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Abe Attel

Titles: Featherweight champion 1901-1912
Record: 91-9-18 (53 K.O's) 

Born: February 22, 1884 in San Francisco, California (USA)
Years active: 1900-1917

Nickname: The Clutch
A shrewed 5'4" stylist he was among the best pure boxers of his time,
but still had enough power to keep fighters off him. Regularly fought
bantamweights including Harry Forbes, Johnny Kilbane and Owen Moran.
He was a very colorful fighter and his constant talking inside the 
ring distracted foes and he regularly bet on himself to win. A busy 
style also made him a fan favorite and his 22 title defenses were all 
against good opponents. Attell was fighting as a pro at the age of 16
and at the age of 17 he outpointed former champion George Dixon. He was
not perfect however as he was outboxed by both Jim driscoll and Owen
Moran but was awarded no decisions instead of losses because of the laws
of the time. Attell was widely acknowledged as the champion after his win
against Johnny Regan and lost his title to Johnny Kilbane over 20 rounds.
Gained some noteriety when after his retirement he was involved in the 
the "fixing" of the 1919 baseball world series.