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Jose Becerra

Titles: Bantamweight champion 1959-1960

Record: 71-5-2

Born: April 15, 1936 in Guadalajara, Mexico

Years active: 1953-1962

Nickname: None

Becerra is the man that many credit for the rise of boxing in Mexico. He 
was the idol of Mexico in the late 1950's with his boyish good looks and
unrelenting infighting with particular attention to body work. Becerra won
his first 20 fights before loosing Luis Ibarra over 6 rounds and would
loose and draw 1 more fight over his next 13 bouts. Before he went
on a 15 fight winning streak to earn a title shot Becerra was involved in
a series of fights with Dwight Hawkins that made him a fan favorite in 
Los Angeles. He lost the first fight to Hawking by 4th round knock out 
avenged the loss 3 fights later via a 9th round stoppage. The 2 thrilling
bouts would establish him as a attraction in Los Angeles and  brought 
Alphonse Halimi to Los Angeles for a title bout. Becerra knocked Halimi
out with a picture perfect blow to the body followed by a hook to the jaw
which sent the champion home without his belt. His very next fight was a 
voluntary defense in his hometown against Walter Ingram who died from
injuries suffered in the bout. Like other fighters before him this affected
Becerra tremendously and he would not be the same fighter ever again. 
Becerra won 2 more title defenses knocking out Halimi in a rematch and 
getting away with a split decision win over Kenji Yonekura in Tokyo along 
with 3 voluntary defenses. Becerra suffered a shocking loss Eloy Sanchez 
in which he was knocked down 3 times in the voluntary defense and 
announced his retirement. At the age of 24 his career was pretty much 
over. Of course he made the comeback but it never amounted to much. Becerra
a loner and quiet man who would often sit for hours in contemplation never
overcame the death of a foe and it looks like that death took the fight out 
of Becerra also. 

Jose Becerra
Career Record: 71 W, 5 L, 2 D (42 K.O's)


Aug 30  Ray Gomez               Guadalajara, Mexico     KO 4
Sep 6   M. Estrada              Atemajac, Mexico        KO 5
Oct 3   R. Gonzalez             Guadalajara, Mexico     W 4
Oct 24  Raul Salazar            Atemajac, Mexico        W 6


Mar 13  J. Plascencia           Guadalajara, Mexico     W 4
Apr 24  Marcelino Garcia        Guadalajara, Mexico     W 4
May 2   R. Espinosa             Guadalajara, Mexico     W 6
May 15  Kid Pompeyo             Guadalajara, Mexico     KO 4
May 23  Al Escalante            Guadalajara, Mexico     W 6
Jun 5   Joe Mariscal            Guadalajara, Mexico     KO 4
Jun 12  Raul Perez              Guadalajara, Mexico     KO 2
Jul 3   Kid Pompeyo             Guadalajara, Mexico     KO 4
Jul 19  Al Escalante            Guadalajara, Mexico     W 6
Aug 2   Kid Pichilingo          Guadalajara, Mexico     KO 6
Aug 23  Jose Luis Navarro       Guadalajara, Mexico     W 6
Sep 6   Mario Leon              Guadalajara, Mexico     KO 2
Sep 12  J. Plascencia           Guadalajara, Mexico     W 6
Sep 20  Tomas Cervantes         Guadalajara, Mexico     KO 3
Oct 3   L. Ibarra               Guadalajara, Mexico     L 6
Oct 18  Jose Luis Navarro       Guadalajara, Mexico     W 6
Dec 4   Kid Senorito            Guadalajara, Mexico     KO 4


Feb 12  M. Gonzalez             Guadalajara, Mexico     W 8
Mar 5   Chucho Guerrero         Guadalajara, Mexico     KO 4
May 28  Joe Chamaco             Guadalajara, Mexico     KO 5
Jun 11  Danny Bedolal           Morelia, Mexico         D 10
Jun 25  Chava Santiago          Guadalajara, Mexico     KO 6
Jul 2   Fili Presa              Leon, Mexico            KO 4
Jul 16  Firpito Gaytan          Guadalajara, Mexico     W 10
Oct 4   Pepe Villa              Pala, Mexico            KO 7
Oct 8   Antonio Guevara         Leon, Mexico            KO 10
Oct 15  R. Garcia               Guadalajara, Mexico     W 10


Feb 11  Antonio Guevara         Leon, Mexico            KO 10
Feb 18  C. Martinez             Guadalajara, Mexico     L 10
Mar 22  German Ohm              Gomez Palacio, Mexico   KO 6
May 11  Jorge Valverde          Gomez Palacio, Mexico   KO 7
May 31  Rogelio Sancedo         Gomez Palacio, Mexico   W 10
Jun 21  Mario Ruiz              Gomez Palacio, Mexico   W 10
Aug 9   Jorge Gabino            Gomez Palacio, Mexico   KO 5
Sep 6   Memo Sanchez            Gomez Palacio, Mexico   W 10
Oct 18  German Ohm              Gomez Palacio, Mexico   L 10
Nov 7   Chuy Guerrero           Torreon, Mexico         W 10


Jan 1   Jorge Herrera           Torreon, Mexico         KO 7
Jan 12  Manuel Armenteros       Monterrey, Mexico       W 10
Feb 9   Joe Medel               Monterrey, Mexico       W 10
Mar 2   Joe Medel               Mexico City             W 10
Apr 2   Juan Perez              Ciudad Juarez, Mexico   KO 4
Apr 27  Chuy Rodriguez          Mexico City             W 10
May 25  Jose Luis Mora          Mexico City             W 10
Jun 15  Johnny Ortega           San Francisco           KO 4
Jul 1   Kid Irapuato            Tijuana                 KO 8
Aug 17  Raul Leanos             Monterrey, Mexico       D 10
Oct 12  Ramon Calatayud         Mexico City             W 10
Nov 6   Dwight Hawkins          Los Angeles             KO by 4


Jan 25  Jorge Herrera           Mexico                  KO 4
Feb 8   Joe Medel               Mexico City             W 10
Mar 8   Dwight Hawkins          Guadalajara, Mexico     KO 9
Mar 31  Hector Agundez          Tapachula, Mexico       W 10
Apr 12  Miguel Lazu             Mexico City             KO 7
May 25  Charlie DeBow           Mexico City             KO 2
Jun 28  Gaetano Annaloro        Guadalajara, Mexico     KO 10
Jul 21  Joey Agustin            Tijuana, Mexico         KO 5
Aug 14  Willie Parker           Los Angeles             KO 2
Sep 5   Little Cesar            Los Angeles             KO 4
Oct 25  Jose Luis Mara          Guadalajara, Mexico     KO 3
Nov 30  Ross Padilla            Mexicali, Mexico        KO 1

Feb 5   Mario D'Agata           Los Angeles             KO 10
Mar 19  Chuy Rodriguez          Guadalajara, Mexico     KO 5
Apr 20  Billy Peacock           Tijuana, Mexico         KO 1
Jul 8   Alphonse Halimi         Los Angeles             KO 8
        (Wins World Bantamweight Title)
Oct 24  Walt Ingramy            Guadalajara, Mexico     KO 9
Dec 12  Frankie Duran           Nogales, Mexico         W 10


Feb 4   Alphonse Halimi         Los Angeles             KO 9
        (Retains World Bantamweight Title)
Mar 15  Ward Yee                San Antonio             W 10
Apr 10  Pimi Barajas            Torreon, Mexico         KO 7
May 23  Kenji Yonekura          Tokyo                   W 15
        (Retains World Bantamweight Title)
Aug 12  Chuy Rodriguez          Tampico, Mexico         KO 4
Aug 30  Eloy Sanchez            Ciudad Juarez, Mexico   KO by 8


Oct 13  Alberto Martinez        Guadalajara, Mexico     W 6