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Georges Carpentier

Titles: Light-heavyweight champion from 1920-1922
Record: 88-14-6 (51 K.O's)
Born: January 12, 1894 in Lens, France
Years active: 1907-1927
Nickname: The Orchid Man

This French fighter fought almost exclusively in France during his ring 
career and amazingly fought in every weight class from flyweight all the 
way to heavyweight. He was idolized because of his good looks and personal 
flair in both France and the United States. Starting his career as a 13 
year old flyweight in 1908 he improved rapidly and held his first French 
title at the age of 15 at lightweight. At the age of 17 won the European 
welterweight title with a 16th round knockout of Robert Eustache. His 
combination of stylish boxing and heavy punching forged wins over Jim 
Sullivan, George Gunther and Billy Wells for various titles. A tough 
lesson was given to him by African American Joe Jeanette who handed 
Carpentier his first loss over 15 rounds. Carpentier rebounded however 
and his first world title won at light heavyweight when he knocked out   
Battling Levingsky in four rounds. A ill advised attempted saw Carpentier 
out of his league as a heavyweight and he was destroyed by Jack Dempsey in 
front of 80,000 people. A attempted fix was ruined when Battling Siki was 
upset by Carpentier hitting him to hard! The enraged Siki knocked 
Carpentier out in the sixth round and took his light heavyweight title. 
After this Carpentier faded from the world boxing scene and only saw a 
big fight with Gene Tunney who knocked him out in the 15th round.   

Georges Carpentier
Career record: 88 W, 14 L, 6 D (56 K.O's)


Nov  1 Ed Salmon                    Mais-Laffitte, Fr             W D.Q 13
Nov 30 Ed Salmon                    Mais-Laffitte, Fr             KO by 18
Dec  4 Lepine                       Paris, Fr                     W  6
Dec  4 Simon                        Paris, Fr                     W  6
Dec  4 Charles Legrand              Bethune, Fr                   D  6
       -The previous 3 bouts were held the same date
Dec 28 Charles Legrand              Lens, Fr                      W 15


Feb 19 George Gloria                Paris, Fr                     L  6
Feb 25 Simon                        Paris, Fr                     W 10
Feb 28 Charles Legrand              Lens, Fr                      D 20
Mar 18 Achalme                      Lens, Fr                      W 10
Apr  6 Cheveau                      Roubaix, Fr                   W  6
May 11 Auguste Relinger             Maubeuge, Fr                  KO 6
May 11 Lampin                       Maubeuge, Fr                  KO 8
Jun 26 E. Wetinck                   Lille, Fr                     KO 1
Jul 27 Lucien Dorgueille            Lille, Fr                     KO 11
Oct 15 Paul Til                     Lille, Fr                      D 10
Oct 23 Lucien Dorgueille            Paris, Fr                      W 10
Nov  8 Lampin                       Henin-Lietard, Fr             KO  7
Nov 24 Charles Ledoux               Paris, Fr                      W 15
Dec  8 Georges Gaillard             Paris, Fr                      W  6
Dec 22 Paul Til                     Paris, Fr                      W 10


Jan  5 Young Warner                 Paris, Fr                     W D.Q 7
Jan  8 Georges Gaillard             Lens, Fr                      W 10
Jan 15 Wally Pickard                Brussels, Bel                 KO 8
Feb  9 Lampin                       Brussels, Bel                 KO 8
Mar 12 Buck Shine                   Brussels, Bel                 L 10
Mar 26 Fernand Cuny                 Lyon, Fr                      W 10
Apr  3 George Gloria                Lens, Fr                      KO 8
Apr  9 Young Snowball               Paris, Fr                     L  4
Apr 16 Fernand Cuny                 Bordeaux, Fr                  L 13
Jul  6 Paul Til                     Paris, Fr                     D 15
Jul 17 Hubert Baelen                Lille, Fr                     KO 2
Aug 13 Fernand Cuny                 Cabourg, Fr                   TK 8
Sep  5 Achille                      Cambrai, Fr                   KO 5
Oct  8 Jean Audouy                  Brussels, Bel                 D 10
Oct 15 Percy Wilson                 Paris, Fr                     W 10
Oct 22 Jim Campbell                 Paris, Fr                     KO 5
Nov  6 Young Williams               Arras, Fr                     KO 7
Nov 19 George Randall               Paris, Fr                     TK 10
Dec  3 Henri Demlen                 Brussels, Bel                 W 10
Dec 17 Jack Daniels                 Paris, Fr                     W 10


Jan  8 Ed Brochet                   Lens, Fr                      KO 7
Jan 14 George Randall               Paris, Fr                     KO 5
Jan 27 Henri Piet                   Paris, Fr                     L 10
Feb 17 Jack Daniels                 Paris, Fr                     W 10
Mar  1 Young Nipper                 Paris, Fr                     W  8
Mar 12 Harry Stassen                Lens, Fr                      KO 1
Mar 15 Henri Marchand               Liege, Bel                    KO 6
Mar 25 Jack Meekins                 Paris, Fr                     W 10
Apr  1 Sid Stagg                    Roubaix, Fr                   W 10
Apr  8 G. Colbourne                 Brussels, Bel                 W 10
Apr 23 Henri Marchand               Arras, Fr                     KO 7
May 20 Frank Loughrey               Paris, Fr                     W 15
Jun 15 Robert Eustache              Paris, Fr                     W 16
       -Welterweight Championship of France
Jun 23 Jack Goldswain               Paris, Fr                     KO 4
Aug 14 Arthur Evernden              Cabourg, Fr                   W 15
Aug 29 Aaron Brown (Dixie Kid)      Trouville, Fr                 L 5
Oct  2 Sid Burns                    London, Eng                   W 15
Oct 23 Young Joseph                 London, Eng                   KO 10
       -Welterweight Championship of Europe
Nov 17 Theo Clay                    Boulogne, Fr                  KO 9
Dec 13 Harry Lewis                  Paris, Fr                     W 20


Jan  7 Battling LaCroix             Lille, Fr                     KO 8
Jan 14 Jim Taylor                   Lille, Fr                     KO 4
Jan 20 Battling LaCroix             Rouen, Fr                     KO 4
Jan 27 Pat Bradley                  Rouen, Fr                     KO 2
Feb 29 Jim Sullivan                 Monte Carlo, Mon              KO 2
       -Middleweight Championship of Europe
Apr  4 George Gunther               Paris, Fr                     W 20
       -Middleweight Championship of Europe
May 10 Hubert Roc                   Marseille, Fr                 KO  6
May 23 Willie Lewis                 Paris, Fr                     W 20
       -Middleweight Championship of Europe
Jun 27 Frank Klaus                  Dieppe, Fr                    L D.Q 19
       Middleweight Championship of the World as recognized
        by Europe; Klaus was 3 pounds over the limit
Oct 23 Billy Papke                  Paris, Fr                     L D.Q 17
       -Early sources report this as a Middleweight Championship bout


Jan  8 Marcel Moreau                Paris, Fr                     TKO 8
Feb 12 "Bandsman" Dick Rice         Paris, Fr                     KO 2
       -Light Heavyweight Championship of Europe
Mar  1 Cyclone Smith                Nice, Fr                      KO 3
Mar 17 George Gunther               Nice, Fr                      W 15
Jun  1 "Bombardier" Billy Wells     Ghent, Bel                    KO 4
       -Heavyweight Championship of Europe
Jun 29 Albert Lurie                 Bordeaux, Fr                  TKO 3
Aug  6 Ashley Williams              Vichy, Fr                     KO 4
Aug 10 O'Mara                       Vichy, Fr                     KO 2
Oct 11 Jeff Smith                   Paris, Fr                     W 20
Oct 31 M. Abott                     Geneva, Swit                  KO  2
Dec  8 "Bombardier" Billy Wells     London, Eng                   KO  1
       -Heavyweight Championship of Europe


Jan 19 Pat O'Keefe                  Nice, Fr                      KO 2
       -Heavyweight Championship of Europe
Mar 21 Joe Jeannette                Paris, Fr                     L 15
Apr 13 O'Mara                       Blois, Fr                     KO 2
Apr 14 George Mitchell              Paris, Fr                     KO 1
Jun  2 Hubert Roc                   Valenciennes, Fr              KO 2
Jun 14 Philippe Robinson            Beziers, Fr                   KO 3
Jul 16 Ed "Gunboat" Smith           London, Eng                   W D.Q 6
       -Heavyweight Championship of Europe;
        White Heavyweight Championship of the World
Jul 26 Kid Jackson                  Bordeaux, Fr                  W D.Q 4


Jul 19 Dick Smith                   Paris, Fr                     KO 8
       -Heavyweight Championship of Europe
Sep 21 C. Croisilles                San Sebastian, Sp             KO 2
Dec  4 Joe Beckett                  London, Eng                   KO 1
       -Heavyweight Championship of Europe


Jan 10 Blink McCloskey              Bordeaux, Fr                  KO 2
Feb 21 F. Grundhoven                Monte Carlo, Mon              KO 2
Oct 12 Battling Levinsky            Jersey City, NJ               KO 4
       -Light Heavyweight Championship of the World


Jul  2 Jack Dempsey                 Jersey City, NJ        (1:16) KO by 4
       -Heavyweight Championship of the World

Jan 22 George Cook                  London, Eng                   KO 4
May 11 Ted "Kid" Lewis              London, Eng            (2:15) KO 1
       -Light Heavyweight Championship of the World;
        Heavyweight Championship of Europe
Sep 24 Battling Siki                Paris, Fr              (1:10) KO by 6
       -Light Heavyweight Championship of the World;
        Heavyweight Championship of Europe;
        Light Heavyweight Championship of Europe


May  6 Marcel Nilles                Paris, Fr                     KO 1
       -Heavyweight Championship of France
Oct  1 Joe Beckett                  London, Eng                   KO 1


May  1 Arthur Townley               Vienna, Aus                   KO 2
May 31 Tommy Gibbons                Michigan City, In             ND 10
Jul 24 Gene Tunney                  New York, NY                  KO by 15


May 21 "Sailor" Eddie Huffman       New York, NY                  D 10
Jun 17 Tommy Loughran               Philadelphia, Pa              L 10
Jul  7 Jack Burke                   Denver, Co                    KO 2
Sep 15 Rocco Stramaglia             Coeur d'Alene, Id             KO 3