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Sot Chitlada

Titles: WBC flyweight champion 1984-1988, 1989-1991

Record: 26-4-1

Born: October 24, 1961 Chonburi, Thailand

Years active:  1982-1992

Nickname: None

How good was Chitlada? In only his 5th fight his handlers unwisely put 
Chitlada in against the best Asian fighter of the time, "The Korean Hawk" 
Jung-Koo Chang. Chitlada performed very well and gave Chang tons of 
problems before loosing on points. Chitlada did show the mental toughness 
to overcome that loss, a lesser boxer would not shown this ability. He 
also came into most fights totally drained as he was said to have taken off 
as much as sixth of his body weight to make the flyweight limit. Still for 
seven years Chitlada fought the best of his era and contested 16 title 
fights going 12-4. Trained by a English trainer Charles Atkinson Sot won 
the WBC flyweight title in his second attempt by outboxing what was to be 
his Mexico's arch rival Gabriel Bernal. After his win over Bernal Chitlada 
traveled to England stopped tough man Charlie Magri on cuts. In his next 
defense Bernal showed he had learned from the last fight and was able to 
hold Chitlada to a draw. Another former champion Freddy Castillo was 
outpointed in Kuwait of all places? Chitlada made one more defense of his 
title against Bernal once again, this time wining comfortably on points. 
Almost a year passed before Chitlada would fight again, and Chitlada won 
his next 2 fights with ease winning both by knockout. Chitlada unexpectedly 
lost the title when he looked slow and was outpointed by Korean Yong Kang 
Kim, some blamed his drastic weight loss before the fight. A move up in 
weight was suggested by his trainer but it was ignored and Chitlada won the 
rematch on points. 4 more defenses followed including a victory of former 
conqueror Jung-Koo Chang, but all were without his trainer who quit because 
of Chitlada's refusal to move up in weight. This was to be the end of title 
reign however as Muangchai Kittikasem knocked Chitlada out in the sixth 
round of their match and did so again in the ninth round of their rematch. 
At the age of 29 Chitlada's body could no longer take the abuse of making 
weight and Sot retired. In retirement Chitlada began to loose his eyesight 
when the WBC stepped in to pay for corrective surgery.


Sot Chitlada
Carrer record: 26 W, 4 L, 1 D (17 K.O's)


     Dec 5   Srithunca Sithsanae     Bangkok                 KO 2


     Jan 23  Suriya Pratumvadee      Bangkok                 W 6
     Dec 18  Niphonyuth Sakadam      Bangkok                 KO 3


     Jan 30  Jownaranoi Chomkatha    Bangkok                 KO 2
     Mar 31  Jung-Koo Chang          Pusan, South Korea      L 12
             (For WBC Jr. Flyweight Title)
     May 6   Wick Tengam             Bangkok                 KO 6
     Jul 2   Rudy Palicua            Bangkok                 KO 7
     Oct 8   Gabriel Bernal          Bangkok                 W 12
             (Wins WBC and World Flyweight Titles)


     Feb 20  Charlie Magri           London                  KO 5
             (Retains World Flyweight Title)
     Jun 22  Gabriel Bernal          Bangkok                 D 12
             (Retains World Flyweight Title)


     Feb 22  Freddy Castillo         Kuwait City             W 12
             (Retains World Flyweight Title)
     Aug 30  Moon-Jin Choi           Bangkok                 KO 9
     Oct 12  Nakaraj Kiatsonthaya    Bangkok                 KO 3
     Dec 10  Gabriel Bernal          Bangkok                 W 12
             (Retains World Flyweight Title)


     Sep 5   Rae-Ki Ahn              Bangkok                 KO 4
             (Retains World Flyweight Title)
     Dec 12  Byong Kwan              Bangkok                 KO 3


     Jan 31  Hideaki Kamishiro       Osaka, Japan            KO 7
             (Retains World Flyweight Title)
     Jul 24  Yong-Kang Kim           Pohang, South Korea     L 12
             (Loses World Flyweight Title)
     Nov 9   Ronnie Berlano          Bangkok                 KO 7
     Dec 30  Nelson Cabag            Bangkok                 KO 9


     Feb 28  Roy Selda               Bangkok                 KO 6
     Jun 3   Yong-Kang Kim           Trang, Thailand         W 12
             (Regains World Flyweight Title)
     Sep 25  Welgie Leonaro          Bangkok                 W 10


     Jan 30  Ric Siodoro             Bangkok                 W 12
             (Retains World Flyweight Title)
     May 1   Carlos Salazar          Bangkok                 W 12
             (Retains World Flyweight Title)
     Sep 7   Richard Clarke          Kingston, Jamaica       KO 11
             (Retains World Flyweight Title)
     Nov 24  Jung-Koo Chang          Seoul                   W 12
             (Retains World Flyweight Title)


     Feb 15  Maungchai Kittikasem    Ayuthaya, Thailand      KO by 6
             (Loses World Flyweight Title)
     Jul 6   Chan-Woo Park           Bangkok                 KO 5
     Aug 28  Jerry Tarona            Bangkok                 KO 5


     Feb 28  Maungchai Kittikasem    Bangkok                 KO by 9
             (For World Flyweight Title)