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Cornelius Boza-Edwards

Titles: WBC jr. featherweight champion in 1981

Record: 44-6-1 

Years active: 1976-1987

Born: May 27, 1956 in Kampala, Uganda

Nickname: None

This Ugandan southpaw took on the best of his generation and beat or held 
his own against them all. He was adopted as a boy from Uganda and taken
to London where he became a outstanding amateur. During the early period
of his career he traveled the world fighting most anywhere for a paycheck.
Edwards came to the attention of most fans when he fought Alexis Arguello 
in a non-title bout and did well enough in that fight to earn a title shot 
at Bazooka Limon. Limon took the jr. featherweight crown after Arguello 
moved up in weight. The fight with Limon and the next fight with Bobby 
Chacon for Edwards newly won crown were classics. These two wars took a 
lot out of Edwards however and he suffered a upset loss to Rolando Navarett 
in his very next defense. A successful win of the European championship 
got Edwards another fight with now champion Bobby Chacon. He would loose 
this fight along with 2 more title shots at lightweight before retiring in 
1987. His all action style and tremendous stamina made him a favorite on 
both sides of the Atlantic, which is something few fighters enjoyed.