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Marcel Cerdan

Titles: Middleweight Champion from 1948-1949

Record: 106-4-0 (66 K.O's)
Born: July 22, 1916 in Sidi Bel-Abbes, Algeria
Years active: 1934-1949
Nickname: None  

Born in Algeria he Cerdan became one of the most popular fighters to put 
on the gloves, and married the famous French singing legend Edith Piaf. 
His popularity was incredible in France and managed to carry over 
to the United States. Many European fighters couldn't match up to the 
caliber of American fistic experts, but Cerdan held his own in this 
department. Two of his four defeats came via disqualification, one was a 
bitterly disputed decision and the last was via a injury. Also like Ali a 
war interrupted his prime. Before his glory days at middleweight Cerdan 
won French and European titles at welterweight before his move up in weight 
where he repeated that feat and added the world title. His French title 
was won by third round TKO over Assane Diouf and the European middleweight
title was won a equally impressive first round knockout of Leon Foquet. 
Between the two wins Cerdan traveled to America for his debut and looked 
good in beating rugged Georgie Abrams. Cerdan did loose his first challenge 
at the European title when Belgian Cyrille Delannoit a defensive boxer 
circled his way to a very controversial points victory over Cerdan. An 
immediate hit in the USA where 20,000 people watched him win his title by 
battering Tony Zale over 12 rounds, many Americans were upset when he lost 
his crown to American Jake LaMotta after sustaining a shoulder injury  
during the fight. Cerdan hurt his shoulder early in the fight yet fought 
bravely for 6 more rounds. Most ringwise people of the day felt that if 
Cerdan was up to par, he would win his crown back in the rematch. This was 
never to be however Cerdan died tragically in an airplane crash at the age 
of 33, Cerdan was on his way to New York to fight LaMotta in the rematch 
for his world title.                               

Marcel Cerdan
Career record: 106 W, 4 L (61 K.O's)


     Nov 4   Marcel Bucchianeri      Meknes, Morocco         W 6
     Nov 12  Benazra                 Meknes, Morocco         KO 5


     Feb 16  Perez Tercero           Casablanca, Morocco     W 10
     Apr 13  Privat                  Casablanca              KO 5
     Apr 13  Benazra                 Casablanca              W 10
     Jul 5   Mac Perez               Casablanca              KO 2
     Jul 19  Joseph Sarfati          Casablanca              W 10
     Aug 8   Mestre                  Casablanca              W 10
     Nov 23  Mac Perez               Casablanca              W 10
     Dec 14  Mac Perez               Casablanca              W 10


     Mar 4   Antoine Abad            Casablanca              W 10
     Apr 7   M. Hergane              Casablanca              W 10
     Apr 11  Joseph Martinez         Taza, Morocco           KO 9
     May 23  M. Ricardo              Casablanca              KO 5
     May 27  Kid Abadie              Casablanca              KO 3
     Jun 6   M. Castillanos          Casablanca              W 10
     Jul 19  Joseph Sarfati          Casablanca              W 10
     Aug 2   Al Francis              Oran, Algeria           KO 6
     Oct 17  Primo Rubio             Casablanca              W 10
     Nov 2   Aisa Attaf              Casablanca              KO 1
     Nov 21  Jean Debeaumont         Casablanca              W 10


     Jan 16  Aisa Attaf              Algiers, Algeria        KO 8
     Jan 30  Maurice Naudin          Algiers, Algeria        KO 3
     Mar 2   Omar Kouidri            Rabat, Morocco          W 10
     Apr 3   Omar Kouidri            Algiers, Algeria        W 10
     Jul 3   Ali Omar                Algiers, Algeria        KO 5
     Aug 2   Kid Marcel              Oran, Algeria           W 10
     Sep 13  Eddy Rabak              Casablanca              KO 6
     Oct 7   Louis Jampton           Paris                   W 10
     Oct 21  Jean Morin              Paris                   W 10
     Dec 18  Ifergane                Rabat, Morocco          W 10


     Jan 6   Charles Feodorowich     Paris                   KO 2
     Jan 13  Eddie Ran               Paris                   KO 2
     Jan 20  Jean Zides              Paris                   KO 9
     Feb 21  Omar Kouidri            Casablanca              W 12
          (Won French Welterweight TItle)
     Mar 12  Charles Pernot          Algiers, Algeria        W 10
     Mar 25  Lucien Krawsyck         Paris                   W 10
     Apr 13  Eddy Rabak              Paris                   W 10
     May 5   Anacleto Locatelli      Paris                   W 12
     May 20  Gustave Humery          Paris                   KO 6
     Jun 4   Jean Morin              Algiers, Algeria        W 10
     Jul 3   Victor Deckmyn          Oran, Algeria           W 10
     Sep 15  Al Baker                Paris                   W 10
     Oct 27  Amadeo Deyana           Paris                   W 10
     Nov 10  Alfredo Katter          Paris                   KO 4
     Nov 24  Omar Kouidri            Paris                   W 12
          (Retained French Welterweight Title)


     Jan 9   Harry Craster           London                  L D.Q 5
     Jan 21  Ercole Buratti          Algiers, Algeria        W 10
     Feb 4   Al Baker                Brussels, Belgium       KO 7
     Feb 20  Saverio Turiello        Paris                   W 12
     Mar 22  Felix Wouters           Brussels, Belgium       W 12
     May 21  Roger Cadot             Marseilles, France      KO 6
     Jun 3   Saverio Turiello        Milan, Italy            W 15
          (Won European Welterweight Title)
     Jun 18  Anacleto Locatelli      Marseilles, France      W 10


     Did not fight


     Jan 19  Young Raymond           Algiers, Algeria        KO 1
     Jan 26  Young Raymond           Casablanca              KO 6
     Feb 2   Victor Fortes           Casablanca              KO 7
     Mar 9   Victor Janas            Casablanca              W 10
     Apr 13  Victor Fortes           Oran, Algeria           KO 2
     May 4   Omar Kouidri            Oran, Algeraia          KO 6
     Jun 22  Francois Blanchard      Marseilles, France      KO 6
     Jul 20  Joe Brun                Oran, Algeria           KO 2
     Sep 13  Roland Coureau          Algiers, Algeria        KO 9
     Dec 31  Robert Seidel           Vichy, France           KO 3


     Feb 21  Fred Flury              Nice, France            KO 7
     Apr 26  Gustave Humery          Paris                   KO 1
     May 17  Fernand Viez            Paris                   W 10
     Jun 28  Gaspard de Ridder       Paris                   KO 1
     Jul 25  Victor Janas            Algiers, Algeria        KO 2
     Aug 2   Ben Frely               Marseilles, France      KO 3
     Aug 15  Victor Buttin           Algiers, Algeria        L D.Q 8
     Sep 30  Jose Ferrer             Paris                   KO 1
          (Retained European Welterweight Title)


     Aug 8   John McCoy              Oran, Algeria           KO 2
     Sep 12  Omar Kouidri            Algiers, Algeria        W 10
     Oct 13  Larry Cisneros          Oran, Algeria           KO 6
     Oct 31  Bulldog Milano          Casablanca              KO 2
     Dec 26  James Toney             Oran, Algeria           KO 2
     Dec 29  Larry Cisneros          Algiers, Algeria        KO 2


     Jan 30  Willie Sampson          Casablanca              KO 2

     Mar 9   Joe Brun                Paris                   KO 7
     May 13  Jean Despeaux           Paris                   KO 5
     Jun 3   Oscar Menozzi           Marseilles, France      KO 3
     Jun 24  Edouard Tenet           Croix de Berny, France  W 10
     Oct 19  Tommy Davies            Paris                   KO 1
     Nov 30  Assane Diouf            Paris                   KO 3
          (Won French Middleweight Title)
     Dec 8   Victor Buttin           St. Etienne, France     KO 3


     Jan 13  Agustin Guedes          Lisbon, Spain           KO 1
     Jan 18  Edouard Tenet           Paris                   W 12
          (Retained French Middleweight Title)
     Feb 24  Jose Ferrer             Barcelona, Spain        KO 4
     Apr 14  Joe Brun                Nice, France            KO 2
     May 25  Robert Charron          Paris                   W 12
     Jul 7   Holman Williams         Paris                   W 10
     Oct 20  Jean Pankowiak          Paris                   KO 5
     Dec 6   Georgie Abrams          New York                W 10


     Feb 2   Leon Foquet             Paris                   KO 1
          (Won Vacant European Midleweight Title)
     Feb 11  Bert Gilroy             London                  KO 4
     Mar 25  Harold Green            New York                KO 2
     Oct 7   Billy Walker            Montreal                KO 1
     Oct 31  Anton Raadik            Chicago                 W 10


     Jan 26  Giovanni Manca          Paris                   KO 2
          (Retained European Middleweight Title)
     Feb 9   Jean Walzack            Paris                   KO 4
          (Retained European Middleweight Title)
     Mar 12  Lavern Roach            New York                KO 8
     Mar 25  Lucien Krawsyck         Paris                   W 10
     May 23  Cyrille Delannoit       Brussels, Belgium       L 15
          (Lost European Middleweight Title)
     Jul 20  Cyrille Delannoit       Brussels, Belgium       W 15
          (Regained European Middleweight Title)
     Sep 21  Tony Zale               Jersey City, NJ         KO 12
             (Wins World Middleweight Title)

     Mar 29  Dick Turpin             London                  KO 7
     Apr 8   Lucien Krawsyck         Casablanca              KO 4
     Jun 16  Jake LaMotta            Detroit                 KO by 10
             (Loses World Middleweight Title)