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Jung-Koo Chang

Titles: WBC jr. flyweight champion 1983-1988

Record: 38-4 

Born: February 4, 1963 in Pussan, South Korea

Years active: 1980-1991

Nickname: The Korean Hawk

Chang was one of the most aggressive Korean champions of all-time but it 
was his bag of tricks and fast hands that propelled him to champion status.
Known as "The Korean Hawk" he was a brilliant boxer who seldom hurt his 
opponent but in the mid 80's had to be considered one of the best pound for 
pound fighters with 15 successful title defenses. Chang would wear a 
opponent down with constant pressure while impressing the judges with at 
least one flurry of combination punches a round. The one thing Chang did 
not possess however was a knockout punch. Chang was so impressive in the 
early stages of his career that he was rushed into a title shot against v
eteran Hilario Zapata and lost a close split decision while still only 19 
years old. Zapata made the mistake of giving Chang a rematch in Korea and 
was stopped in the third round of the one sided affair. This was to be the 
beginning of a career that would see Chang on top of his division and the 
most beloved sportsman of his country. In the last 15 round fight of the 
divisions history Chang outpointed tough former champion German Torres from 
Mexico, then went on to outpoint the rising Thai star Sot Chitlada having 
to overcome a badly cut eye to do so. The Torres fight however did have a 
moment of controversy when a legitimate knockdown of Chang was ruled a 
slip. The 2 point advantage in that round would have given Torres the 
decision win. Chang did give Torres a rematch and erased any doubts about 
who the better fighter was with a one sided win. Fransisco Montiel, Eduardo 
Tunon, Efren Pinto, and Augustin Garcia all good challengers were defeated 
with little difficulty.  2 more successful title defenses followed before 
Chang burdened by the financial difficulties of a failed business and 
family strife decided to vacate his crown in 1988. Some say his fighting 
spirit left him after the problems which led to a divorce and his return 
in 1989 was less than impressive. He would loose all 3 of his comeback 
fights against very good opposition. In a attempt to regain his title he 
lost on points to Humberto "Chiquita" Gonzalez and a move up in weight saw 
him to loose to earlier victim Sot Chitlada and Muangchai Kittikasem. He 
wisely retired after the fight with Kittikasem. Chang is a example of 
boxing being a mentally taxing game and a unfocused fighter will not win 
at the world class level. Still in his prime he was a super boxer with a 
crowd pleasing style.       

Jung-Koo Chang

Career Record: 38 W, 4 L (17 K.O's)


Nov 17      Jong-Yul Suh               Seoul                 KO3  
Nov 19      Jin-Hyung Park             Seoul                 KO3  
Nov 22      Eu-Kwan Lee                Seoul                 W4  
Nov 23      Ho-Chol Pyun               Seoul                 W4  
Nov 29      Hee-Sup Shin               Seoul                 W4  
Dec 7       Nam-Keun Kwang             Seoul                 W6  

Jan 11      Jin-Hyung Park             Pusan                 KO2  
Jan 23      Chang-Pyo Hong             Pusan                 W8  
Mar 29      Yo-Dong Kim                Pusan                 W6  
Apr 25      Michael Bluka              Pusan                 W10  
Jun 7       Oscar Bolivar              Taejon                W10  
Sep 4       Rod Esmero                 Pusan                 W10  
Oct 11      Leonardo Paredes           Taejon                KO6  
Nov 18      Chutmonglol Thairungriang  Pusan                 KO2  
Dec 26      Alfonso Lopez              Seoul                 KO3  

Feb 10      Chong-Kwan Chung           Taegu                 KO6  
Apr 4       Luk-Odd Phitiporn          Pusan                 KO5  
Jul 10      Amado Ursua                Seoul                 W10  
Sep 18      Hilario Zapata             Chunju                L15  
Dec 5       Rodrigo Saonoy             Chungju               W10  

Feb 6      Tito Abella                 Chungju               KO2  
Mar 26     Hilario Zapata              Taejon                KO3  
(Wins WBC Junior Flyweight)   
Jun 11     Masaharu Inami              Taegu                 KO2  
(Retains WBC Junior Flyweight)   
Sep 10    German Torres                Taejon                W12  
(Retains WBC Junior Flyweight)   

Mar 31     Sot Chitalada               Pusan                 W12  
(Retains WBC Junior Flyweight)  
Aug 18     Katsuo Tokashiki            Pohang                KO9  
(Retains WBC Junior Flyweight)   
Dec 15     Tadashi Kuramochi           Pusan                 W12  
(Retains WBC Junior Flyweight)  

Apr 27     German Torres               Ulsan                 W12  
(Retains WBC Junior Flyweight)   
Aug 4      Francisco Montiel           Seoul                 W12  
(Retaqins WBC Junior Flyweight)   
Nov 10     Jorge Cano                  Taejon                W12  
(Retains WBC Junior Flyweight)   

Apr 13     German Torres               Kwangju               W12  
(Retains WBC Junior Flyweight)   
Sep 13     Francisco Montiel           Taejon                W12  
(Retains WBC Junior Flyweight)   
Dec 14     Hideyuki Ohashi             Inchon                KO5  
(Retains WBC Junior Flyweight)   

Apr 19     Efrain Pinto                Inchon                KO6  
(Retains WBC Junior Flyweight)   
Jun 28     Agustin Garcia              Inchon                KO10  
(Retains WBC Junior Flyweight)   
Dec 13     Isidro Perez                Taejon                W12  
(Retains WBC Junior Flyweight)   
Jun 27     Hideyuki Ohashi             Tokyo                 KO8  
(Retains WBC Junior Flyweight)


Aug 27     Armando Velasco             Pusan                 W10  
Dec 9      Humberto Gonzalez           Korea                 L12  
(For WBC Junior Flyweight)   
Sep 15     Rico Siodora                Koomi                 KO8  
Nov 24     Sot Chitalada               Seoul                 L12  
(For WBC Flyweight)   
May 18     Muangchai Kittikasem        Seoul                 KOby12