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Bobby Chacon

Titles: WBC featherweight champion 1975 and 1982

Record: 58-7 (47 K.O's)

Born: November 28, 1951 in Los Angeles, California (USA)

Years active: 1972-1988

Nickname: None

This man just may be the most exciting fighter that ever lived. Time after 
time Chacon was in wars. Born in Los Angeles,CA. Nov 28th, 1951. As he 
grew up in the slums he gained a reputation as a street fighter. His g
girlfriend had giving up on ever breaking him of his ways and told him
if you are going to fight you may as well get paid for it, he turned pro in
1972. A fast fighter with a KO punch Bobby quickly became a fan favorite. 
Chacon went 19-0 with 17 K.O's including a KO win over former champion 
Chucho Castilo before losing a bid for the NABF featherweight title to 
Ruben Olivares by 9th round KO. He rebounded with four straight K.O's 
before meeting future featherweight champion and fellow fan favorite Danny 
"Little Red" Lopez. In a action packed bout Bobby stopped Lopez in the 9th 
round. This earned him a shot at the WBC Featherweight Title vs. Alfredo 
Marcano, Chacon was too much knocking him cold in the 9th to win the title. 
1975 was the begining of very hard times after one defense he was again 
knocked out by Olivares in the second round and lost his title. Chacon 
would finish out the year losing a decision to Rafeal "Bazooka" Limon a 
name that he would hear agian. Over the next two years he remained a fan f
avorite winning 14 and losing one on points to Arturo Leon. In 1979 Chacon 
would fight Bazooka Limon again in a dirty affair it was stopped and ruled 
a technical draw, there was bad blood and unfinished business between the 
now heated rivals. Chacon advanced to a title fight with Alexis Arguello 
for the WBC Jr Lightweight belt. Arguello was too strong stopping Bobby on 
cuts in the 7th round. It appeared to be over but it was just begining for 

     His Wife Valorie began pleading with him to retire but Chacon insisted 
that there was another title in him. In 1980 he met Bazooka Limon for the 
3rd time, finally Chacon evened up the score winning a disputed decision. 
Two more KO wins later and he took on the new WBC champion Cornelous Boza 
Edwards, a fight in which he was dominated. Bobby was again stopped on cuts 
and Valorie again pleaded with him to quit. He said he would but just a 
few months later the warrior in him took over and he was back in the ring. 
On the night before he faced Salvidore Ugalde, Valorie took her own life 
with a shotgun blast to the head. Chacon decided that he would fight on. 
March 16th, 1982 the night after his wifes suicide he knocked out Ugalde 
in three rounds and broke down and cried in the ring before a packed house 
in LA. With this win he earned a shot at his heated rival and new WBC Jr. 
Lightweight champion Bazooka Limon. It would be their forth meeting and 
some say the best fight of all times, back and forth it went at a furious 
pace, Chacon dropped the iron jawed Limon right at the bell of round 15, 
it won him the fight and 8 years after becoming Featherweight champion he 
was again a champion, crying "I knew I could do it why couldn't she just 
wait" in the post fight interview. It was a Hollywood like story. Ring 
Magizine elected it the fight of the year. The following year he defended 
that title avanging his defeat to Boza Edwards in a great fight that for 
the second year in the row landed Bobby in Rings fight of the year. A 
dispute with Don King led to his being stripped of the title. He would 
face Boom Boom Mancini for the Lightweight title and lose in 3, after that 
he was always in a war but never in contention again beating former champ 
Art Frias and top contender Rafael Solis in the highlites before retiring 
for good in 1988 with a record of 58 wins 7 loses and 47 K.O's. Those that 
saw him won't ever forget him, he gave everything he had in the ring.

(This biography is courtesy of Frisco, whose other great work can be
 found in The Judges section of Boxing Wise)