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Yuri Arbachakov

Titles: WBC flyweight champion 1992-1996

Record: 23-1

Born: October 22, 1966 in Kermerova USSR

Years active: 1990-1997

Nickname: None

One of the first and perhaps best former soviet block fighter to earn a 
repuation in the proffesional ranks of boxing. Yuri should be given credit
for adapting his soviet amateur style to a aggressive style favoring his
big right hand and good straight jab.  After he won both the European and
world amateur championships the fall of the Soviet Union allowed him to
turn pro. Arbachakov decided to go to Japan where the smaller fighters 
are much more appreciated, and it proved to be good planing. After only
2 years as a pro he defeated via a very impressive 8th round TKO of a
solid Muangchai Kittikasem. His title defenses were all one-sided with the
exception of a close fight with Ysaias Zamudio. A injury sidelined Yuri
and former victim Chatchai Sasakul (aka Dutch Boy Gym) won a box off with
Isaias Zamudio. When Arbachakov regained his health he fought the rematch
with Chatchai Dutch Boy Gym and lost 12 round decision. Arbachakov retired
after this fight and has as of yet not attempted any comeback. Sadly a 
great match-up between Arbachakov and Mark "Too Sharp" never came off.

Yuri Arbachakov

Career Record: 23 W, 1 L (16 K.O's)


Feb  1  Alan Tanaka             Japan           KO3
Apr 12  Jae Hyun Kim            Japan           KO5
May  7  Diego Ongalao           Japan           KO1
Jun 23  Jong Eul Hyon           Japan           KO7
Oct 29  Justo Zuniga            Japan           KO5
Dec 24  Rolando Bohol           Japan           KO2


Mar 16  Kyun Ki Lee             Japan           KO4
Jul 15  Takahiro Mizuno         Japan           KO1
Sep 30  Byung Kap Kim           Japan           KO5
Nov 25  Shun Hazama             Japan           KO5


Mar 16  Samanchai Chalermsri    Japan           W10
Apr 20  Suvatchai Chalermsri    Japan           KO3
Jun 23  Muangchai Kittikasem    Japan           KO8
        (Won WBC 112 lb. Title)
Oct 20  Yun Un Chin             Japan           W12
        (Retained WBC 112 lb. Title)


Mar 20  Muangchai Kittikasem    Thailand        KO9
        (Retained WBC 112 lb. Title)
Jul 16  Isaias Zamudio          Japan           W12
        (Retained WBC 112 lb. Title)
Dec 13  Nam Hoon Cha            Japan           W12
        (Retained WBC 112 lb. Title)


May 16  Hiroshi Kobayashi       Japan           KO9
Aug  1  Hugo Soto               Japan           KO8
        (Retained WBC 112 lb. Title)


Jan 30  Oscar Arciniega         Japan           W12
        (Retained WBC 112 lb. Title)
Sep 25  Chatchai Sasakul        Japan           W12
        (Retained WBC 112 lb. Title)


Feb  5 Raul Juarez             Japan            W12
        (Retianed WBC 112 lb. Title)
Aug 26 Takato Toguchi          Japan            KO9
        (Retained WBC 112 lb. Title)


Nov 12 Chatchai Dutch Boy Gym  Japan            L12
        (Lost WBC 112 lb. Title)