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Sammy Angott

Titles: Lightweight champion from 1941-1942

Record: 94-23-8 (22 K.O's)

Born: January 17, 1915 in Washington, Pennsylvania (USA)

Years active: 1935-1950

Nickname: None

Angott parlayed average talent into a 15 year carrer which climaxed in 
his induction into the Boxing Hall of Fame. During his 15 year carrer
he retired and unretired 3 times, and was always ready to fight anyone.
He seldom knocked out his opponents but he had the ability to take a punch 
and to force his opponents into the late rounds where Angott excelled and 
won many of his fights. Before Angott won his world title he defeated Davey
Day for the NBA title in which Jack Dempsey was the third man in the ring.
After that win he fought only non title fights and defeated Bob Montgomery
among other talents. Angott won his world title by beating Lew Jenkins 
over 15 rounds but soon lost the title to Juan Zurita in 1944. Later in 
his carrer he moved up 2 weight classes and fought well against all the 
welterweights, and he went the distance in a loosing effort with a Sugar 
Ray Robinson who was nearing his prime. He lost to a naturaly larger Fritzie
Zivic. In 1944 and 45 Angott was a ranked welterweight and fought unitl
1950. In fact Angott did not do anything extremely well in the ring except