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Nino Benvenuti

Titles: Middleweight champion 1967 and 1968-1970

Record: 82-7-1 

Born: April 26, 1938 in Trieste, Italy

Years active: 1961-1971

Nickname: None

Movie star handsome Nino Benvenuti was a Olympic gold medalist in 1960
and beat out Muhammad Ali for the best fighter award. As a pro he won his 
first 65 fights and quickly established himself as a middleweight contender. 
Benvenuti was a smooth boxer who had both a good chin and very good stamina. 
He also had the bad luck of being a middleweight at the same time as a 
fighter named Carlos Monzon was peaking. When he did not receive a title 
shot at the middleweight crown he dropped down in weight to gain the world 
jr. middleweight title over countryman Sandro Mazzinghi. But making weight 
was too much and he lost the title in his first defense to Ki Soo Kim, 
in Seoul Korea, he would not let the defeat hold him down for long. Nino 
came back at middleweight and beat Emile Griffith for the world middleweight 
title. His 3 fight series of fights with Emile Griffith illustrated what 
two excellent boxers could accomplish in the ring. Like Griffith Benvenuti 
was not a knockout artist, but a quick, clever boxer. Benvenuti came away 
winning 2 of the 3 bouts, all went to the scorecards. Benvenuti then lost 
his crown to all-time great Carlos Monzon via knockout and fared even worse 
in the rematch. A smart man Nino called it a career and retired. He was by 
far Italy's best boxer in the opinion of most. In retirement he built a 
successful business, before in 1996 he turned his back on material rewards 
to become a volunteer in a Mother Theresa's hospice in Calcutta. 

Giovanni "Nino" Benvenuti
Career record: 82 W, 7 L, 1 D (35 K.O's)


20 Jan  Ben Ali Allala          Italy                        W 6
10 Feb  Nicola Sanmartino       Italy                        KO 3
27 Feb  Ben Ali Allala          Italy                        KO 1
14 Mar  Sahib Mousri            Italy                        KO3 
7  Apr  Nick Maric              Italy                        W 6
21 Apr  Pierre Mondino          Italy                        W 6
3  May  Daniel Brunet           Italy                        W D.Q 3
16 May  Michel Francois         Italy                        KO 4
7  Jun  Henri Cabeldue          Italy                        W 6
17 Jun  Marc Desforneax         Italy                        W 6
2  Oct  Retmia Mahrez           Italy                        KO 3
1  Nov  Angelo Brisci           Italy                        KO 1
9  Nov  Jesse Jones             Italy                        W D.Q 6
20 Dec  Giuseppe Catalano       Italy                        W 8


19 Jan  George Aldridge         Italy                        KO6 
19 Feb  Jose Riquelme           Italy                        W 8
8  Mar  Manfred Haas            Italy                        W 8
17 Mar  Gianni Lommi            Italy                        KO 5
1  Apr  Jim Hegerle             Italy                        KO 4
1  Jun  Jean Ruellet            Italy                        W 8
22 Jun  Heini Freytag           Italy                        W 8
12 Jul  Gino Rossi              Italy                        W 10
2  Aug  Mahmout Le Noir         Italy                        W 8
30 Aug  Giuseppe Gentiletti     Italy                        KO 2
28 Sep  Diego Infantes          Italy                        W 8
18 Oct  Daniel Leullier         Italy                        W 10
30 Nov  Isaac Logart            Italy                        W 10
26 Dec  Giampaolo Melis         Italy                        KO 2

1  Mar  Tomasso Truppi          Italy                        KO 11
        (Italian Middleweight Championship)
5  Apr  Georges Estatoff        Italy                        KO 6
24 Apr  Jean Ruellet            Italy                        W 10
23 May  Jimmy Beecham           Italy                        W 10
7  Jun  Tony Montano            Italy                        W 10
31 Aug  Francesco Fiori         Italy                        KO 3
        (Italian Middleweight Championship)
16 Sep  Willy Niederau          Italy                        KO 6
27 Sep  Victor Zalazar          Italy                        KO 2
18 Oct  Gaspar Ortega           Italy                        W 10
7  Nov  Jackie Cailleau         Italy                        W 10
15 Nov  Lou Gutierrez           Italy                        KO 7
13 Dec  Teddy Wright            Italy                        W 10


28 Feb  G. Memo Ayon            Italy                        KO 5
18 Mar  Michel Diouf            Italy                        W 10
10 Apr  Sugar Boy Nando         Italy                        W 10
28 May  Jimmy Beecham           Italy                        KO 2
30 Jul  Fabio Bettini           Italy                        W 12
       (Italian Middleweight Championship)
18 Sep  Denny Moyer             Italy                        W 10
9  Oct  Abrao De Souza          Italy                        W D.Q.7
27 Nov  Aristeo Chavaria        Italy                        KO 4
19 Dec  Juan Duran              Italy                        W 10


22 Jan  Art Hernandez           Italy                        KO 3
12 Feb  Tommaso Truppi          Italy                        KO 5
26 Feb  Mick Lehaly             Italy                        W 10
18 Mar  Dick Knight             Italy                        KO 6
2  Apr  Rip Randall             Italy                        W 10
30 Apr  Milo Calhoun            Italy                        W 10
18 Jun  Sandro Mazzinghi        Italy                        KO 6
        (Won World Junior Middleweight Title)
15 Aug  Danile Leullier         Italy                        KO 7
15 Oct  Luis Folledo            Italy                        KO6
        (Won European Middleweight Title)
5  Nov  Johnny Torres           Italy                        W D.Q 7
15 Nov  James Shelton           Italy                        W 10
17 Dec  Sandro Mazzinghi        Italy                        W 15
        (Retained World Junior Middleweight Title)


4  Feb  Don Fullmer             Italy                        W 12
11 Mar  Clarence James          Italy                        W 10
14 May  Jupp Elze               Germany                      KO 14
25 Jun  Ki-Soo Kim              Korea                        L 15
        (Lost World Junior Middleweight Title)
23 Sep  Harry Scott             Italy                        W 10
21 Nov  Pascal Di Benedetto     Italy                        KO 11
2  Dec  Ferd Hernandez          Italy                        W 10
23 Dec  Renato Moares           Italy                        KO 9


19 Jan  Manfred Graus           Italy                        KO 2
3  Mar  Milo Calhoun            Italy                        W 10
17 Apr  Emile Griffith          USA                          W 15
        (Won World Middleweight Title)
29 Sep  Emile Griffith          USA                          L 15
        (Lost World Middleweight Title)


19 Jan  Charley Austin          Italy                        W 10
4  Mar  Emile Griffith          USA                          W 15
       (Won World Middleweight Title)
7  Jun  Yoshiaki Akasaka        Italy                        KO 2
5  Jul  Jimmny Ramos            Italy                        KO 4
17 Sep  Art Hernandez           Canada                       W 10
14 Oct  Doyle Baird             USA                          D 10
14 Dec  Don Fullmer             Italy                        W 15
         (Retained World Middleweight Title)


26 May  Dick Tiger              USA                           L 10
4  Oct  Fraser Scott            Italy                         W D.Q 7
        (Retained World Middleweight Title)
22 Nov  Luis Rodriguez          Italy                         KO 11
        (Retained World Middleweight Title)


13 Mar  Tom Bethea               Austria                      KO by 8
23 May  Tom Bethea               Yugoslavia                   KO 8
        (Retained World Middleweight Title)
12 Sep  Doyle Baird              Italy                        KO 10
7  Nov  Carlos Monzon            Italy                        KO by 12
        (Lost World Middleweight Title)


17 Mar  Jose Chirino             Italy                        L 10
8  May  Carlos Monzon            Monte Carlo                  KO by 3
        (For World Middleweight Title)