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Alexis Arguello

Titles: WBA Featherweight champion 1974-1977, WBC junior lightweight 
champion 1978-1980, WBC lightweight champion 1981-1983

Record: 80-8 (64 K.O's)

Born: April 19, 1952 in Managua, Nicaragua

Years active: 1968-1995

Nickname: Flaco De Explosivo "The Explosive Thin Man"

Arguello was a technically gifted boxer who adapted his style to exploit whatever 
weakness his opponent had, oh yeah and he could hit....hard! 64 of his 80 victims 
never heard the final bell. His elgant manner and good looks made him a huge TV 
attraction in the USA. Like many of his fellow Nicaraguan's Arguello started to 
work early and turned pro at the age of 16. His brother in law first taught Alexis 
to box after he had been in one to many street fights. Arguello would loose his 
first fight in the worst possible way, a first round knockout loss. Arguello would 
do much better in the future and win world titles in three different divisions and 
never lost any of his crowns in the ring. Arguello also lost his first title bid 
against Ernesto Marcel when he traveled abroad for the first time and was outpointed. 
It was a narrow loss however and Arguello would learn from this loss. When Marcel 
retired Arguello was matched with legendary Mexican Ruben Olivares who had won the 
vacant title. This was the first time Arguello fought in the USA. Argeullo won the 
first 5 rounds easily but was then pressured by the more experienced Olivares and it 
looked like Olivares was on his way to a comeback win. A short left hook by Arguello 
changed the fight in the 13th when it sent Olivares to the canvas. Olivares visited 
the canvas again and this time could not beat the count. Argeullo had won his first 
title against a legend. It is arguable at which weight he peaked, but he held the 
130-pound crown longer than the other two (almost three years) and made eight title 
defenses, as compared to 4 defenses at both feather and lightweight. The stylish 
Nicaraguan won the WBC super featherweight title in January 1978 knocking out much 
respected and long time champ Alfredo Escalera after 13 brutal rounds. Among his 
title fight victims at this weight were Ruben Castillo and future title holders 
Bazooka Limon, Bobby Chacon and Rolando Navarette. Arguello vacated the title in 
October 1980 and won the WBC lighweight crown eight months later. His 1982 loss to 
Aaron Pryor has to be ranked as one of the best fights of the entire decade, and he 
and Pryor are now close friends attending many boxing functions together. Arguello 
to this day remains one of the most respected and popular champions in ring history 
was and is a true gentleman both inside and out of the ring.    

Alexis Arguello

Carrer Record: 80 W, 8 L (64 K.O's)


1 Aug   Cachorro Maya           Managua                 KOby1
14 Dec  Miguel Espinoza         Managua                 W4


23 Jan  Burrito Martinez        Managua                 KO3
26 Apr  Alacran Espinoza        Managua                 L6

29 Jul  Carlos Huete            Managua                 W8
12 Aug  Ricardo Domoso          Managua                 KO2
 7 Sep  Marcelino Beckles       Managua                 KO8
17 Oct  Mario Bojorge           Managua                 KO3
14 Nov  Jose Urbina             Managua                 KO1
 5 Dec  Julio Morales           Managua                 KO3
19 Dec  Armando Figueroa        Managua                 KO1


12 Feb  Tony Quiroz             Managua                 KO6
13 Mar  Raton Hernandez         Managua                 W10
17 Apr  Raton Hernandez         Managua                 W10
1 May   Halcon Buitrago         Managua                 KO7
5 Jun   Kid Chapula             Managua                 KO1
26 Jun  Marcial Loyola          Managua                 KO2
17 Jul  Kid Clay                Managua                 KO5
14 Aug  Catalino Alvarado       Managua                 KO1
4 Sep   Ray Mendoza             Managua                 KO4
2 Oct   Kid Clay                Managua                 W10
18 Nov  Vicente Worrel          Managua                 KO2


8 Feb   Guillermo Barrera       Managua                 KO1
11 Apr  Tanquecito Gonzalez     Managua                 KO2
22 Jun  Jorge Reyes             Managua                 KOby6
16 Aug  Fernando Fernandez      Managua                 KO1
23 Sep  Jorge Benitez           Managua                 KO1
22 Oct  Memo Barrera            Managua                 KO2
17 Nov  Memo Ortiz              Managua                 KO2
12 Dec  Rafael Gonzalez         Managua                 KO7


30 Mar  Fernando Fernandez      Managua                 KO2
22 Apr  Magallo Lozada          Managua                 W10
26 May  Kid Pascualito          Managua                 KO3
30 Jun  Octavio Gomez           Managua                 KO2
25 Aug  Nacho Lomeli            Managua                 KO1
17 Oct  Sigfredo Rodriguez      Managua                 KO9
27 Nov  Jose Legra              Managua                 KO1


8 Jan   Raul Martinez           Managua                 KO1
16 Feb  Ernest Marcel           Panama City             L15
        (For WBA Featherweight Title)
27 Apr  Enrique Garcia          Managua                 KO3
20 May  Art Hafey               Managua                 KO5
29 Aug  Jose Aparico            Managua                 W12
21 Sep  Otoniel Martinez        Managua                 KO1
23 Nov  Ruben Olivares          Los Angeles, CA         KO13
        (Won WBA Featherweight Title)


8 Feb   Chico Apricio           San Salvador            W10
15 Mar  Lionel Hernandez        Caracas                 KO8
        (Retained WBA Featherweight Title)
31 May  Rigoberto Riasco        Managua                 KO2
        (Retained WBA Featherweight Title)
18 Jul  Rosalio Muro            San Francisco,CA        KO2
12 Oct  Royal Kobayashi         Tokyo                   KO5
        (Retained WBA Featherweight Title)
20 Dec  Saul Montano            Managua                 KO3


1 Feb   Jose Torres             Mexicali, Mexico        W10
10 Apr  Modesto Concepcion      Managua                 KO2
19 Jun  Salvatore Torres        Los Angeles, CA         KO3
        (Retained WBA Featherweight Title)


19 Feb  Godfrey Stevens         Managua                 KO2
14 May  Alberto Herrera         Managua                 KO1
20 Jun  Relinquished WBA Featherweight Title
22 Jun  Ezequiel Sanchez        New York, NY            KO4
3 Aug   Jose Fernandez          New York, NY            KO1
27 Aug  Ben Ortiz               San Juan, PR            W10
29 Sep  Jerome Artis            New York, NY            KO2
18 Dec  Enrique Solis           Managua                 KO5


28 Jan  Alfredo Escalera        San Juan, PR            KO13
        (Won WBC Jr. Lightweight Title)
25 Mar  Mario Mendez            Las Vegas, NV           KO3
29 Apr  Rey Tam                 Los Angeles, CA         KO5
        (Retained WBC Jr. Lightweight Title)
3 Jun   Diego Alcala            San Juan, PR            KO1
        (Retained WBC Jr. Lightweight Title)
26 Jul  Vilomar Fernandez       New York, NY            L10
10 Nov  Arturo Leon             Las Vegas, NV           W15
        (Retained WBC Jr. Lightweight Title)


4 Feb   Alfredo Escalera        Rimini, Italy           KO13
        (Retained WBC Jr. Lightweight Title)
8 Jul   Rafael "Bazooka" Limon  New York, NY            KO11
        (Retained WBC Jr. Lightweight Title)
16 Nov  Bobby Chacon            Inglewood, CA           KO7
        (Retained WBC Jr. Lightweight Title)


20 Jan  Ruben Castillo          Tucson, AZ              KO11
        (Retained WBC Jr. Lightweight Title)
31 Mar  Gerald Hayes            Las Vegas, NV           W10
27 Apr  Rolando Navarrete       San Juan, PR            KO5
        (Retained WBC Jr. Lightweight Title)
9 Aug   Cornelius Boza-Edwards  Atlantic City, NJ       KO8
        (Retained WBC Jr. Lightweight Title)
?       Relinquished WBC Jr. Lightweight Title
14 Nov  Jose Luis Ramirez       Miami, FL               W10


7 Feb   Roberto Vasquez         Miami, FL               KO3
20 Jun  Jim Watt                London                  W15
        (Won WBC Lightweight Title)
3 Oct   Ray Mancini             Atlantic City, NJ       KO14
        (Retained WBC Lightweight Title)
21 Nov  Robert Elizondo         Las Vegas, NV           KO7
        (Retained WBC Lightweight Title)


13 Feb  James "Bubba" Busceme   Beaumont, TX            KO6
        (Retained WBC Lightweight Title)
22 May  Andrew Ganigan          Las Vegas, NV           KO5
        (Retained WBC Lightweight Title)

31 Jul  Kevin Rooney            Atlantic City, NJ       KO2
12 Nov  Aaron Pryor             Miami, FL               KOby14
        (For WBA Jr. Welterweight Title)


15 Feb  Relinquished WBC Lightweight Title
26 Feb  Vilomar Fernandez       San Antonio, TX         W10
24 Apr  Claude Noel             Atlantic City, NJ       KO3
9 Sep   Aaron Pryor             Las Vegas, NV           KOby10
        (For WBA Jr. Welterweight Title)


25 Oct  Pat Jefferson           Anchorage, AK           KO5


9 Feb   Billy Costello          Las Vegas, NV           KO4


27 Aug  Jorge Palomares         Miami Beach, FL         W10


21 Jan  Scott Walker            Las Vegas, NV           L10