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Hogan Bassey

Titles: Featherweight champion 1957-1959

Record: 59-13-2

Born: June 3, 1932 in Calabar, Nigeria

Years active: 1949 - 1959

Nickname: Kid

The first 3 fights in which Hogan Bassey participated were for titles! 
Hogan went 1-1-1 in those fights. Bassey's first fight was a 12 round fight 
with Dick Turpin for the Nigerian flyweight title which he won by decision. 
A rematch produced a 5th round disqualification loss. His third fight was 
for the West African title which ended in a draw. I cant think of many 
other fighters who could have jumped right into 12 round bouts. Bassey's 
search for better competition sent him to England in 1951 where it took 
him time to adjust to the different boxing and life styles. In his first 
year in England he competed in 19 fights with varying results. Bassey's 
brawling, pressure style and good body attack would wear many opponents 
down and made him a fan favorite. He fought and won the British Empire 
title in 1955 by knocking out and avenging a earlier loss to Billy "Spider" 
Kelly. A year later Sandy Saddler gave up his world featherweight title 
Bassey fought Cherif Hamina in Paris for the title. Bassey survived a early 
knockdown and Hamina wilted under the power of Bassey in the 10th round and 
Bassey became the first world champion from  Nigeria. Bassey won 4 non-
title fights including a defeat of former champ and ring legend Willie Pep. 
His only successful defense came against hard hitting Mexican sensation 
Ricardo Moreno in front of 20,000 fans in England. Bassey meet his match 
in Davey Moore who took his title in Los Angeles and also defeated him in 
a rematch. Bassey was a smart man who knew when his skills had left him and 
he retired after the second loss to Moore and returned to Nigeria where he 
was appointed the director of physical education by the government and also 
coached the Nigerian Olympic boxing team.

Hogan Bassey
Career Record: 59 W, 13 L, 2 D (21 K.O's)


----    Dick Turpin             Lagos, Nigeria          W 12
             (Wins Nigerian Flyweight Title)
----    Dick Turpin             Lagos, Nigeria          L D.Q 5
             (Loses Nigerian Flyweight Title)

May 31  Ogli Tettey             Lagos, Nigeria          D 12
----    Steve Jeffra            Lagos, Nigeria          W ??
----    Eddie Phillips          Lagos, Nigeria          W ??
----    Bola Lawal              Lagos, Nigeria          L ??
Nov 10  Joe Bennett             Lagos, Nigeria          KO 10
        (Wins Nigerian Bantamweight Title)


Jan 29  Dick Turpin             Lagos, Nigeria          W 6
May  4  Kid Chukudi             Lagos, Nigeria          KO 3
May 16  Jack Salami             Lagos, Nigeria          W 8
May 30  Adjetey Sowah           Lagos, Nigeria          W 10
Aug 29  Steve Jeffra            Lagos, Nigeria          W 12
        (Wins Nigerian Bantamweight Title)
Sep 28  Young Spider Neequaye   Lagos, Nigeria          W 12


Jan 31  Ray Hillyard            Liverpool, England      KO 4
Feb 19  Peter Fay               Hanley, England         W 8
Mar  5  Tommy Higgins           Blackpool, England      W 8
Mar 24  Len Shaw                Preston, England        W 8
Apr  1  Glyn Evans              Hanley, England         D 8
Apr 17  Bobby Boland            Liverpool, England      KO 5
Apr 26  Johnny Kelly            Belfast                 L 8
May 15  Frank Williams          Liverpool, England      L 8
Jun 23  Ivor Davies             W. Hartlepool, England  KO 2
Jul 28  Johnny Barclay          W. Hartlepool, England  KO 6
Aug  7  Jimmy Cardew            Liverpool, England      W 8
Aug 28  Tommy Higgins           Liverpool, England      W 8
Sep 11  Stan Skinkiss           Liverpool, England      KO 7
Sep 22  Eddie McCormick         Manchester, England     W 8
Oct  9  Eddie Carson            Liverpool, England      W 10
Oct 27  Tommy Proffitt          Manchester, England     W 8
Nov 14  Tommy Proffitt          Manchester, England     KO 7
Dec  8  Pierre Cossemyns        Leeds, England          L 10
Dec 15  Bobby Boland            Manchester, England     KO 5


Jan  8  Jackie Briers           Liverpool, England      W 10
Jan 20  Ken Lawrence            London                  KO 5
Jan 30  Johnny Haywood          Blackpool, England      LDQ 3
Feb 27  Luis Perez Romero       Manchester, England     KO 8
Mar 24  Emile Chemana           London                  KO by 5
Jul  9  Denny Dawson            Liverpool, England      KO 4
Aug 27  Tommy Higgins           Liverpool, England      W 8
Sep  7  Juan Alvarez            Newcastle, England      L 10
Oct  6  Sammy McCarthy          London                  W 10
Dec  8  Billy Kelly             London                  L 8


Mar  4  Johnny Butterworth      Liverpool, England      W 10
Apr 29  Jean Sneyers            Liverpool, England      W 10
Jun  3  Enrico Macale           Liverpool, England      W 8
Jul  2  Jacques Legendre        Manchester, England     W 10
Aug 12  Joe Woussem             Liverpool, England      L 8
Sep  5  Luis Perez Romero       Manchester, England     W 10
Oct 27  Harry Ramsden           Blackpool, England      W 8
Nov 30  Aime Devisch            Leeds, England          W 10


Jan 31  Percy Lewis             Nottingham, England     W 8
Mar 22  Marcel Ranival          London                  KO 5
Jun  3  Andre Pierson           Manchester, England     W 10
Aug 25  Juan Alvarez            Liverpool, England      W 10
Oct  8  Joe Quinn               Belfast                 KO 1
Nov 19  Billy Kelly             Belfast                 KO 8
        (Wins Commonwealtht Featherweight Title)


Feb  7  Jean Sneyers            London                  KO 5
Mar 22  Louis Cabo              Liverpool, England      KO 4
May  3  Aldo Pravisani          Liverpool, England      W 8
Sep  6  Alby Tissong            Liverpool, England      W 8
Oct 20  Jean Sneyers            Liege, Belgium          KO by 5
Nov 26  Joao Dos Santos         Leicester, England      W 10


Apr  1  Percy Lewis             Nottingham, England     W 15
        (Retains Commonwealth Featherweight Title)
Apr 26  Miguel Berrios          Washington DC           W 12
Jun 24  Cherif Hamia            Paris                   KO 10
        (Wins Vacant World Featherweight Title)
Oct  7  Victor Pepeder          Nottingham, England     W 10


Jan 23  Pierre Cossemyns        Liverpool, England      W 10
Apr  1  Ricardo Moreno          Los Angeles             KO 3
        (Retains World Featherweight Title)
Jun 24  Jules Touan             London                  KO 7
Sep 20  Willie Pep              Boston                  KO 9
Oct 31  Carmelo Costa           New York                W 10
Dec 13  Ernesto Parra           Hollywood, CA           W 10


Mar 18  Davey Moore             Los Angeles             KO by 13
        (Loses World Featherweight Title)
Aug 19  Davey Moore             Los Angeles             KO by 11
        (For World Featherweight Title)