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Ken Buchanan

Titles: Lightweight champion 1970-1972

Record: 62-7

Born: January 28, 1945 in Edinburgh, Scotland

Years active: 1965-1982

Nickname: None

It is sad that a great fighter like Ken Buchanan will be forever remembered
for a loss rather than his many victories. While many remember his loss
to Roberto Duran on a borderline low blow he is perhaps one of England's 
4 greatest fighters. It is also strange that he enjoyed more popularity
in America than England. His early fights as a pro were held in sporting
clubs where only members got to see the fights and thus limited his
exposure and popularity in England. He was regarded as a easy win for then
champion Ismael Laguna but he outboxed the champion and won the title on
points in Puerto Rico! Ken became the undisputed champion but was stripped 
by the WBC for giving Laguna a rematch. He then lost his title over 13
brutal rounds to Roberto Duran whom few if any lightweights during any era
could have defeated on that night. He earned the respect of Duran however
who refused to ever give him a rematch. Some good wins were still ahead
as he beat Jim Watt and Antonio Puddu which in turn earned him a shot
at Guts Ishimatsu in Japan. A points loss forever took him out of title 
contention. He fought on but did not achieve any more significant wins.
Now lives in Scotland in meager conditions after a failed business and 
costly divorce. Occasionally attends bouts as a celebrity guest and still
works as a carpenter, his original trade.

Ken Buchanan
Career record: 61 W, 8 L (27 K.O's)

Sep 20  Brian Tonks             London                  KO 2
Oct 18  Vic Woodhall            Manchester, England     KO 2
Nov 1   Billy Williams          London                  KO 3
Nov 22  Joe Okezie              London                  KO 3
Dec 13  Junior Cassidy          London                  W 8


Jan 24  Tommy Tiger             London                  W 8
Mar 7   Manley Brown            London                  KO 4
Apr 4   Tommy Tiger             London                  W 8
Apr 19  Chris Elliot            Manchester, England     W 8
May 11  Junior Cassidy          Manchester, England     W 8
Jul 12  Brian Smith             Aberavon, England       KO 1
Aug 6   Ivan Whiter             London                  W 8
Sep 6   Mick Laud               London                  W 8
Oct 17  Antonio Paiva           London                  W 10
Nov 29  Al Keen                 Leeds, England          W 8
Dec 19  Phil Lundgren           London                  W 10


Jan 23  John McMillan           Glasgow, Scotland       W 10
Feb 14  Tommy Garrison          London                  W 10
May 11  Franco Brondi           Paisley, Scotland       KO 3
Jun 28  Winston Laud            London                  W 8
Jul 26  Rene Roque              Aberavon, England       W 10
Sep 14  Al Rocca                London                  KO 7
Oct 30  Jim McCormack           London                  W 12


Feb 19  Maurice Cullen          London                  KO 11
       (Wins British Lightweight Title)
Apr 22  Leonard Tavarez         London                  W 8
Jun 10  Ivan Whiter             London                  W 8
Oct 23  Angel Robinson Garcia   Mayfair, England        W 10
Dec 11  Ameur Lamine            Hamilton, Scotland      KO 3


Jan 2   Frank Narvaez           Piccadilly, England     W 10
Feb 17  Mike Cruz               Mayfair, England        KO 5
Mar 5   Jose Luis Torcida       Solihull, England       W 10
Jul 14  Jerry Gracy             Nottingham, Scotland    KO 1
Nov 11  Vincenzo Pitardi        Mayfair, England        KO 2


Jan 29  Miguel Velazquez        Madrid                  L 15
       (For European Lightweight Title)
Feb 23  Leonard Tavarez         Piccadilly, England     W 10
Apr 6   Chris Fernandez         Nottingham, England     W 10
May 12  Brian Hudson            London                  KO 5
        (Retains British Lightweight Title)
Sep 26  Ismael Laguna           San Juan                W 15
        (Wins World Lightweight Title)
Dec 7   Donato Paduano          New York                W 10


Feb 12  Ruben Navarro           Los Angeles             W 15
        (Retains World Lightweight Title)
May 10  Carlos Hernandez        London                  KO 8
Sep 13  Ismael Laguna           New York                W 15
        (Retains World Lightweight Title)


Mar 28  Al Ford                 London                  W 10
Apr 29  Andries Steyn           Johannesburg            KO 3
Jun 26  Roberto Duran           New York                KO by 14
        (Loses World Lightweight Title)
Sep 20  Carlos Ortiz            New York                KO 7
Dec 4   Chang Kil Lee           New York                KO 2


Jan 29  Jim Watt                Glasgow, Scotland       W 15
       (Regains British Lightweight Title)
Mar 27  Hector Matta            London                  W 10
May 29  Frankie Otero           Miami Beach             W 10
Sep 1   Edwin Malave            New York                KO 7
Oct 11  Frankie Otero           Toronto                 KO 6
Dec 6   Miguel Araujo           Copenhagen              KO 1


Feb 7   Jose Peterson           Copenhagen              W 10
Apr 4   Joe Tetteh              Copenhagen              KO 3
May 1   Antonio Puddu           Cagliari, Italy         KO 6
       (Wins European Lightweight Title)
Nov 21  Winston Noel            Copenhagen              KO 2
Dec 16  Leonard Tavarez         Paris                   KO 14
       (Retains European Lightweight Title)


Feb 27  Ishimatsu Suzuki        Tokyo                   L 15
        (For WBC Lightweight Title)
Jul 25  Giancarlo Usai          Cagliari, Italy         KO 12
        (Retains European Lightweight Title)


Jun 28  Benny Benitez           Randers, Denmark        W 8
Sep 6   Eloi De Souza           Randers, Denmark        W 8
Dec 6   Charlie Nash            Copenhagen              L 12
        (For European Lightweight Title)


May 15  Najib Daho              London                  KO 7
Oct 20  Des Gwilliam            Birmingham, England     W 8


Jan 26  Steve Early             Edgebaston, Scotland    L 12
Apr 4   Langton Tinago          Salisbury, England      L 10
Nov 24  Lawrence Williams       London                  L 8


Jan 25  George Feeney           Piccadilly, England     L 8