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Jeff Chandler

Titles: WBA bantamweight champion 1980-1984

Record: 33-2-2 

Born: September 3, 1956 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)

Years active: 1976-1984

Nickname: Joltin

Joltin Jeff did not start to box until the age of 19 when he walked of the 
rough streets of Philadelphia into the Jupiter Gym. A excelerated learning 
curve was called for and after only 2 amateur fights Jeff turned pro. 
Chandler's power was most impressive for his small weight and the boxing 
skills and most of all counterpunching ability that would earn him a world 
title quickly followed. Chandler won the USBA and NABF titles within three 
years of turning pro and won his world title shot in 1980 by knocking out 
Juan Solis in the 14th round of a pitched battle. This win made Chandler 
the first American bantamweight champion since 1947. Chandler had a 
enormous work ethic and even after he won the world title Chandler kept 
his day job as a carpenter. His title defenses were against top level 
fighters and saw him out point former WBC champion Jorge Lujan and knock 
out Juan Solis again. Chandler did have to settle for a draw when he 
ventured to Tokyo to fight Eijiroi Murata. Any question as to who the 
better fighter was ended when Murata came to Atlantic City and was knocked 
out by Chandler. Chandler then defeated the only man he boxed as a amateur 
and knocked him out in 6 lopsided rounds. 5 more title impressive defenses 
followed before he lost a 15 round decision to Californian Ricardo Sandoval. 
Chandler took a severe beating in that fight and his family urged him to 
retire. A smart man Chandler never attempted to come back his career and 
retirement should be a example for other fighters to follow.   


Jeff Chandler
Career Record: 33 W, 2 L, 2 D (18 K.O's)


     Feb 25  Mike Dowling            Scranton, PA            D 4
     Apr 13  Chico Vivas             Philadelphia            W 4
     Jun 8   Mike Frazier            Philadelphia            W 4
     Aug 6   John Glover             Philadelphia            W 4
     Oct 14  Larry Huffin            Wilmington, DE          KO 3
     Nov 30  Pee Wee Stokes          Philadelphia            W 4


     Feb 21  Fernando Sanchez        Philadelphia            W 6
     Jun 15  John Glover             Philadelphia            W 6
     Oct 25  Tony Reed               Philadelphia            W 8


     Mar 14  Tony Hernandez          Philadelphia            KO 2
     May 24  Jose Luis Garcia        Philadelphia            KO 5
     Jun 19  Roque Moreno            Philadelphia            KO 5
     Aug 24  Sergio Reyes            Philadelphia            W 8
     Oct 24  Andres Torres           Philadelphia            W 10
     Dec 5   Rafael Gandarilla       Philadelphia            KO 9


     Apr 3   Davey Vasquez           Philadelphia            W 10
     May 14  Justo Garcia            Philadelphia            W 10
     Jul 31  Alberto Cruz            Atlantic City           KO 3
     Sep 26  Baby Kid Chocolate      Upper Darby,            KO 9
     Dec 4   Francisco Alvarado      Upper Darby,            KO 7


     Feb 1   Javier Flores           Philadelphia            KO 10
     Mar 29  Andres Hernandez        Atlantic City           W 12
     Jul 12  Gilberto Villacana      Atlantic City           KO 4
     Jul 31  Gustavo Martinez        Atlantic City           KO 8
     Nov 14  Julian Solis            Miami                   KO 14
             (Wins WBA and World Bantamweight Titles)


     Jan 31  Jorge Lujan             Philadelphia            W 15
             (Retains World Bantamweight Title)      
     Apr 4   Eijiro Murata           Tokyo                   D 15
             (Retains World Bantamweight Title)
     Jul 25  Julian Solis            Atlantic City           KO 7
             (Retains World Bantamweight Title)
     Dec 10  Eijiro Murata           Atlantic City           KO 13
             (Retains World Bantamweight Title)


     Mar 27  Johnny Carter           Philadelphia            KO 6
             (Retains World Bantamweight Title)
     Oct 27  Miguel Iriarte          Atlantic City           KO 9
             (Retains World Bantamweight Title)


     Mar 13  Gaby Canizales          Atlantic City           W 15
             (Retains World Bantamweight Title)
     May 22  Hector Cortez           Atlantic City           W 10
     Jul 23  Oscar Muniz             Atlantic City           L 10
     Sep 10  Eijiro Murata           Tokyo                   KO 10
             (Retains World Bantamweight Title)
     Dec 17  Oscar Muniz             Atlantic City           KO 6
             (Retains World Bantamweight Title)


     Apr 7   Richard Sandoval        Atlantic City           KO by 15
             (Loses World Bantamweight Title)