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Nigel Benn

Titles: WBO middleweight champion 1990, WBC super middleweight champion 

Record: 42-5-1 
Born: January 22, 1964 in Ilford, England
Years active: 1987-1996
Nickname: The Dark Destroyer

There was no more exciting fighter in England from 1987 to 1996 than Nigel 
Benn. Benn had courage to spare and the kind of punch that could pull out a 
win at any stage of a fight. He also suffered from the same disease many 
other knockout punchers had, the lack of a strong chin and defensive holes 
left by his all out offensive style. Benn had good but not great boxing 
skills which were enhanced with his self confidence, power and superb 
fitness. Benn won his first 22 fights by knockout before he was himself 
knocked out by smooth boxing Michael Watson  whose defense frustrated Benn 
into making mistakes. The former British Army soldier then decided to move 
his base of operations to America and after 3 victories got a WBO title 
shot against Doug DeWitt. In this fight we first saw the courage that was 
to win him more titles as he got off the canvas to floor DeWitt 4 times and
stop him in the 8th round. His first title defense saw Benn as a underdog 
but he proved everyone wrong by knocking Iran Barkley down 3 times in the 
first round for the stoppage win. Benn would now fight and loose to his 
nemesis Chris Eubank in a fight that has to be considered one of the best 
of the 90's. The battle lasted 9 frightening rounds before the referee 
stepped in to halt it in favor Eubank. Benn again proved he was far from 
finished by knocking out Mauro Galvano in Italy for the WBC super middle
weight title and winning a 12 round decision in a rematch. A rematch with 
Chris Eubank did not live up to expectations and ended in a 12 round draw 
though many think Benn should have been given the nod. Benn's career 
defining bout would be marred in tragedy as he overcame being knocked thru 
the ropes and hurt on several other occasions to stop the fierce hitting 
McClellan in the 10th round. This bout is one for the ages! It also took a 
lot out of Benn and mark the high point of his career. His focus after this
fight was lost and would loose to awkward Thulani Malinga then retired and
unretire in the coming years. At the end of his career he lost 2 more title 
shots to Steve Collins but the previous wars had taken their toll and these 
2 fights should not detract form a outstanding career.   

Nigel Benn
Career record: 42 W, 5 L, 1 D (35 K.O's)


28 Jan  Graeme Ahmed            England                 KO 2
 3 Apr  Kevin Roper             England                 KO 1
22 Apr  Bob Njeuwenhui          England                 KO 1
 9 May  Winston Burnett         England                 KO 4
 7 Jun  Reginald Marks          England                 KO 1
 1 Jul  Leon Morris             England                 KO 1
 9 Aug  Eddie Smith             England                 KO 1 
16 Sep  Winston Burnett         England                 KO 3
13 Oct  Russell Barker          England                 KO 1
 3 Nov  Ronnie Yeo              England                 KO 1
24 Nov  Ian Chantler            England                 KO 1
 2 Dec  Reggie Miller           England                 KO 7


27 Jan  Fermin Chirino          England                 KO 2
 7 Feb  Byron Prince            England                 KO 2
24 Feb  Greg Taylor             Wales                   KO 2
14 Mar  Darren Hobsen           England                 KO 1
20 Apr  Abdul Sanda             England                 KO 2
28 May  Tim Williams            England                 KO 2
26 Oct  Anthony Logan           England                 KO 2
10 Dec  David Noel              England                 KO 1


8 Feb   Michael Chilambe        England                 KO 1
28 Mar  Mbayo Wa Mbayo          Scotland                KO 2
21 May  Michael Watson          England                 KO by 6
20 Oct  Jorge Amparo            NJ                      W 10
 1 Dec  Jose Quinones           NV                      KO 1


14 Jan  Sanderline Williams     NJ                      W  10
29 Apr  Doug DeWitt             NJ                      KO 8
        (Won WBO Middleweight Title)
18 Aug  Iran Barkley            NV                      KO 1
        (Retained WBO Middleweight Title)
18 Nov  Chris Eubank            England                 KO by 9
        (Lost WBO Middleweight Title)


 3 Apr  Robbie Sims             England                 KO 7
 3 Jul  Kid Milo                England                 KO 4
26 Oct  Lenzie Morgan           England                 W 10
 7 Dec  Hector Lescano          England                 KO 3


19 Feb  Dan Sherry              England                 KO 3
23 May  Thulane Malinga         England                 W 10
 3 Oct  Mauro Galvano           Italy                   KO 4
        (Won WBC Super Middleweight Title)
12 Dec  Nicky Piper             England                 KO 11
        (Retained WBC Super Middleweight Title)


 6 Mar  Mauro Galvano           Scotland                W 12
        (Retained WBC Super Middleweight Title)
26 Jun  Lou Gent                England                 KO 4
        (Retained WBC Super Middleweight Title)
 9 Oct  Chris Eubank            England                 D 12
        (For WBO Super Middleweight Title, Retained WBC Super Middleweight Title)


26 Feb  Henry Wharton           England                 W 12
        (Retained WBC Super Middleweight Title)
10 Sep  Juan Gimenez            England                 W 12
        (Retained WBC Super Middleweight Title)


25 Feb  Gerald McClellan        England                 KO 10
        (Retained WBC Super Middleweight Title)
22 Jul  Vincenzo Nardiello      England                 KO 8
        (Retained WBC Super Middleweight Title)
 2 Sep  Danny Perez             England                 KO 7
        (Retained WBC Super Middleweight Title)


2 Mar   Thulane Malinga         London                  L 12
        (Lost WBC Super Middleweight Title)
6 Jul   Steve Collins           Manchester, England     KO by 4
        (For WBO Super Middleweight Title)
9 Nov   Steve Collins           Manchester, England     KO by 6
        (For WBO Super Middleweight Title)