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Les Darcy

Titles: Never a world champion

Record: 45-4 (29 K.O's)

Born: October 31, 1895 in Maitland, Australia

Years active: 1910-1916

Nickname: None

Darcy might be the best middleweight to never hold the title. He did hold 
the Australian version of the title and some thought him the world champion 
but never received universal recognition. His most impressive traits were 
said to be his stamina and good punching power. Les started his pro career 
at the age of 15 and made quick in roads fighting his way to the Australian
welterweight title in only his 16th fight. There he was met by veteran Bob 
Whitelaw who was just to much for the still maturing Darcy and outboxed the 
youngster over 20 rounds. Less than a year had gone by before Darcy avenged 
his points loss with a 5th round knockout. With his increasing fame in 
Australia Darcy moved on from fighting in regional New South Wales bouts to 
the big stage in Sydney stadium. By 1915 Darcy's body had matured and he was 
fighting at middleweight and his promoter started to import good American 
fighters to challenge the young star. He did start with a flurry to be sure. 
His first 2 fights in Sydney Stadium were losses, one by decision and one by 
foul to the same opponent Fritz Holland. The next year was to be his break- 
through year as he defeated solid fighters in Jeff Smith, Eddie McGoorty, 
Billy Murray and Fred Dyer. 1916 saw Darcy dominant enough in Australia to 
fight for and win the Australian heavyweight title against Harold Hardwick. 
He also took on and defeated the toughest challenger of his career when he 
outpointed George "K.O" Brown over 20 rounds. Darcy defended his heavyweight 
title 3 times and middleweight title 2 times before he would fall from grace 
in the eyes of many Australians. Darcy was Australia's most famous sportsman 
when World War I broke out and all men of fighting age and fit enough to 
serve were mobilized for military service. Darcy however failed to enlist on 
his mothers wishes and was quickly labelled as a "slacker". Men of fighting 
age were not allowed to leave the country yet Darcy managed to leave 
Australia by stowing away on a cargo ship. When he arrived in America he 
was labeld a draft dodger and was not able to get any fights that promoters 
had promised him because of government interference. Darcy joined a 
theatrical tour but it  had very little success. Darcy did sign a oath of 
allegiance to America so he could serve in it's military but a severe virus 
left him ill and led to his tragic death at the age of 21! Old-timers say 
that he had in fact died of a broken heart and when his body was returned 
to Australia a estimated quarter million people paid their respects.