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Jackie Berg

Titles: Junior welterweight champion from 1930-1931
Record: 157-26-9 (59 K.O's)
Born: June 28, 1909 in London, England
Years active: 1924-1945
Nickname: Kid or The Whitechapel Whirlwind

Berg was a prodigy who suffered burn-out way before it became a popular
affliction. Nicknamed "The Whitechapel Whirlwind" before he got the 
nickname that stuck with him "Kid". It was a very fitting nickname since
he turned pro at the age of 14 and within months was fighting 15 round
fights! Berg was no stylist and threw punches from all angles, if it were 
not for his enormous reserve of energy he would have never become a champion. 
He took on all comers in London between 1924 and 1927 before moving to    
New York and becoming hugely popular. His perpetual punching became 
his trademark. He did return to England to win the junior welterweight title 
by kayoing Mushy  Callahan in 1930, and proved his class in wins over Billy 
Petrole, Kid Chocolate twice and Tony Canzoneri. Canzoneri is also the man
who defeated Berg and ended his days at the world class level. After his 
defeat to Canzoneri he boxed for another 5 years with success but no wins 
over great opposition. Berg fought on sporadically until 1945. He officially
retired at the age of 36 and had a successful career as a movie stuntman 
before his death in 1991 at the age of 81.