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Henry Armstrong

Titles won: Welterweight champion from 1938-1940, Featherweight champion 
1937-1938, lightweight champion 1938-1939. 

Record: 152-21-8 (97 K.O's)

Born: December 12, 1912 in Columbus, Mississippi (USA)

Years active: 1931-1951

Nickname: "Hammerin", "Hurricane Hank" or "Homocide Hank"

The only fighter to ever hold 3 championships simultaneously and he won
the 3 titles in a span of 10 months! Armstrong went from a street fighter 
to a gym fighter to the triple championships using the same style at each 
stop. Armstrong abided by the old sports law that the best defense is a 
good offense. He hit hard and often. He actually came close to winning a 
fourth crown and would have been the only one to do it. He put on some 
weight and fought middleweight title holder Ceferino Garcia to a 10 round 
draw, which many scored in his favor. He wore many fighters who were perhaps
more skillful than him with his sheer aggression and extraordinary stamina.
To win his 3 titles he first knocked out Petey Sarron (the only man to
ever knock Sarron out) then went on to defeat the tough Barney Ross over
15 rounds. He then fought and beat Lou Ambers with a badly cut mouth and
he bleed freely from the 3rd round on. His two fights with Lou Ambers are 
considered two of the greatest ever in the lighweight division. Armstrong
gave up his lightweight belt and continued to defend the welterweight crown
until he lost it to Fritzie Zivic. Hank Armstrong had an incredible physiology,
he had a heartbeat averaging 36 beats when at rest. More importantly, and this 
was measured, after a 3 minute hard workout his pulse would be back to 36 after
a minutes rest. Imagine trying to fight an opponent, who basically comes out 
fresh in each and every round that he fights. After his retirement he became a
ordained minister in the Baptist Church but died in poverty.

Henry Armstrong

Career Record: 150 W, 21 L, 9 D (100 K.O's)


27 Jul  Al Iovino               Braddock, PA            KOby3
31 Jul  Sammy Burns             Millville, PA           W6


30 Aug  Eddie Trujillo          CA                      L4
27 Sep  Al Greenfield           CA                      L4
1 Oct   Max Tarley              CA                      W4
1 Nov   Young Taylor            CA                      KO2
1 Dec   Vince Trujillo          CA                      KO2
13 Dec  Gene Espinoza           CA                      W4
31 Dec  Young Corpus            CA                      W4


3 Feb   Johnny Ryan             CA                      W6
17 Feb  George Dundee           CA                      W6
21 Mar  Paul Wangley            CA                      KO4
28 Apr  Perfecto Lopez          CA                      W6
31 May  Max Tarley              CA                      KO3
7 Jun   Ricky hall              CA                      KO3
11 Jul  Baby Manuel             CA                      L6
8 Aug   Bobby Calmes            CA                      KO5
30 Aug  Hoyt Jones              CA                      D4
5 Sep   Perfecto Lopez          CA                      D4
7 Sep   Joe Sanchez             CA                      KO4
28 Sep  Perfecto Lopez          CA                      W8
11 Oct  Perfecto Lopez          CA                      D4
19 Oct  Johnny Granone          CA                      KO6
3 Nov   Kid Moro                CA                      W10
23 Nov  Kid Moro                CA                      D10
14 Dec  Gene Espinoza           CA                      KO7


26 Jan  Baby Manuel             CA                      W10
13 Feb  Benny pelz              CA                      W6
8 Mar   Perfecto Lopez          CA                      W8
17 Mar  Young Danny             CA                      KO1
4 May   Kid Moro                CA                      D10
10 May  Mark Diaz               CA                      W8
22 May  Johnny DeFoe            CA                      KO5
5 Jun   Vincente Torres         CA                      W4
14 Jun  Davey Abad              CA                      W10
17 Jul  Perfecto Lopez          CA                      W6
28 Aug  Perfecto Lopez          CA                      KO5
13 Sep  Max Tarley              CA                      KO3
3 Nov   Baby Arizmendi          Mexico                  L10
2 Dec   Joe Conde               Mexico                  KO7
15 Dec  Ventura Arana           Mexico                  KO5


2 Jan   Baby Arizmendi          Mexico                  L12
15 Feb  Baby Casanova           Mexico                  LDQ4
19 Mar  Salvador Hernandez      CA                      KO2
31 Mar  Davey Abad              Mexico                  W10
6 Apr   Tully Corvo             CA                      KO5
16 Apr  Frankie Covelli         CA                      W8
28 May  Davey Abad              CA                      W10
25 Jun  Varias Milling          CA                      W10
8 Sep   Perfecto Lopez          CA                      D8
21 Oct  Lester Marston          CA                      KO7
12 Nov  Leo Lomelli             CA                      KO6
27 Nov  Midget Wolgast          Oakland, CA             W10
6 Dec   Alton Black             NV                      KO7


1 Jan   Joe Conde               Mexico City             L10
26 Feb  Ritchie Fontaine        Oakland, CA             L10
31 Mar  Ritchie Fontaine        Los Angeles, CA         W10
19 May  Pancho Leyvas           Los Angeles, CA         KO4
22 Jun  Johnny DeFoe            Butte, MT               W10
4 Aug   Baby Arizmendi          Los Angeles, CA         W10
28 Aug  Juan Zurita             Los Angeles, CA         KO4
3 Sep   Buzz Brown              Portland, OR            W10
8 Sep   Dommy Ganzon            Sacramento, CA          KO1
27 Oct  Mike Belloise           Los Angeles, CA         W10
2 Nov   Gene Espinoza           Los Angeles, CA         KO1
17 Nov  Joey Alcanter           St. Louis, MO           KO6
3 Dec   Tony Chavez             St. Louis, MO           LDQ8


1 Jan   Baby Casanova           Mexico City             KO3
19 Jan  Tony Chavez             Los Angeles, CA         KO10
2 Feb   Moon Mullins            Los Angeles, CA         KO2
19 Feb  Varias Millings         Hollywood, CA           KO4
2 Mar   Joe Rivers              Los Angeles, CA         KO4
12 Mar  Mike Belloise           New York, NY            KO4
19 Mar  Aldo Spoldi             New York, NY            W10
6 Apr   Pete De Grasse          Los Angeles, CA         KO10
4 May   Frankie Klick           Los Angeles, CA         KO4
28 May  Wally Hally             Los Angeles, CA         KO4
9 Jun   Mark Diaz               Pasadena, CA            KO4
15 Jun  Jackie Carter           Los Angeles, CA         KO4
8 Jul   Alf Blatch              New York, NY            KO3
19 Jul  Lew Massey              Brooklyn, NY            KO4
27 Jul  Benny Bass              Philadelphia, PA        KO4
13 Aug  Eddie Brink             New York, NY            KO3
16 Aug  Johnny Cabello          Washington, DC          KO2
31 Aug  Orville Drouillard      Detroit, MI             KO5
9 Sep   Charley Burns           Pittsburgh, PA          KO4
16 Sep  Johnny De Foe           New York, NY            KO4
23 Sep  Bobby Dean              PA                      KO1
18 Oct  Joe Marcienti           Philadelphia, PA        KO3
29 Oct  Petey Sarron            New York, NY            KO6
        (Won World Featherweight Title)
19 Nov  Billy Beauhuld          NY                      KO5
23 Nov  Joey brown              NY                      KO2
6 Dec   Tony Chavez             OH                      KO1
12 Dec  Johnny Jones            LA                      KO2


12 Jan  Enrico Venturi          New York, NY            KO6
21 Jan  Frankie Castillo        Phoenix, AZ             KO3
22 Jan  Tommy Brown             Tuscon, AZ              KO2
1 Feb   Chalky Wright           Los Angeles, CA         KO3
9 Feb   Al Citrino              San Francisco, CA       KO4
25 Feb  Everett Rightmire       Chicago, IL             KO3
28 Feb  Charley Burns           Minneapolis, MN         KO2
15 Mar  Baby Arizmendi          Los Angeles, CA         W10
25 Mar  Eddie Zivic             Detroit, MI             KO4
30 Mar  Lew Feldman             New York, NY            KO5
31 May  Barney Ross             New York, NY            W15
        (Won World Welterweight Title)
17 Aug  Lou Ambers              New York, NY            W15
        (Won World Lightweight Title)
25 Nov  Ceferino Garcia         New York, NY            W15
        (Retained World Welterweight Title)
5 Dec   Al Manfredo             Cleveland, OH           KO3
        (Retained World Welterweight Title)
        (Gave Up Featherweight Title)


10 Jan  Baby Arizmendi          Los Angeles, CA         W10
        (Retained World Welterweight Title)
4 Mar   Bobby Pacho             Havana                  KO4
        (Retained World Welterweight Title)
16 Mar  Lew Feldman             St. Louis, MO           KO1
        (Retained World Welterweight Title)
31 Mar  Davey Day               New York, NY            KO12
        (Retained World Welterweight Title)
25 May  Ernie Roderick          London                  W15
        (Retained World Welterweight Title)
22 Aug  Lou Ambers              New York, NY            L15
        (Lost World Lightweight Title)
9 Oct   Al Manfredo             Des Moines, IA          KO4
        (Retained World Welterweight Title)
13 Oct  Howard Scott            Minneapolis, MN         KO2
        (Retained World Welterweight Title)
20 Oct  Ritchie Fontaine        Seattle, WA             KO3
        (Retained World Welterweight Title)
24 Oct  Jimmy Garrison          Los Angeles, CA         W10
        (Retained World Welterweight Title)
30 Oct  Bobby Pacho             Denver, CO              KO4
        (Retained World Welterweight Title)
31 Dec  Jimmy Garrison          Cleveland, OH           KO7
        (Retained World Welterweight Title)


4 Jan   Joe Ghnouly             St. Louis, MO           KO5
        (Retained World Welterweight Title)
24 Jan  Pedro Montanez          New York, NY            KO9
        (Retained World Welterweight Title)
1 Mar   Ceferino Garcia         Los Angeles, CA         D10
        (For World Middleweight Title)
26 Apr  Paul Junior             Boston, MA              KO7
        (Retained World Welterweight Title)
24 May  Ralph Zanelli           Boston, MA              KO5
        (Retained World Welterweight Title)
21 Jun  Paul Junior             Portland, OR            KO3
        (Retained World Welterweight Title)
17 Jul  Lew Jenkins             New York, NY            KO6
23 Sep  Phil Furr               Washington, DC          KO4
4 Oct   Fritzie Zivic           New York, NY            L15
        (Lost World Welterweight Title)


27 Jan  Fritzie Zivic           New York, NY            KOby12
        (For World Welterweight Title)


1 Jun   Johnny Taylor           San Jose, CA            KO4
24 Jun  Sheik Rangel            Oakland, CA             W10
3 Jul   Reuben Shank            Denver, CO              L10
20 Jul  Joe Ybarra              Sacramento, CA          KO3
3 Aug   Aldo Spoldi             San Francisco, CA       KO7
13 Aug  Jackie Burke            Ogden, UT               W10
26 Aug  Rudolfo Ramirez         Oakland, CA             KO8
7 Sep   Johnny Taylor           Pittman, NY             KO3
14 Sep  Leo Rodak               San Francisco, CA       KO4
30 Sep  Earl Turner             Oakland, CA             KO4
13 Oct  Juan Zurita             Los Angeles, CA         KO2
26 Oct  Fritzie Zivic           San Francisco, CA       W10
4 Dec   Lew Jenkins             Portland, OR            KO8
14 Dec  Saverio Turiello        San Francisco, CA       KO4


5 Jan   Jimmy McDaniels         Los Angeles, CA         W10
2 Mar   Willie Joyce            Los Angeles, CA         L10
8 Mar   Tippy Larkin            San Francisco, CA       KO2
22 Mar  Al Tribuani             Philadelphia, PA        W10
2 Apr   Beau Jack               New York, NY            L10
30 Apr  Saverio Turiello        Washington, DC          KO5
7 May   Tommy Jessup            Boston, MA              KO1
24 May  Maxie Shapiro           Philadelphia, PA        KO7
11 Jun  Sammy Angott            New York, NY            W10
24 Jul  Willie Joyce            Hollywood, CA           W10
6 Aug   Jimmy Garrison          Portland, OR            W10
14 Aug  Joey Silva              Spokane, WA             W10
27 Aug  Ray Robinson            New York, NY            L10


14 Jan  Aldo Spoldi             Portland, OR            KO3
26 Jan  Saverio Turiello        Kansas City, MO         KO7
7 Feb   Lew Hanbury             Washington, DC          KO3
23 Feb  Jimmy Garrison          Kansas City, MO         KO5
29 Feb  Jackie Byrd             Des Moines, IA          KO4
14 Mar  Johnny Jones            Miami, FL               KO5
30 Mar  Frankie Wills           Washington, DC          W10
24 Mar  Ralph Zanelli           Boston, MA              W10
25 Apr  John Thomas             Los Angeles, CA         W10
16 May  Ralph Zanelli           Boston, MA              W10
22 May  Aaron Perry             Washington, DC          KO6
2 Jun   Willie Joyce            Chicago, IL             L10
15 Jun  Al Davis                New York, NY            KO2
21 Jun  Nick Latsios            Washington, DC          W10
4 Jul   John Thomas             Los Angeles, CA         L10
14 Jul  Slugger White           Hollywood, CA           D10
21 Aug  Willie Joyce            San Francisco, CA       W10
15 Sep  Aldo Spoldi             St. Louis, MO           KO2
4 Nov   Mike Belloise           Portland, OR            KO4


17 Jan  Chester Slider          Oakland, CA             D10
6 Feb   Genaro Rojo             Los Angeles, CA         W10
14 Feb  Chester Slider          Oakland, CA             L10