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Muhammad Ali

Titles: Heavyweight champion from 1964-1967, 1974-1978 and 1978-1979

Record: 56-5-0 (37 K.O's)

Born: January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky (USA)

Years active: 1960-1981

Nickname:  "The Greatest" or "The Louisville lip" 

Formerly known as Cassius Clay, probably the best known fighter to ever
step into the ring and the best known athlete ever. Ali brought showmanship, 
excitement and unbelievable talent to the world of boxing. As a fighter 
he possessed the fastest hands anyone had ever witnessed at the heavyweight 
level. His defense rivaled Tunney and Johnson and when his defense failed him 
he had a chin that could take the punishment. His detractors claim he never 
possessed a real good heavyweight punch, the reason may be that like Jack 
Johnson he preferred to fight in a different style. After he won a Olympic 
gold medal at light heavyweight Ali began his pro career with a brashness
never seen before. In his early days he was truly beautiful to watch as
his lightning fast hands and feet left his opponents confused loosers. 
Early wins over good opposition like Willi Besmanoff and George Logan set
up his first challenge as he defeated the crafty Archie in 4 one sided
rounds. Good wins over Doug Jones and Henry Cooper set up a title shot at
the seemingly invincible Sonny Liston. Ali shocked the boxing establishment 
with his upset win over Sonny Liston and made him a superstar overnight. 
It was after this fight that he converted to the Muslim faith and changed
his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali. The second fight with Liston 
eneded in controversial fashion as Ali landed the famous "Phantom Punch"
that few saw but others claimed was a perfectly timed shot to the chin of
Liston. Ali refused induction to the Army on religious grounds and was
unjustly striped of his title. In a sense Ali was 2 different boxers. 
Before 1967 he was built for speed and youthful exuberance. When he returned 
from his forced 3 year exile (for his refusal on religious grounds to join 
the U.S Army) he was slower but much more cunning. Speed and his excellent
chin were the keys to his greatness. Ali is of course most known for his 
2 victorie and one loss with rival Joe Frasier. Ali went on to beat another
seemingly unbeatable foe in George Forman before the his controversial
3 fights with Ken Norten in which many will tell Ali lost all 3 but was
given the decision in 2. By then however Ali was nowhere near the lightning
fast combination puncher he used to be. Ali went on to become the first 
man to win the heavyweight crown 3 times when he defeated Leon Spinks in 
a rematch. 

Muhammad Ali

Career Record: 56 W, 5 L (37 K.O's)


     Oct 29  Tunney Hunsaker         Louisville, KY          W6
     Dec 27  Herb Siler              Miami Beach, FL         KO4


     Jan 17  Tony Esperti            Miami Beach, FL         KO3
     Feb  7  Jim Robinson            Miami Beach, FL         KO1
     Feb 21  Donnie Fleeman          Miami Beach, FL         KO7
     Apr 19  Lamar Clark             Louisville, KY          KO2
     Jun 26  Duke Sabedong           Las Vegas, NV           W10
     Jul 22  Alonzo Johnson          Louisville, KY          W10
     Oct  7  Alex Miteff             Louisville, KY          KO6
     Nov 29 Willi Besmanoff         Louisville, KY           KO7


     Feb 19  Sonny Banks             New York, NY            KO4
     Mar 28  Don Warner              Miami Beach, FL         KO4
     Apr 23  George Logan            Los Angeles, CA         KO6
     May 19  Billy Daniels           New York, NY            KO7
     Jul 20  Alejandro Lavorante     Los Angeles, CA         KO5
     Nov 15  Archie Moore            Los Angeles, CA         KO4


     Jan 24  Charlie Powell          Pittsburgh, PA          KO3
     Mar 13  Doug Jones              New York, NY            W10
     Jun 18  Henry Cooper            London                  KO5

     Feb 25 Sonny Liston            Miami Beach, FL,
         (Won world heavyweight title)


     May 25  Sonny Liston            Lewiston, Maine,        KO1
            (Retained world championship)
     Nov 22 Floyd Patterson          Las Vegas               KO12 
            (Retained world championship)

     Mar 29  George Chuvalo           Toronto                 W15
             (Retained World Heavyweight Title)
     May 21  Henry Cooper             London                  KO6
             (Retained World Heavyweight Title)
     Aug  6  Brian London             London                  KO3
             (Retained World Heavyweight Title)
     Sep 10  Karl Mildenberger        Frankfurt, Germany      KO12
             (Retained World Heavyweight Title)
     Nov 14  Cleveland Williams       Houston, TX             KO3
             (Retained World Heavyweight Title)


     Feb  6  Ernie Terrell            Houston, TX             W15
             (Retained World Heavyweight Title, wins WBA Title)
     Mar 22  Zora Folley              New York, NY            KO7
             (Retained World Heavyweight Title)

     Oct 26  Jerry Quarry             Atlanta                  KO3
     Dec  7  Oscar Bonavena           New York                 KO15

     Mar  8  Joe Frazier              New York                 L15
             (For World championship)
     Jul 26  Jimmy Ellis              Houston, TX              KO12
             (Won Vacant NABF Heavyweight Title) 
     Nov 17  Buster Mathis            Houston, TX              W12
     Dec 26  Jurgen Blin              Zurich, Switzerland      KO7

     Apr  1  Mac Foster                Tokyo                   W15
     May  1  George Chuvalo            Vancouver, B.C          W12
             (Retained NABF Heavyweight Title)
     Jun 27  Jerry Quarry              Las Vegas               KO7
             (retained NABF Heavweight title)
     Jul 19  Al Lewis                   Dublin                  KO11

     Sep 20  Floyd Patterson            New York                KO7
             (Retained NABF Heavyweight Title)


     Feb 14  Joe Bugner                 Las Vegas               W12
     Mar 31  Ken Norton                 San Diego               L12
             (Lost NABF Heavyweight Title)
     Sep 10  Ken Norton                 Los Angeles             W12
             (Regained NABF Heavyweight Title)
     Oct 21  Rudi Lubbers               Jakarta, Indonesia      W12

     Jan 28 Joe Frazier                  New York               W12
             (Retained NABF Heavyweight Title)
     Oct 30 George Foreman               Kinshasa, Zaire        KO8
            (Won World Championship)

     Mar 24 Chuck Wepner                 Cleveland              KO15
            (Retained world championship)
     May 16 Ron Lyle                     Las Vegas              KO11
            (Retained world championship)
     Jun 30 Joe Bugner                   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia W15
            (Retained world championship)
     Sep 30 Joe Frazier                  Manila, Philippines    KO14
            (Retained world championship)


     20 Feb  Jean Pierre Coopman         San Juan, PR            KO5
             (Retained World Heavyweight Title)
     30 Apr  Jimmy Young                 Landover, MD            W15
             (Retained World Heavyweight Title)
     24 May  Richard Dunn                Munich, Germany         KO5
             (Retained World Heavyweight Title)
     28 Sep   Ken Norton                 New York                W15
             (Retained World Heavyweight Title)


     16 May  Alfredo Evangelista         Landover, MD            W 15
             (Retained World Heavyweight Title)
     29 Sep  Earnie Shavers              New York, NY            W 15
             (Retained World Heavyweight Title)


     Feb 15  Leon Spinks                 Las Vegas               L15
             (Lost World Championship)
     Sep 15  Leon Spinks                 New Orleans             W15
             (Won World Championship)


     Oct 2   Larry Holmes                Las Vegas                KOby11
             (For World Heavyweight Title)


     Dec 11  Trevor Berbick              Nassau, Bahamas          L10