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Donald Curry

Titles: WBA welterweight champion 1983-1986, unified welterweight champion 
       1985-1986, WBC jr. middleweight champion 1988-1989

Record: 34-6 

Born: September 7, 1961 in Fort Worth, Texas (USA)

Years active: 1980-1997

Nickname: Cobra

In the early 80's Curry was thought of as the best fighter "pound for pound" 
and a legitimate threat to beat Marvin Hagler, but many feel his problems 
making weight was the downfall of his potentially enormous career. Curry 
was the odds on favorite to win the gold medal at the 1980 Olympics but the 
boycott prevented that and the jump start it would have given his career.
Curry was a brilliant defensive fighter who packed very good power in both 
hands and at 5'10 was very tall for the division. Early in his career a 
showdown with Marlon Starling was supposed to produce sparks but a dull 12 
round win was what he Curry had to settle for. After only 3 years as a pro 
he won his first title over 15 rounds against Jun-Sok Hwang and showed grit 
by coming of the canvas to win that fight. Unlike most American champions 
Curry took the title on the road to Italy, Venezuela, England and Monte 
Carlo. He made up for his mediocre performance against Starling with a 
spectacular 2nd round knockout performance against Milton McCrory in 1985. 
Another 2nd round knockout of Eduardo Rodriguez had people thinking Curry 
was destined to become a all-time great. Despite calls from his trainers 
Curry would not move up in weight and left himself physically drained for
most of his fights. Yet this did not catch up to him until he meet 20-1 
underdog Lloyd Honeyghan in Atlantic City. In a shocking defeat he lost 
his unified title and needed 20 stitches for a cut over his left eye and 
suffered a broken nose and cut lip all in less than 5 rounds. Curry moved 
up to jr. middleweight and quickly earned a shot at Mike McCallum's WBA 
title. It looked like the added weight had helped Curry and he was doing
well before a perfect left hook laid him out in the fifth round. In less 
than a year Curry had gone from "a future hall of famer" to a "has been". 
One last piece of Glory came Curry's way when he defeated very good 
Gianfranco Rosi in the 9th round for the WBA jr. middleweight title. It 
would only last for 7 months as he suffered a unexplainable loss to little 
known Rene Jacquot who defeated Curry and forced him into retirement. Curry 
lost his estimated 5 million dollars in purses and made brief comeback 
attempts, loosing to Terry Norris and Emmet Linton. Anyone who thinks that 
ANY fighter is a certain hall of famer or cant miss long time champion has 
only to look at Donald Curry's career to be proven wrong.

Donald Curry
Career record: 34 W, 6 L (25 K.O's)


     Dec 26  Marty Tineo         Las Vegas                KO 1


     Jan 16  Juan Ramirez        San Antonio              KO 2
     Feb 26  Jerry Reyes         Las Vegas                KO 2
     Mar 26  Rigoberto Lopez     Las Vegas                KO 5
     Apr 23  Danny Favella       Fort Worth, TX           KO 5
     May 28  Joe Moliere         Las Vegas                KO 1
     Jul 2   Eddie Campbell      Atlantic City            KO 6
     Aug 22  Eddie Casper        Las Vegas                KO 1
     Oct 29  Vernon Lewis        Fort Worth, TX           KO 1
     Nov 26  Curtis Ramsey       Las Vegas                W 10


     Mar 10  Mike Senegal        Lake Charles, LA         KO 10
     May 4   Bruce Finch         Las Vegas                KO 4
     Jun 15  Jack Torrance       Nashville                W D.Q 4
     Jul 10  Adolfo Viruet       McAfee, NJ               W 10
     Oct 23  Marlon Starling     Atlantic City            W 12


     Feb 13  Jun-Suk Hwang       Fort Worth, TX           W 15
                   (Wins Vacant WBA Welterweight Title)
     Sep 3   Roger Stafford      Marsala, IT              KO 1
                    (Retains WBA Welterweight Title)


     Feb 4   Marlon Starling     Atlantic City            W 15
                    (Retains WBA Welterweight Title)
     Apr 21  Elio Diaz           Fort Worth, TX           KO 8
                    (Retains WBA Welterweight Title)
     Sep 22  Nino LaRocca        Monte Carlo              KO 6
                    (Retains WBA Welterweight Title)


     Jan 19  Colin Jones         Birmingham, England      KO 4
                    (Retains WBA Welterweight Title)
     Mar 30  James Green         Dallas                   KO 2
     Jun 22  Juan Pablo Baez     Atlantic City            KO 6
     Dec 6   Milton McCrory      Las Vegas                KO 2
                   (Unifies Welterweight Title)


     Mar 9   Eduardo Rodriquez   Fort Worth, TX           KO 2
                    (Retains World Welterweight Title)
     Sep 27  Lloyd Honeyghan     Atlantic City            KO by 7
                    (Loses Welterweight Title)


     Feb 7   Tony Montgomery     Las Vegas                WDQ 5
     Apr 4   Carlos Santos       Las Vegas                WDQ 5
     Jul 18  Mike McCallum       Las Vegas                KO by 5
                   (For WBA Junior Middleweight Title)
     Dec 8   Rigoberto Lopez     Reseda                   KO 4


     Jan 3   Lupe Aquino         Genes                    W 12
     Jul 8   Gianfranco Rosi     San Remo, Italy          KO 10
                     (Wins WBC Junior Middleweight Title)


     Jan 3   Mike Sacchetti      New Orleans              KO 5
     Feb 11  Rene Jacquot        Grenoble, France         L 12
                     (Loses WBC Junior Middleweight Title)
     Dec 26  Brett Lally                  LasVegas        KO 2


     Aug 18  Jose Duran Martinez Las Vegas                KO 4
     Oct 18  Michael Nunn        Paris                    KO by 10
                    (For IBF Middleweight Title)


     Jun 1   Terry Norris        Palm Springs, CA         KO by 8
                     (For WBC Junior Middleweight Title)


     Feb 20  Gary Jones          Winnipeg                 KO 4
     Apr 9   Emmett Linton       Las Vegas                KO by 7