence, RI              NC 5
     Jul  4 Tommy Madden               Holyoke, Ma                 KO 2
     Aug 20 Andy "Kid" Palmer          Bridgeport, Ct              W 12
     Aug 31 Jimmy Darcy                New York, NY                W 10


     Jan  4 Jackie Clark               Norwalk, Ct                 KO  2
     Feb 11 Sailor Martin              New York, NY                KO  1
     Feb 19 Tommy Loughran             Boston, Ma                  W 10
     Mar 14 Paul Berlenbach            New York, NY                KO  4
     Mar 17 Jackie Clark               Newark, NJ                  NC  8
     Mar 31 Leo Leonard                Bridgeport, Ct              KO  3
     Apr 10 George Robinson            Boston, Ma                  W 10
     May  5 William Bryan Downey       Columbus, Oh                ND 10
     Aug 27 Frank Moody                Bridgeport, Ct              TKO  5
     Oct  3 Jimmy Slattery             New York, NY                L  6
     Oct 20 Pat McCarthy               Boston, Ma                  W D.Q 8
     Dec 26 Pal Reed                   New York, NY                W 12


     Jan 16 Theodore "Tiger" Flowers   New York, NY                KO 2
     Jan 19 "Allentown" Joe Gans       Wilkes-Barre, Pa            W 10
     Feb 13 Jimmy Slattery             New York, NY                L 6
     Feb 26 Theodore "Tiger" Flowers   New York, NY                KO 4
     Mar  9 Jamaica Kid                Buffalo, NY                 KO 2
     Mar 20 Soldier King               Grand Rapids, Mi            TKO 4
     May 30 "Young" Tony Marullo       New York, NY                W 10
     Jul 16 Tommy Loughran             Philadelphia, Pa            D 10
     Jul 24 Jack Burke                 Brooklyn, NY                TKO 9
     Dec 11 Paul Berlenbach            New York, NY                L 15
            -Light Heavyweight Championship of the World      


     Jan 15 "Young" Bob Fitzsimmons    New York, NY                 W 12
     Jan 25 Tom Roper                  Canton, Oh                   TKO 12
     Feb  5 Johnny Risko               New York, NY                 W 10
     Feb 22 Quinton Romero-Rojas       Philadelphia, Pa             KO  4
     Mar  8 Joe Lohman                 Brooklyn, NY                 TKO 10
     Mar 15 Mike McTigue               New York, NY                 KO 4
     Mar 22 Maxie Rosenbloom           Philadelphia, Pa             W 10
     Apr 26 Emilio "King" Solomon      Hartford, Ct                 W 12
     May 12 Martin O'Grady             Montreal, Que, Can           KO 7
     Jun  3 Tommy Burns                Brooklyn, NY                 TKO 2
     Jun 16 Bob Sage                   Detroit, Mi                  ND 10
     Jul 16 Paul Berlenbach            Brooklyn, NY                 W 15
            -Light Heavyweight Championship of the World
     Dec 10 Jamaica Kid                Waterbury, Ct                KO 3
     Dec 20 Bud Gorman                 Jersey City, NJ              KO 2


     Feb 18 Jim Maloney                New York, NY                 L 10
     Jun    -Delaney relinquished the Light Heavyweight
             Championship of the World
     Aug 11 Paolino Uzcudun            New York, NY                 W D.Q 7
     Sep 14 Johnny Risko               Cleveland, Oh                L 10
     Oct 14 Jack Renault               New York, NY                 W 10
     Dec  9 Paul Berlenbach            Chicago, Il                  KO 6


     Jan 16 Sully Montgomery           New York, NY                 KO  1
     Jan 20 Jack Humbeeck              Boston, Ma                   TKO 6
     Feb 13 Leo Gates                  Rochester, NY                KO  2
     Mar  1 Tom Heeney                 New York, NY                 L 15
     Apr 30 Jack Sharkey               New York, NY                 TKO by 1
     Sep 20 Nando Tassi                Brooklyn, NY                 TKO 11


     Mar  3 Phil Johnson               Bridgeport, Ct               KO 2
     Mar 29 Frank Willis               Stamford, Ct                 KO 3
     Apr 21 Leo "One-Punch" Williams   Hartford, Ct                 KO 1